I called the hyundai car dealer parts and asked him if they had a car turn signal flasher and he had no clue what i was talking about ....is there a different name or part number for it?

When shifting the car into d the car want move. What do you thingk is wrong? The heater is blowing cold air?

Just switched from michellin tires to vogue tyres both same size 235/55/17.But the tire on the driver side is rubbing on the shock.Recently replaced lower control arm could the alignment be a cause of that problem?

I have a 1997 hyundai sonata and need to replace the side mirror. How much does it cost to get the repair done

but must go through exhaust. How can I safely remove weathered bolts w/out breaking them and creating a whole new problem?

if i leave the car running longer than 10 min it will run hot.

gauge works, tank only holds 9 gallons. when fuel is low, gas warning light comes on.

Car starts fine first thing, but on hot days (90 deg +) it will not start after a second trip. If the car sits for 30 minutes it starts ok. Deler could not find a problem. It's my daughters car help

My car seems to putt when driving under 40mph, I want to know what causes it?

first time n its stuck at the floor shifter i had to undo cable to put it in gear n get it home

how do i erase the codes on 2005 Cadillac CTS Lamp/Light Rest (Engine Warning, ABS, Traction ...

I received an estimate from a Volvo dealership to have my rear rotors and brake pads replaced for approximately $555. They told me the thickness was down to about 3 mm. Can you tell me by this how soon I would need to get these replaced? I average between 60-90 miles on my car every day during the week.

The fan belt was tightened and the oil was changed. On the way home from picking my car up, this obnoxious vibrating sound started when I turned the heat on. When I turned it off, it stopped. It sounds like its coming from the passenger side. My car did not do this before I dropped if off for these two things. Help... It's driving me NUTS

i have a 91 toyota corolla where my rear bumper wraps around to the rear wheelwell. at the point near the rear wheelwell the bumper/quartpanel is sticking out about 1/4 inch. this keeps the car from passing state inspection.

left turn signal is flashing rapidly,all bulbs appear to be lite and flashing.How to determine bad bulb?