i bought a new fuel pump for my chevy and the wires on the body are the exact same as the wires on the fuel pump and i hooked all the matching wires together and it still will not start, how do i connect the wires correctly?

Will I need to temp. remove power steering pump to get at the old alternator?

Fuel pump died after tank ran low and put in gas installed an inline fuel pump and new fuel filter keeps stalling out and dieing on me . I dont know anything about auto repair have been told that it could be fuel regulator and return fuel line may be clogged need assistance

looking as to why i lost the heater fan? what can i do to repair of check system?

Does it really cost $400 for a fuel pump for my car? Precision Tune is saying you can't just buy the pump it comes with more stuff so the labor is cheaper than the pump? Total its costing me is $700

The belts... not sure which ones or all of them are squealing. When I start the car its usually for a few seconds then stops... Also when I turn the wheel too hard. It seems to do it more when its cold outside too. I don't think its the belts... but possibly the pulley tensioner. The belts look in good condition.. Also I have heard its not good to use belt dressing. How much would it cost to diagnose and fix this problem?

vibration is loud enough to be annoying inside the car and can be felt through the steering wheel drclemans@hotmail.com

where is the drain plug for tranmission

Why do my windsheild wipers rest in the up position when turned off

I am having the head gasket replaced and wanted to know if the head was cracked how much used heads are going for

power on, heater blows hot, climate control shows '88' as target, but no controls respond. Pulled 7.5 fuse to try to reboot, but no effect, returned fuse, ignition on, blows heat and climate control is 'locked'.

When the e-break is pushed down it will not lock in place. Is there a simple solution to solving this problem or do I have to replace the unit?

My left side mirror doesn't work when I put the car in reverse. The left (drivers side works) mirror works just fine. The right side works when I want to move it around using the control but doesn't work in reverse. Not sure of the problem

I have noisy lifters -louder at first start up- gets less noisy after warm up but still quite noticable. This car runs excellent with no misses or smoke. What can I check or replace that wont be to costley? 140,000 miles and oil changes religiosly. Thanks