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While driving, the rear end hums or whines when accellerating and leting off accellerator.
cannot get front blower motor for ac to work. Rear unit works. Have replaced rheostat and still will not work on any setting.
Sometimes it sticks in park, I really have to pull to get it out of park. I disconnected the apparatus to the brake pedal so I don't have to hold the pedal down to get it out of park but it is still sticking. This i...
Got in the car today, power locks are not operating, AC fan is not blowing, half of LED display is not operating (car info, temperature, fan speed, etc...). Radio works along with controls for the radio. All fuses che...
Today I was driving my car and all of a sudden it died. When I say it died I mean the brake wouldn't depress the steering wheel barely turned, and all the lights turned off, and the check oil light came on..I was thin...
How hard is it to replace the radiator in my truck and is it a job for a weekend mechanic. I could save about 500 bucks doing it myself if it doesn't require anything too elaborate.
i own a 97 honda crv and im having trouble getting the rear seat back up. its stuck for some reason??? what could it be??
My analog speedometer fails, it's jumping all the time, like if for a few millisecond there's no signal or something, but it only happens when it's a hot day, as the temperature starts to fall down then the speedo wor...
i changed the battery of my key but it is still not functioning
Need to know how to that stuff in my truck make it get cooler
need to know what i can lookinto why my fans keep running all the time i did change my tep sensor and put new coolant in seems be ok thermostat ok checked it whoudln tknow what else to check are there...
or turn over but battery is fine
In the mornings when I start the car it wont start on the first try,This happens on cold and warm mornings,But after it starts there are no problems with the ignition.