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car wont start. Checked the timing belt and the crankshaft pulley marks are at 11 oclock when #1 is TDC. Timing belt has been loose and flapping for some time. How to be sure that the crank and cams are in correct position?
Should belt be replaced? Crankshaft pulley has 2 small notches (I assume are the timing marks) and 3 holes in it.was running a week ago and when I went to start it to sell it it wouldnt fire. Starter smoked and smelled like it was burning up. Engine cranked very slow. I replaced the starter, it cranks good now but didnt start. Thats where I am. Please help.

my rear wheel steer service light stays on and when it turns on my truck won't engage rear wheel steering. What do I check?

My truck has check engine light on 2 codes found p0455 & p1780, drove to store today come out and put into reverse truck hesitated like as if the brakes were applied finally was able to move truck put it into drive an dove home about 3/4 of a mile put into park waited 10 min. Went out back out and started up truck tried to back up did the same thing it did at the store only this time brake pedal went all the way to the floor like as if it lost all it's vacuum

My girl friends car will start but the engine seems to shake badly and stalls very easily. Is this just an air filter problem our something serious?

how do i install fog lamps in my vehicle? is it prewired for that purpose?

no engine light,have changed these parts in the last 3-4 months:spark plugs/wires-tps
iac-fuel pump/filter-thermostat(was stuck on closed got lucky and caught it when car seemed hotter than normal).
and throttle body gasket(shop did that)And Battery and the bolts for Battery car runs good
but now its hard to start.turns over,takes 1-3 trys to start then runs ok,Tries to die when i push on the gas from a complete stop,it starts to go a cuts out like a half second and then it goes fine.Its like a half second stall then speeds up.Dies on rare occasions when i hit the gas before i changed iac(also at stop)Anyways any ideas?

Whining when accelerating and goes away when let off accelerator.

my car radio didn't work so i replaced it with a after market radio but it still isn't working or turning on. what can i do to fix the problem(what could the problem be) or should i spend the money and take it to a mechanic?

02 mazda tribute 4 cylinder 5 speed. Code p1451 canister vent solenoid system. Light came on today had it checked by a buddy at work. completely car iliterate. Just curious what that is and whay its going to run me. About 2 months ago ran over an animal on road and it tore apart a lil black cover on driver side about a foot behind my door. A black box which the mechanic said was the emissions control box was hanging have it zip tied up. due to being unable to find a replacement cover. A. Could that have something to do with it. And is a fix you can do yourself. Or is it a lengthy troublesome fix? Thanks all

A few weeks now it has been going dead and wont crank. brought pluges fuses filters and its still doing the same thing.someone please help me im tired of wasting money on someone to fix what they think instead of what they know is wrong with my car....

Driver's side power seat want go back or forward, seat motor is gets very hot.

ok i went an had one of my 02 sensers changed it was stuck an broke into car they fixed well on the way home the check engine light came on an the code is saying malfunction with bank 2 senser one i beleave it said how do i know if bank to is on driver or passenger side upper or lower

how do i flush it or is it all bad? im told it was power steering fluid...i cant get the brakes to bleed with new brake fluid after draining foregn fluids

yes do u know what transmission is in a 1991 jeep wrangler 4x4 4 cyl

we have replaced the fuel gage but cant figure out what wire goes to it ?! i dont know which one it is. and also i have a speed odemter doest work did but didnt the next day and still dont what could be the problem? plz help