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I changed transmission fluid at 200K and it started slipping. i have changed it every 100K miles since i have owned it.
I had to change the oil pump and didn't mark the exact location of the cam sensor, now the check engine light is on and the code is for the cam position sensor.
Signal lights & brake lights work. But parking & tail lights dont turn on.
I have Auot AC on my 2006 Highlander, the temperature control switch just spins and will not move the temperature. When you remove the knob it looks like an electric reostat type switch, it's held in by two platic cli...
When I drive to work, stop and go, the transmission for some reason locks in 5th gear can not manually shift it at this point either. Then it is hard to accelerate, when I stop and turn it off it resets and is fine f...
after jiffy lube put 10 qts of oil in it the pressure drops when it warms up
How do I fit the rubber gas line hose onto the steel line? I can't get it to go on. Any tips for making the rubber line easier to work with, such as a way to heat it and make it more pliable?
I need a new mirror for the driver's side of my car - wondering approx how much it is going to be
need a location of the raditor fan relay ive looked at the relays under the hood but they are not marked
I spilled coffe in the gear box and now gears won't shift
The a/c works fine until car gets warmed up, then will quit putting out cold air. after a while will cool again and will quit again. We have replaced the relay and it is full of freon.
Replaced headgaskett with 47,000 miles. New radiator, thermostat and still my 2000 Deville still overheats.
car will not start in park sometime it will start in neutral. sometime it will not start at all. battery is ok.
all fuses ok, cab brake light ok, brake lights don't actuate when applied, can't find actuator location.
fuel gauge only reads 3/4 when full