the other day my alternator battery light came on. then shut off so i was going to go home but i was pretty far. a few hours later the light came back on and stayed on for about 1.5 hours. and then the car died. i tried to start the car. it started but it would only run in idle. as soon as i hit the gas the car would die. it did this about 6 or seven times. so i took the alternator and had it and the battery tested. battery was dead, and the alternator tested bad. so i charged the battery and replaced the alternator. now the car will not start at all it just turns over. kind of at a loss no check engine light. or any other lights coming on. it might sound dumb but i was told that there might be some sort of reset procedure that is required after trying to start the car so many time unsuccessfully. or coincidentally something else might have gone wrong at the same time as the alternator.... what can i test or try....

I recently started having trouble with my lovely Ford Ranger! I started noticing that I wasnt getting ANY heat. Only cold air is blowing out. Then the temp would shoot up above the RED ZONE. and drop back down to normal as I was driving. Then the heat would come and go as it pleases. Then The other day I was driving and the Temp Gage went above the RED ZONE again and my truck started making a loud noise and sputtering like it would stall. I couldnt press on the gas, so I would have to pull over and turn off the truck for a few minutes. The temperature gage causes the CHECK GAGE light to turn on when its in the RED ZONE. I have tried blowing the hot air up (actually cold air coming out) and the temp didnt fluctuate up or down. Blowing the cool air doesnt help either. The oil temp is fine, my batter is fine. We have changed the thermostat inside the truck and its still doing the same thing. All my liquids are fine as well. These are all my symptoms hopefully someone can help!

right turn signal dosent work bulb is good cant find relay

I would like to change the water pump, but am having difficulty getting the fan out to get to the water pump

What does it mean when the check engine light continues to blink on and off?

ve cylinder

What does it mean when the check engine light continues to flash?

My gauges such as the gas, mph, rpm, and coolant gauges quit working.....

car dont move when i have the key turn on the engine it donot start can you tell me what happing thanks

when i get up to 60 mph the transmission makes a loud noise but it shifts good and is smoothe? any suggestions?

this v12 has 85,000 mi and sat for a couple years it did run out of gas once and just had the battery changed. when it cranks it sound like it jumped time. do these engines go through timing belts/chains this quickly?

He doesn't know if there are other problems yet, such as other damages.

Twice now my check engine light has come on and both times the dealer replaced an oxygen sensor. But each time this happened I had to have my car towed because it became very difficult to drive because it jerked SO bad. This happened right after the check engine light came on. Why should it become almost impossible to drive as soon as the light came on?

My mazda 3 can go thru a quart of oil every 200 miles at 70 to 75 mph on express way, it lasts longer if just driving around at 30 to 40 mph.
My car has 125000 miles on it.
No oil leaks under car...no wet spots on engine and I have never seen any blue smoke coming out of exhaust on either acceleration or when backing down. I am planning a compression test this week. Any suggestions or help would be very helpful.
Thanks, Joe

The back passenger door is stuck. it wont open, the lock opens but the door wont.