I was driving and it cut off on me and it will not restart so what could be the problem?every thing else works it just want start.

Went out to start my Aspen and it started then died right away.Got out opened my gas cap and retightend it and tried to start it 3-4 more times, same result. So this time I pushed on the peddle and kept about 800 rpm and it did not dy until I let it idle. Repeated 2-3 more times, same result. Have plenty of battery because I can crank & crank,
not a battery issue. Drove it too my dealer died every time I stop or idled,util I got to the service garage then it would stay running. Said they could not find anything wrong.Did the same thing back in 08 or 09 could not get anwser on what is going on . Could the fuel system need recalibrated.

while i was driving my buick regal ls 2001 it cut off on me and now it will not restart the battery is good all the lights work check engine light comes on now when i turn the key but it will not crank

I have changed out my HVAC fan motor and blower resistor and the fan from time to time still will only work on hight. None of the wires at any time showed any problems. What should I be looking for next to get the fan to work consistently at all speeds?

125K miles. just had tune up replaced spark plugs etc. Lately been noticing a hesitation when shifting to Drive.
Now after starting and placing into drive the rpm's dip low and today it dip so low the engine conched out.
I got it started again but in both Reverse and in Drive the rpms dip low. What could be causing this? (engine light did not come on)

i went to check the spark plugs and their is oil all over the spark plug connectors. How do I correct this? Thank You for your help!

My maintenance required light blinks on and off when I start the car. In three seconds, it disappears. What does maintenance required mean? Do I need to get an oil change or tune up?

and i hear a ticking noise under the dash when i start the car up

How do you get access to replace the bulb for the console shifter, and how do you get access to replace the bulb in the lower part of a/c info (recirc, etc.)?

Car will turn over but will not continue running, unless I keep my foot on the gas.

Thanks all!

This only happens in cold weather and only when I first back out or move forward after it has been sitting for a while. After I start driving, it is ok. It also makes a whining noise when it is being difficult to turn.

My car will turn over, but will not idle. If I keep my foot on the gas, it is fine. Just will not idle

Just found out my left rear spring is broken. I ned to know about how much it would cost to have that fixed.

I have a BMW 330i, both the driver's side window and passengers side seem tight and is slow to go down and up.