i bought a 1995 buick roadmaster for a hundred dollers.The guy i bought it from replaced the moter and now backfires thro the carb when the moter is cold and the check engine light is on the code comes up as a o2 sencor not to worried about that. If you sit with it in drive the check engine light goes off untill you give it gas. can anyone help me ive giving up on the thing thank you and god bless

My serpentine belt had several ribs separate from the belt. they wound up tangeled arount a pully.
I replaced the belt. The new belt seemed very very hard to fit. I thought the Drive belt tenaioner should have been able to give me some more room to place the new belt on.
The new belt shows LINES on the smooth side. It looks like it is being worn along the ribs.
Is this possible? What needs to be replaced to fix the porblem

mechanic said to replace pads , just had oil changed

My car has servere vibration (front end)pulls to the right as well. Could this be my brake caliper? or something more serious?

My HVAC blower does not work. I replaced the fan last year and replaced the resistor today but the fan still does not work. Help.

i just changed the thermestat and its still getting hot and now is squilling real bad.

I noticed the fuse in the power distribution box keeps blowing for this cicuit.

my buddie is having problems he sitting in van and all the lights are flashing headlights inside lights tail lights i mean everything what is the problem can anyone help me asap thank you and god bless

Driver side door does not work, Motor maybe?

Air bags light on

i just brought a car that was parked for 2 years and i did an oil change and fuel filter change air filter change and i changed the spark plugs and when i drive the engine will just die and i have to put it in nuetal or park and give the key and it will spark im just wondering what it is and how to fix it

thank you everyone

when your driving when it goes in second and third it makes a banging noise it not real smooth

My girlfriend was driving her van with no coolant in the radiator. Her temperature gauge inside the van never went above half way

I returned from running errands in the cold, parked and the next morning when I shifted into reverse it moved 3 ft and stopped. It is making a rattling sound when I shift into any gear as if it is not going into gear. It had no problems before this, didn't make any funny noises, shifted fine the day before. Please advise.

the sparkplugs and ignition cord as well as the fuel filter were replaced but still the engine consumes more gasoline.