it may drive good for a while then at once it startes running hot my fun hot for a few days and then may go a few weeks and then run hot we have put about 5 thermastates and the top hose flushed ratioer out dont no what to do

The heater blower does not work at any speed for either the heater or air conditioner.

radio suddenly went off and speakers started making an internittent hissing or static sound. Volume control knob did not affect it, and it continued even after I turned the radio off.

I have a blown intake gasket and im wondering which one im to replace the upper, lower or both. I have a 2004 silverado with a 5.3 liter.
Thanks, Gary

On the left side close to the inter tyerod

My honda started acting up about a weak ago, the left front tire started grinding like the breaks were gone even though I just replaced them. then the grinding stopped and i lost almost all break pressure. now break fluid is leaking from around the tire. Someone please help!

what would cause leaky coolant near back/side of motor plus constant overheating?

this is not a problem, i just cant figure out how to remove the back seat so i can run amp wires to the trunk.

Where is the heater blower motor resistor located in a 2006 Ford Taurus SE? Switch only works on high.

Where's the best place to get good repairs and affordable prices? I have a hard time believing it costs over $1000 to change out a waterpump and replace a timing belt... please help

i buy a new brake switch and i replace it but still no move from parking..... and second problem i try to lock the doors on the car and the centralized system not work and the hazard lights start and i dont know what is the problem....
if somebody know hat is the problem????
thank you

cars runs good but light and code keeps coming on no slipping in transmission everyone says dont worry but hate the light on any suggestion

The service light just came on. It said brake pads are low, take to workshop. Can someone tell me what should be the cost of repair?

Sometimes when car is stopped it will slip out of drive gear and you have to restart the car to get it to go again.

how to replace a power window motor on pasanger door and whenever the car engine is cold gas pedal become stiff (immovable) occured about 3 yrs after purchest dealer charge almost $2000.00 but problem remain