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Hi, Just installed a new battery into the car but now the alarm remote will not work. Please someone advise me.
My wipers stopped working, the motor still is running but wipers will not go back and forth. What could be wrong?
My A/C only blows out of the defrost. It blows cold and hard enough but only out of the defrost. I saw something that said it needs a vacuum from the motor. I should check hoses, but which hoses I don't see any hos...
after driving one day code p0402 came back on . what could be wrong it shows same code p0402
how do you open lift gate on 2001 ford escape if power locks don't work?
32 valae northstar where the ckp sensor
I bought one of theses and the battery is junk and not the right one, what size is it or what do i need to know to get a good one that is the correct size please let me know
The current oil change warning light comes on at 3000 miles. I would like to change the warning light to 5000 miles, how can I do this?
I can push the front caliber piston back into its bore with a C-Clamp. But when I try the rear there is a raised surface, that looks like its part of the parking brake assembly. when I used the C-clamp on the rear the...
We just got a 1995 dodge intrepid and we're having problems keeping the battery going because of the alarm. How do disconnect the alarm, so we can keep the battery charged?
where does the ckp sensor located
where is the delay timer for the headlights on a 1997 buick lasabre located?
I have a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica. One day the air conditioning works fine, the next day it will blow out cold air in rear, not in the front of vehicle. We have checked the fuses and they are ok. My boyfriend seems to t...
Exactly how would I go about changing the spark plugs in a 94 buick regal?