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Replace Passenger Side view mirror as insides have rotted away.

Water started leaking onto the carpet of the passenger floor of my car. I was told I had a clogged evaporator hose but that it was not covered under my warranty because the evaporator is still working. I was told that my evaporator just needed to be unclogged and that it was likely something that is stuck in the hose. What would the cost of that repair cost?

The ABS light and triangle symbol comes on intermittantly. No noticable loss of braking ability otherwise.
What are the negative outcomes, if any for ignoring the light. Could it just be a dirty sensor?

Many thanks

Engine sometimes is ruff at idle. Missed and hesitate when driving up a hill. Ample supply of gas in tank. MPG has dropped from 19 to 16.

How much does it cost for the struts, the plates and the labor? I just paid 1400 for that repair, is that cost about right?

My drivers side seat motor is not working in the forward or back motion...It makes a spinning noise now...What would a used or rebuilt motor cost??

I parked it in the garage for about 2 winters know and when I tried to start it, it would not start bought a new battery and it still does not start.

How much would it cost to replace my engine with a new (or used/rebuilt) one?

Not really sure what causes my truck to stall when coming to stop for no reason. No check engine light at all. It dies and then I have to restart it and hope that I can make it through the next light without it dying again. Last mechanic said he could find nothing, someone has to know what I am referring to?

How much it will cost to replace break pads?

I have been having this problem for a while with no known solution as of yet. After driving for any random amount of time and then coming to a stop for any more than five minutes, there is a large chance that my engine light will come on. After this, my car will act fine until i release the accelerator, and then it will slow down, or jerk back, slightly. I am not sure what is causing this, and I cannot have the code read because of another problem I do not know the answer to, but have asked about in another question. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

the engine needs to be replaced, what will be the cost of labor? I know the engine price will be dependant on many factors.

I have a metallic noise around my serpentine belt. Checked the belt tension and did not change noise. The AC pulley did seem a little loose. Could this be making the noise? How can that pulley be changed if it is the noise? Will the car start at all if I remove the belt to see if it is something else?

light for the radio has gone out, how do you change the light?

My vehicle is having problems so that my fuel gauge is bouncing up and down all the time. I dont know how much gas i actually have. Also, when it goes to 'empty', my car struggles to accelerate. Where could the issue be? How much should it cost in my area to have it looked at and fixed?