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Problem occurs each time truck is started. Starts just fine when cold but when you shut it off, it will not start for several hours. When it does start, it appears flooded for a few seconds. I did some checking and when I pull the fuel pump relay amd let it run out of fuel and then plug the relay back in, it will start innediately and sound fine. My question is "Will or could a fuel injector be leaking off and letting fuel in the fuel rail into the engine even after it is turned off. Have not checked for residual pressure in the fuel system, but I suspect there won't be any after the engine is turned off. Any ideas would be arrpeciated.

how often do the modulator go bad on the transmissions.i beleave transmission fluid is getting into the motor oil

when turning or steering there is a vibration and it is hard to steer.

I have a 1996 jetta GL and I was wondering which years are interchangeable with my body style. The front end has damage and I would like to purchase used parts for it but do not know which years are compatible

Moving steering wheel back and forth when driving and at stops slight clunking noise coming from coloum[old Chrysler mechanic]GM tsb for after market intermediate shaft.Girlfriends car its not that noticable to me she tuned into it,old chrysler products had almost same clunk was intermediate shaft noise.Thanks Bob PS all plastic covers are on shaft so I do not think the ujoint in the shaft is rusted and no play in steering and bj te and sway bar links good

2003 Ford Taurus Dashboard Lights Not working
the highbeam, turn signal, and others work. how much is this gonna cost to fix..and what is the problem

what causes the car to pop when i hit the gas

right before starts egnition it shows BB service in 8days
since yesterday

Frequent P0410 OBD2. (PAIR) Air pump run ok if relay manually
opperated.. Have also changed realy.. ECU fail to energise it... (ECU Energises Vacume soleniod okay sas valve opens)

Vacume soleniod operates ok and opens sas valve.

I am completely in the dark now.

Can the O2 sensors contribut to this dilema.?

Any Advice would be greatly Appreciated..


engine is loaded up with fuel, i can bring the rpms up for a few seconds and the engine will run and idle normally, about half of the time,mostly during cold weather, this happens and will not clear up even after several minutes, or driving several miles, i've replaced the temp sensor on the intake(for the fuel)that seemed to help last year, i've replaced it again -no help this time, engine has been replaced(low mileage rebuilt),trans is rebuilt, new fuel pump, new plugs&wires,etc.
no diagnostic codes stored, recent code came up as faulty speed sensor,nothing any other times.

I switched from run flat tires to Continenteal Conti Extreme Contact DWS and the back tires wear out in less than 6,000 miles. I put on another set of the same tires and in 3,000 miles the back tires are hald worn. Is it the car or the tires. I do 98% of my driving on the highway and do not drive crazy. The car is an automatic. Love the car but can not keep replacing tires every two months. The tires are rated for 50,000 miles and Continenteal did nothing about it. This leads me to believe BMW design is a problem because my 2003 330 Xi BMW never had tire wear problems. The car has 43,000 miles on it and will soon be out of warranty. What are my options and do you know what the problem is?

speedometer works but the rest of the gauges and dash lights don't. dash, heater, and sliding seat belts all went out at the same time and have not worked since. about a month ago. what's wrong?

I can find the drain, where is the fill plug? Under the air filter?

I have a 93 Honda civic DX 1.5l. It starts fine when cold, will not start when warm. I have replaced the coil pack and the O2 sensor. Checked the plugs, they are clean and dry.

The light on dash shows it is in 4x4 but the front wheels don't spin