Same as above

I want to change my air filter myself. Is it easy to do? How do I do it?


How to get the front rotors off?

when in cold weather steering is tight when, first start and squeaking as you turn but after car warms up its fine
help me out please. check fluids and all is well ?

remove alternator from car

Does the timing chain on the 2.5 v6 engine ever need adjustment or is there a schedule for replacement ?

happened 3 weeks ago while, diagnostic analyser reads air intake 380degrees f

My window on the driver side is down, I need to replace the regulator, but I can not raise the window to take out the screw that hold the glass. How do I raise the glass to get to the screw

cigerette lighter stopped working

an a arm bushing went in my front end. do i have to replace the whole arm or can i just replace the bushing?

engine light indicator is on?

Mechanic tells me I need a new catalytic converter (check engine light indicates this)Can I use a universal part for this or do I need the vehicle specific?

Have cleaned throttle body,still rough.

I need a transmissioin in my 2003 ford taurus and I was trying to get an estimate of the cost.

my jeep has been squealing when you let off the accelerator and my mechanic has narrowed it down to the throttle body -- yet he tells me there is a NATIONWIDE backorder for these (?) Is there a recall on Jeep for such a thing if there is such a demand?