Our car runs great when it is running, however, in the morning (it has been cold 0-20 degrees) It will start right up, as soon as you give it some gas is will stall. Or if you start it and let it idle to warm up it might just stall. This does not happen everyday and once it get past the mornings it is fine all day. We have changed plugs, air filter, and checked all fluids. No lights are on the dash. Any idea what to try next?

there is a roar in the front end at highway speeds. the noise gets less with slower speeds and higher speeds.

Lately I have notices that my tach seems to show a surge while drivind at steady speeds. If I am running 2k rpm I'll notice and feel surging to 2500 k surges. It seems to be timed regularly between surges. ..3-5 second cadence. Does this intermittently. My regal has 220k miles on original engine and has a rebuilt granny at 140k. Any help would be great. Thanks.

In very general terms, how much should I expect to pay to replace the shocks and struts? My mechanic quoted me almost $800. Is that about standard?

Does any know how to recognize if its an active brake control and traction control on my vehicle. this is one of the things they ask when looking for the type of module and pump. all i know that i have is a picture of a trailer that i push if im pulling a trailer. Thanks for any help

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My question is what are some great brake pads to put on my 1990 Honda Accord DX? I want something better than stock. Any response would greatly be appreciated.

front end collision. need all body parts in front of the doors. Need to find out what the parts aprox. will cost. Damage all the way to the front doors. Air bags didn't deploy. Car starts and drives.

Toyota reccomends timing belt replacemnet at 90,000. I have heard pros and cons about this. At 91,000 my acc belt looks new, i took the overhead cam sproket cover off, the timing belt looks new.

I was on the interstate and my car started to overheat. It would run for about an hour and then it started would start to over heat.

remove freeze plugs

When parked and pressing on the clutch I cant get into an gear. Then the car shut off while my foot was on the clutch. What might be the problem?

replacement of timing belt resulted in a broken value with a locked up engine. Repair shop it would cost around $1500 to fix

how do you reset the system after maintenance?

the key was broken off in the door lock. I popped the lock out but dont want to break any electronis trying to remove iy. How can I do this?

Went to turn on headlights and after turning on the switch all the way all I had on was the turn signal and clearance lights but no headlights.