I need an electrical wiring diagram?

I wish to do a inspection on the rod bearings, has a knock

Hi, I have a1993' geo tracker I need to remove the oil pan gasket , and put in a new one..

The automatic door lock button works intermittently, sometimes works consistently but then will stop working for a month or more. Likely problem? Cost to repair?

my bmw ran good for about 3 hours then started studdering alittle before it would move foward. i felt warm air under my driver side seat dont know were its coming from. then trans fail safe program light comes on.the car now wont move foward but will move in reverse.

Problem is constant at both high and low speeds. Dealer says everything is fine since the service computer shows no problem. Have requested the tech test drive it with me next week. In the meantime, any help appreciated. Thanks

engine bogs down on hard accell

what could be causing this, do i need to contact deeler or can i fix this thanks

i have a 2001 mercury sable dohc, underneath closer to the driver front wheel is a pan thats leaking.i think it may be the power steering fluid since i have to put steering fluid everyday,but not sure because of where the leak is undernaeth and where the resoir is

changed spark plugs, and reset the system. I need to know th drive cycle so I can get and emissions test. I need to know how long I need to drive the veh. for the sensor to register.

I was trying to slow down from 35 to make a right turn and my break peddal made a popping sound and my breaks went out completly and had to drive home useing the E break. What would be the cause and how would i fix this?

Sprayed some carb cleaner in intake but will not even start or try to start momentarily.Fuel pressure and volume good.All fuses good.Cranks good but will not start. No spark seems to be the case.Is it crank sensor or ign module? I am getting fuel pressure though. 116k miles.

i was told i could cut my cracked manifold off and it would be ok is that true

front end rattles when you drive on rough roads

What is the average price I should price to replace a head gasket on a 2004 Mustang Mach 1 DOHC engine.