Everytime I'm driving and turn the wheel,it makes a knocking noise.

1995 buick regal 3.8 engine runs but at low idle has rough idle. when i plug my scanner in it tells me i have an error and the code doesn't show. i checked fuses,wires,ecm,clean all carb parts. I haven't disconnected the battery yet I really want to fix this problem.can anyone help

car has all power and fuel pump runs but no start? replaced crankshaft position sensor because of stalling problem...ignition switch is new...

why does my gas hand gage keep moving up and down

where is the ignition control module located ?

when i first start my car it makes a squeaky sound from the alternator area

timing belt replacement miles?

Was wondering how to take off the old mirror on the passenger side

I have removed all parts to get to the crossover pipe. I removed two bolts the appear to hold small end pipe to driver side of engine..cannot separate. More muscle or is there a puller? "I found the answer." More pulling and prying. It came out.

my car is reading this codes. any idea?

What would cause both headlights to go out at the same time?
(HD Lights)high beams work.

Was told I need to have whole system replaced, which includes

once it warms up an idles at 650....it seems to be fine.......still getting decent gas milage (22mpg) Just annoying in morn at stop light.


I cant shift my gear into Reverse N and Drive. can you please help me

Tranny and Transfer case are still good... what causes the differentials to do this? Do they get rebuilt, replaced, repaired?? how much?? Trying to find a place to do this, my mechanic said he wouldn't touch it??