My windshield wiper fluid does not come out of the resovoir which is full of fluid.

my car exhaust is smoking and I need a full tune up. How much will it cost

First my heater only worked on high, so i changed the resistor. And it was working on all the speeds. Then I noticed that when i try to put it on defrost only or to change the settings it doesn't change, the heat just blows out of everywhere. About a month after we changed the resistor, I noticed the fan would work on all the settings except high. Now just a couple weeks ago it started to make a loud noise and it stopped working all together. You can hear it going but barely anything at all comes out of the vents. I let the truck run for about 45 mins and my windshield was barely defrosted.

I changed the brake fluid at 100,000 miles and now can't get them bleed, I am getting a little air from the back rear, but can't get it all out. The peddle goes to the floor, any help?

how many qts. of transmission fluid when you fill it up?

when i get on the freeway, at 60 miles per hour

Check left mirrow lights is the code.I replaced the light but I still have the cose and the light do not work.


i need to know where the lines go exactly the pump was missing

Put in new Battery last sunday, now everything else seems to work properly...but car wont start or turn over. Had locksmith come out last night and they checked the computer amd key seem to be "working". Thought maybe this had something to do with the Alarm system. Light on dash keeps blinking.

My steering wheel locks up when I apply the brakes. When I ease off the brakes the steering wheel is fine. It just started happening and I don't want to drive the car if I am going to have issues turning corners.

Drove the vehicle on the highway and went past 50 mph. It is supposed to lower at this speed but stood in the up position. Now it only lowers at park. Do the air suspension struts need to be replaced?

drivers side heating is cool no matter what temp is set while passenger works at whatever temp is set
Coolant level is fine and thermostat is working correctly

Car wont start no antifreeze

i have a 1982 chevy s-10 v6 2.8l i have that noise like grinding gears at first it was when i let out the clutch and was in neutral then it proceeded with the sound going threw the gears started with the fifth gear then first then second then third but did not do it in forth they were lite sounds at first then got louder that day then got way bad and i lost all gears truck was like it was in neutral. now is this the throw out bearing could it make it do that or is it more of a bigger problem like my transmission went out. If you could let me know if you know what it could be Thanks.

my fuel pump went out and i replaced it with a motorcraft pump and sender, which only worked for two days. Is there something else that could cause these pumps to go out? Or did i just get a bad part?