i had my radiator replaced,but,I don't think they replaced the thermostat because the heating system is not working right.Will i have to pay to have it replaced or should the dealer absorb the cost?

I have a 2000 F150 Manual Transmission. As I am traveling down the road, at times I notice a quick slip in the power to the wheels. This feels like a quick jerk. Is his likely a clutch problem or a bigger transmission problem. I am not hearing any unusual noise.

A noise on the passagener tire squeaking took to mechanic to replace he said it was the lower ball joints

the check light stays on. Had diagnostic test at GM garage, it coded PO 171 and PO 172; meaning leaking head gaskets and leaking intake manifold. Car never has overheated and have added very little antifreeze. Two other tests run and they both coded PO 171 and PO 174.Noticeable surge with small miss at idle speed.Have 94,000 miles,would like to keep. Any help would be appreciated.

I can't fill my tank any more because the pump shut off automatically if gas flow is more than a small tinkle.


need to replace water pump and clutch fan

put new crate 5.7 in can't get spark. Is there a safety switch or reset computer or something any ideas

I have a popping noise on the drivers side of car, check engine does come on. When i start the vehicle sometimes it idels good and some times it dies after a few sec but then it will start up, when i start driving the popping noise starts right away and sometimes it takes awhile but when it pops the car chugs like its either not get gas or something with air flow. The tps and mass airflow have been changed kind sounds like it's up by the fire wall. Sometimes when it happens the car won't start till after a few mins

I just got an estimate for $2800 to get the E service for my 2005 E class that has about 80,000 miles on it.

The car is an '87 non turbo automatic. you have to shift the trans manually. I changed the transmission and the problem is the same.

My door ajar light is on and will not go off.
The alarm has been going off for 2 weeks.
I have checked all the doors and connections but everything is fine.
Now my drivers side door will not stay locked and I am unable to set the alarm.

when start the card up it ideals ok, but the gas petal won't work (nothing happens) can't drive the car.

my battery went dead yeasterday, replaced battery today, truck cranks over but wont start. anti-theft lights continuously on. how do i override it without takin into a dealer?

My 2003 camry started making this horrible noise this morning - rythymic, like a helicopter right by my car. It can only be heard when inside the vehicle. Standing outside the vehicle, the vehicle sounds the same as always. Any ideas?