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The problem just started this morning. However the interior lights stopped coming on when driver door is open as well as the bell. I have a device in the vehicle that can remotely turn off vehicle
transmission sounds like gears and contacting and noisey
How do I release the hood when the latch is broken?
How do you replace bulbs on shifter console?
i cant find fuel filter the fuel lines come off top left side of tank run up middle of truck to left rear of engine and hook in to 2 steal lines . Any ideas?
Are these problems related? The light flashes after driving and when speed goes over45. There is a rough switching of the gears also. A hesitation and then a jerk. This did not occur til the light started blinking. Is...
If the radiator fluid is not low and the car isn't running hot at any time, is it just normal that you still find the fan running briefly at times, when stopped ?
My engine surges at idle to about 1100 rpm. It does not always do it. My mechanic has checked everything out and can find no problems. He confirmed that the O2 sensors are good and that the IAC valve is good. Ther...
There is a loud noise when you turn sterring wheel left or right, what is my problem?
My automatic climate control is making a noise that sounds like an electrical motor hunting for position. It is kind of a rattling sound. For example when the inside temp is set to 70 degrees and the system is at or...
What is the cheapest way to address disconnected sunroof drains.DIY not an option, dealership wants 775 to take down headliner and re-connect. Auto upholstery shop an option? Thanks.
The 4wheel is not going in the light come on when I puss the button but the funt is not pulling. When I go to L the rear lock in and the fronu is not doing a thang. H or low. What is wrong whit it
I got a DTC Code P1155 Fuel Air Metering Am very cash poor, was hoping I could get this done cheaply.