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i have to spray to starter spray to get it to start it runs ok just won't start by its self

my truck keeps missing we replaced distributor cap rotor and condensor inside cap spark plug wires and plugs. replaced fuel pump and filter. still missing u can really tell it when u pull it against a tree and put it under pressure. what else do i need to check has alot of us puzzled oh yea no check engine light on. put it on a comp nothing shows up

how to change knock sensor in pt cruiser

replacement parts

Problems with driver rear brake light and turning signal. The wiring is old and has some burnt wires, have replaced fuses and bulbs. What is the best way to fix this problem

it doesn't get warm when I put the heat on if it is really cold outside

I am considering buying a used volvo, never had one before.
What should I be especially careful or aware of?
Is this a good choice?

Thanks for any help Robert

The signal lights both front and back went out at the same time.

I am currently using caltex havoline 5w30. what other alternative fully synthetic oil can i use.

Can I run E-10 fuel in my truck.

i would like to replace the ignition coil myself. after diagnostic said i needed an ignition coil.

Need to find a vent control valve for the fuel canister.

I replace both O2 censor upstream, brandnew by bosh but still a ligh come on and the code is PO411 second air injection incorrect upstream flow detected. how can this be ? does anyone have a problem like this and how was fix?

head lights won,t go off when car is running in park

labor estimate in hours and cost to replace water pump, power steering punp, master cylinder