leaking anti freeze and told the timing chain is in the was to repair

wiper fluid was put by mistake in coolant overflow container. What should I do to remedy this?

I have a Lincoln LS 2000, just got it back in June '10, well car was running great, till a few months ago that it heat it up, I changed the thermostat, water pump, a couple of plastic hoses (broken) and it keeps overheating. Do I have to go directly to change the head gasket to keep car from this problem? other than that, car runs great.

My little 4 cyl 22re toyota runs great, but has recently given me trouble starting in the cold. Sometimes when it's been quite cold I'll turn the key and hear a clicking noise and a sound I suspect to be the fuel pump working; other than that no turn over or anything.

Sometimes if I feather the clutch off and on the sensor (maybe just coincidence) the truck will turn over like there was nothing wrong, strong and clean. However it acts as if it's really flooded when this happens and sometimes will start, and sometimes not.

The most recent time I was able to get it to turnover but it became flooded. After a few tries it reverted to the "click, no turnover" attitude.

Other times, even when it's cold, she'll turn over and fire first try, then run like a banshee.

Is this a starter problem? Battery connections? I've done some fiddling with wires but think I may replace them all and do a thorough contact cleaning.


I had the heads replaced about 4500 miles ago. What could have caused them to blow?

could I have blown a fuse while trying to jumpstart car, car started 3 days ago

just the only i need is, replace the mast how can i do?

po128 code engine light is on runs fine saw asmall spot of water on ground top crimp seal on radaitor is wet cant see any leaking spot help me

I was driving and it cut off on me and it will not restart so what could be the problem?every thing else works it just want start.

Went out to start my Aspen and it started then died right away.Got out opened my gas cap and retightend it and tried to start it 3-4 more times, same result. So this time I pushed on the peddle and kept about 800 rpm and it did not dy until I let it idle. Repeated 2-3 more times, same result. Have plenty of battery because I can crank & crank,
not a battery issue. Drove it too my dealer died every time I stop or idled,util I got to the service garage then it would stay running. Said they could not find anything wrong.Did the same thing back in 08 or 09 could not get anwser on what is going on . Could the fuel system need recalibrated.

while i was driving my buick regal ls 2001 it cut off on me and now it will not restart the battery is good all the lights work check engine light comes on now when i turn the key but it will not crank

I have changed out my HVAC fan motor and blower resistor and the fan from time to time still will only work on hight. None of the wires at any time showed any problems. What should I be looking for next to get the fan to work consistently at all speeds?

125K miles. just had tune up replaced spark plugs etc. Lately been noticing a hesitation when shifting to Drive.
Now after starting and placing into drive the rpm's dip low and today it dip so low the engine conched out.
I got it started again but in both Reverse and in Drive the rpms dip low. What could be causing this? (engine light did not come on)

i went to check the spark plugs and their is oil all over the spark plug connectors. How do I correct this? Thank You for your help!

My maintenance required light blinks on and off when I start the car. In three seconds, it disappears. What does maintenance required mean? Do I need to get an oil change or tune up?