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my car runs great but the gas mileage is very poor. about 11 miles to a gallon. is this normal?

About to do oil change on 2003 Boxter 2.7. Do I nee anything over and above 9 quarts of oil and a filter?

I have a VW Trike and wanted to know if anyone knew who can work on them. I would like my engine tuned and I have a Hydrolic cluts that is leaking. thanks

hello my brakes are not working good. the pedal is really low and when i try to stop fast i skid until i finally stop. when i got a oil change the guy told me that my brakes were good. i am not leaking any brake fluid. what dfo you think the problem is?

radio/temp/time light out, all functions work but can not
see stations, temp or time.

Everytime I turn the steering wheel I hear a noise and it's difficult to complete the turn.

I changed the coolant recovery tank refilled it & no leaks but the light still comes on that say "check coolant level" how can it be reset

po340 the code swold liht on check engine

when slowing down for example to turn in or after idling for a few minutes it'll go dead;

the ligth check engine is on. i do the diagnostic with my OBDII COMPUTER SHOW THE CODE P0014 CAMSHAFT POSITION ACTUADOR B-BANK 1 TIMING OVER-ADVAN.

I disassemble my Ford Expedition liftgate door latch, to find out both cables; the one for opening the glass and the door itself were broken or plastic tip to hold cabel in place were broknn. Do you know where to buy those? Any part number or ways to fix those?

I am replacing the a/c evaporator core in my '03 taurus, and is there an easy way to get to it? Also, do you know of any diagrams that I can look at to make sure I don't remove anything that does not need to be removed??

Already cleaned IAC valves and throttle body, replaced fuel filter to no avail. No code shows up on diagnostic checks. This problem has persisted over the past year. Need help!

She was driing her car and it shut off on her. towed it home and started checking and removed spark plug wire and took a screwdrider and grounded out to see if it was getting fire and it wasn't. Can you help?