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after my pump blew apart i rebuilt it now the steering box is leaking around the input shaft and destroying all my bushings . can i replace that seal or should i just change the box

step by step instructions on how to replace the heater core

speedometer works but odometer and tripometer dont

Need new compresor and want to replace it.

Why is my tach bouncing 86 1.5 litre 4 cylinder. I replaced the timing belt a few months ago recently my car started making loud loud noise while Rachel reving to 300rpm I replaced the distributor still doing it

Problem occurs after car has been driven for a short while; transmission "kicks" into gear, then gets sluggish. I can hear a faint whine as well. Someone suggested it may be a bad transmission selonoid? Not sure what that means.

Shifted stuck in gear

less than often i will turn the ignition and will get nothing not even a click all lights and everything else works brand new starter, batt, does not happen often then 5 or 10 minutes later will start like nothing was ever wrong very frustrating am afraid to shut engine off some times. could be after it sits for 10 minutes or 8 hours automatic trans Larry F.

My vehichle would crank over but not start, I had to try it a few times and finally it would catch and start .My boyfriend replaced the starter and now he thinks there may be a problem with the anti theft stated because he left the battery disconnected too long. Any suggestions?

when shifting from drive to neutral trans stays in gear
only time neutral will engage is from park to neutral

replaced starter now wont start it cranks good but theft light on dash is on how do I reset theft protection

where is the evaporator coil on my 2003 toyota avalon?

is there a diagram for the removal of the left front strut ? if so i would like to know if you would provide this info thank you

(P0301)#1Plug misfires,replaced plugs&plug wires&also,Ingition Coil,each one was steps (1-2-3)still has,problem,cleared code from (obc)on broad computer,still came back up.can anyone help?(

How do you replace the brake light on the driver side