Car guys on a local radio station suspect a head gasket.

A/C will only blow out of defrost. The air will not blow out of vents.

bought truck about 2 months ago. 1st had to use in cold . The heater blows cold air heat gauge says about 160. Was told heater valve may be bad . Checked lines and there is no valve in lines and lines clear. Was told may be heater core or Thermostat . Changed them and still cold air . Now being told that could be impellers in water pump worn . Also being told may be clutch fan causing problem . Is there anything else that could cause no heat ?

Around the edges of dash pad over guages seams have split open and curled open. Is this problem common? Can the dash- pad be repaired? If not; Where can the part be aquired?

i used a hand held scanner it told me shift solenoid and egr vale so i replaced both the shift solenoid and egr and egr solenoid when all of this happend it was poping or back fireing though the intake now it sill not shifting right and some what sill poping have not fiugred out how the egr valve is getting water in it.

QUESTION: My son's Cavalier ran fine until he let it run out of gas.. Hwever, whn put gas in it, it did after several attmpts, crank and drove back into our driveway. After a couple of snow days, car would not turn over again. New mechanic state, it's timing and can be expensive because timing is located inside motor?? What are the repair cost and should I get a second opinion ??

I would like to do this now.

How much would it cost to replace the rear differential?

My son's 96 Cavalier ran out of gas. Car did crank after several attempts and drove back to drive way. Car then would not turn over. Mechanic says it's timeing. Using a new mechanic who says "timing located in engine " and will be very expensive.. How can I tell if this is really the problem? Can ran fine UNTIL my son let it run out of gas?? PlEASE HELP. NEED REPAIRS BUT NEED TO KNOW IF I SHOULD GET ANOTHE OPINION.... CONCERNED MOM

when i start my 1997 Olds Cutlass Supreme is makes a winding sound from what seems to be the belt area. my A/C hasn't worked in 2 months or so. And my car won't shift until about 4k rmp's. but once it heats up it acts fine but the noise just get's quieter. don't tell me it's the A/C compressor that would be $500 to fix! i just fixed a head gasket, thermometer, water pump....want an easy fix! driving me crazy

The car is extremely load while driving, but when i tried to wiggle the tire it don't move when i try going up and down but when i try going left to right it moves alot. Also when i grab the tie rod i can turn it up and down.

Went to leave my house this morning and my car won't start. I put in the key, push the clutch, go to start the car, it tries to turn 1 time and everything stops. Its been shaking a bit when I start it these past two days and I planned to get it checked out today but now it won't even start. Can someone help?

how much is it to replace the torque converter
for A8

I have the idle air control disconnected but I can not get it off of the throttle body gasket or gromet, it won't let go. Any suggestions.

car has about 120,000 miles and has slight vibration when sitting idle. Mechanic said needed motor mounts. Does this sound logical?