I heard a squealing noise for two days whenever I drove my 1990 Honda civic. Engine light(yellow) kept coming on. Then car just shut down. Gas pedal had no pressure at all. I smelled burning and saw light smoke on left side of engine when I lifted the hood. Ways the problem?

How difficult is it to change the CV Boot? No damage yet and no vibration or indication of problems.

left front strut is clunking and popping is their a repair or do i need to replace it

the check engine light stays on ,but theres nothing wrong,How do I reset the light?

Clean the battery posts and reconnected the battery back.
Started engine it started but then it died out, I re-started again engine turn on but my rpm when down to cero and turn off engine

engine light stays on.

i bought my truck last year the egr was unpluged when pluged up it idles up and down and goes dead, so i bought new egr valve, still the same giving code egr closed performance, what could it be? please help!!

what number do i put the fuse for the tail light in my 1993 buick lesabre custom

fan switch went bad got a little warm not bad put in new switch from gm worked right 8 weeks later it stop working order new switch before it came in started working when it works it is right no noise all speeds very good but it works when it want to put it the 2nd new switch did not come on later started working now you do not know when it will work checked price $151.00 for fan motor and they said there is a part on the switch that could be bad at $90.00 what do i do thank you dennis

my engine had noysy .i start to repair the came shaft . i cant ,start the care brok came shaft and all dashes stay up. i buy new engine mechanic put in the car. car start for 2-3 sekond and shuts off and still the all dashes stay up.

Problem solved

Recently my radio/cd died, but there are still lights on most of the knobs and dials. It just doesn't turn on when you hit the Power knob. I pulled, inspected and re-seated all the fuses in the inside fuse box. There were no bad fuses, although I only visually inspected them. There is no fuse layout diagram as with most vehicles. Is there a separate fuse inside the radio? Thanks.

My car started making a "whining" noise when the vehicle is in motion. What might cause this?

When I am driving my 2006 R350 I hear howling noise on my front wheel, I took it to the dealership and was told to replace the left bearing for $800. I took it to an independent garage and was charged $500 for the job. The problem did not go away, I still could hear the noise. I took it to another Mercedes dealer and was told that either they did not install it properly, I went back to the independent garage shop and they did replace the Hub again and still the noise persisted. I am confused, I did replace the front tires but still the noise did not go away

when you push the button to select 4wheel high the light blinks and goes back to 2wheel high. will shift to 4wheel low