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mostly when i first satrt the car in drive slow also going up hill
Local Ford dealer where I purchased the car used in 2000 qouted $840 to replace fuel pump. Is that a reasonable price? What does the pump itself cost?
there are only 5 pulleys instead of 6. need routing diagram.
no pboblem self maintainence
blue smoke coming frm the back, hard to make right turn the steering wont turn w/o strong upper body strength
What type of refrigerant is used in my unit?
Is the brake system irrepairible if someone may have put a oil based substance in the brake line?
Where can I get a diagram without having to buy the whole manual?
When car is started, the DIC says thet there is a problem with the theft system car may not re-start. What is up withg this?
what does the book say how long in time to r&r heater core
is it hard to replace a drive train
wont start? battery died and i charged it now i just get a click when i try to start it it has happend in the past and will start after mess with break paddle hand break and gear shift?
GEN Light on dashboard is on and won't go out?
How do you remove a frozen oxygen sensor? I've tried WD40, PB Blaster, heat, 22mm sockets with extensions, pipe wrench, O2 socket - it won't budge. What's left to do??