Will a inline 2.7 would work in the place of a side way motor?

After a shop replaced the Mass Air Flow Gasket, both heaters failed. A/C works. Fine. Heat was working when I brought it in, as it was a cold day. No heat from front or rear. They can't figure it out. By the way, it failed "in the shop" when doing the above repairs. No prior problems with either heater.

When the car is at an idle it is rough and sometimes just will die. The engine light is one and we have already replaced the mass air flo sensor twice and still having the same problem.

The heater motor one day just decided to not turn off. It continuously runs on high and the only way to turn it off is to take the fuse out or unplug the battery.

What is the best way to fill the radiator? When I fill it through the plastic bottle it doesnt fill the radiator instead I end up with a giant air pocket.There is no cap on the radiator. There is a plastic cap near the top of the thermastat. Iam not sure if that would be the place,I dont want to break the plastic . I thought I would ask how first. It might turn out cheaper. The car is a Lincoln LS 3.9 2000. Thank you.

I purchased a Saturn that has been setting for a year and a half and I dissconnected the fuel line forward of the tank in front of the left rear tire. I need to pump the old gas from the tank, but when I turned the ignition on nothing happened. I checked the 10 amp fuse and it is fine. Any ideas?

I have a 2004 ford freestar and I need to replace 1 rim. My local dealer told me that a new steel wheel from ford is $325. I've seen rims advertised at as low as $75 but how can I be sure it will fit my vehicle? Also, do I need to have tire presssure sensors installed in the tire/rim. If not what will happen to the low pressure indicator on my dash?

Is there a way that I can change out my rear spark plugs without having to go to a mech? I did the front 3 with no problem, but the back 3 ? I cant even see where the wires go back there?
If this is something that I should have someone else do? how much should I be expecting to pay?

how many plastic balls are in the valve body in the trans

the car was sputtering a little but then started to run fine went into store and car wouldn't start acted like i was out of gas got three gallonns of gas so could make it to gas station tried to start car and it only fired ounce and smelt like rotten eggs not sure if it is bad fuel or gas lines

how long should a shop charge for replacing 2 control arms?

My Tahoe will not start,when I try there,s a spark coming from the top of the intake manifold. I do have a band new band battery..I have OHMmemeter.I need help,Thank You..Dolores

oil in antifreeze

Dealer want to charge me $149 to replace a defective oil pressure switch because of no reading on the oil pressure gauge. Is this repair cost in the ballpark

car is dragging and making noises when I turn

Stuck in snow - rocked the car - now can will not drive forward