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I attempted to add or charge the a/c with freon. I turned the a/c up to max as the directions say, attached the hose and can. But nothing. Would not take charge, nor did I hear the compressor "kick in" as suggested....
what could be the reason for the engine light to go on
rear lift gate will not open. remote key is working. glass won't open either so it is telling me it is not releasing the lock mechanism. all fuses check good any ideas ?
oil pump location for 1994 ford ranger xlt 4.0 liter
Currently replacing the rear brakes. need to know why the rotor is so hard to remove once its broken free. thanks....bp
the fuel gage stop working a long time ago, and i would like to fix it
Had engine replace in my 1996 Isuzu Hombre in April 2009 and have had regular oil changes since. In the last month I have started having the truck show that my oil is low after I have driven say 35 to 50 miles (highwa...
My check engine light is on and I had the code checked, which the code is P170 - Fuel Trim Malfunction Bank 1. How much does it cost to repair this and what happens if I keep driving?
How much is cost to replace 2 ignition coils, wires and plugs?
what is does code p0102 mean
What would be the cost to replace a leaking rear pinion seal?
When I turn my ac on my car stalls out and acts up just had the motor replaced and has done this ever since already had the mass air flow censor replaced any ideas what this could be ?
The window on the passenger side is not working?
My drivers side window and lock won't work. I checked the fuse and it appears to be fine. Any suggestions on what the problem could be?
When I turn on my A/C air does not pass through the vent blowers from the console of my 2004 Grand Marquis. However, the air does flow through the defroster vents and the floor vents at the various speeds controlled ...