brake lights won't come on, center light comes on but the r-l lights don't.

The original timing belt and tensioners were replaced 52000 miles because of a loud tick in the engine compartment. Recently I have noticed it is making a similar noise and it now has 140000 miles on it. The car is a 1996 Toyota Camry 2.2L.

I don't like the fact that the rear seat back rest in the Crew Cab model does not fold down, instead the seat bottom folds up. I figure this is due to the fact that they have incorporated head rests into the backrest? Years ago on my 1990 FORD super cab the seat bottom folded up and over and the back rest folded down to create this outstanding flat surface area to be used for anything, storage , sleeping. So many years later I buy a new truck and none of the Mfgs make rear seats like this. I haven't been able to find repair manuals on my truck as yet, maybe still too new? I have searched the internet, no luck. How can you remove the fixed back rest without going through trial and error. Anyone? thanks

My automatic transmition slips when starting off in Drive / 1st gear. It works ok till the engine / transmition warms up; then it starts to slip (badly). I have assumed that this means I need a transmition rebuild / band for first gear. Other than using a transmition additive (which Ihve already tried and it helps a bit), are there any other solutions to get 1st gear to stop slipping? - Also - Who woulfd repai this cheaply (THe car ain't worth much.

this has been diagnosed by my mechanic 1 day ago he told me i need to fix the wheel bearing and transfer case can i drive it for 3 weeks thats when i can fix it

Which driving position should you put the gear in. There are two (D) in the dach board the little one is first and the normal size is second when driving around town which one the drive shaft should be in

heater blows cold air until driven short distance.... This is the thermostat sticking right? I have a 180,000 plus we
love our subaru.... Please help.....

HI, my trusty 92 camry le 2.2 liter (180,000 miles) is getting poor mpg (19) mpg (usually 30mpg)it has a very strong acrid odor from exhaust(non-sulpher or not rotten egg smell) NO check engine light and a slight idle hesitation. Car is maintained & has been tuned up @ 160,000mi.including new catilytic convertor muffler. does anyone have any ideas?? Thank you

i put a fuse in for the tail lights and when i turn on the light it blows the fuse instantly

transmision working fine then stopped changing all at once

my 1997 cadillac eldorado is leaking coolant on the passenger side

Car to be purchased used in florida and re- registered in ca. Florida emissions are very lax. Concern is whether it can be legally registered in Ca.

failed to pass emission inspection

turn the key off all lights etc always shut off. I went into grocery store for about 20 minutes came out and my headlights were still on.. How to correct?

got in truck this morning and blower motor would not work. checked fuse and its good. checked power at motor and has none. checked power at the blower switch and none there. what else would be between the fuse panel and switch that would cause no power?