Wierd thing....fill up with antifreeze drive maybe a block down the road and it starts smoking and all the antifreeze comes out. No leaks and the car doesn't even say it's overheating.

Any ideas?

93 Ford Explorer with a small trans leak, still runs and drives good. Is it a major repair and something I should get looked at right away or something minor?

This problem just started

can't find fuse postion for cigarette lighter. not listed in oweners manuel

how to change third brake light

Just to keep the records straight I been doing cars, trucks, planes, boats, and trucks for 45 + yrs....thank you....My son has my car in Florida I am in New York, I bought it used its a 02 corolla, 100,000K on it runs fantastic, but he says on the interstate at high speeds he notices an abrupt sort of shutter in the trans., I am not there so its a long distance sort of diagnosis, I immediately thought of the torque converter lockup, I asked him to steady cruise at about 55-60 mph and genttly tap the brake pedal, which in turn will disengaging the lockup, and tell me what it feels like but he hasn't got the results back to me as he is very busy at work, he says it shutters hard on acceleration at higher speeds(like 75-80mph) which is the speed to travel on the I-95 down there....any thoughts on this???
I know the Corrollas have bad standard trans but the 4 cyl coupled with the automatics should???be ok???
Wonder if there is a recall on it or something???
Perhaps a shift solenoid defective or an adjustment ....but only on high end speed.
Thanks for your help guys!!!

When my cars engine warms up the oil light comes on when i pull it out of gear or when i am up shifting through the gears it comes on breifly but goes out when the engine idles higher. i think it might be a low idle but others tell me it might be the oil pump going out. There is a steady knocking noise after it has been running for 30 min. at low idle. Like at a stop sign. And get this, it even runns smooth. So any ideas of what it could be?

my car-2000 Mustang- fuel pump went out so we had that replaced and were told the computer is dead nothing can be read so they want to put a new(used) one in . How does the computer for a car all of a sudden die? How much would this be to replace?

The car started going dead at idle. I cleaned and checked the EGR and the intake mainifold which was clogged with carbon. Now the car will not start. When it cranks over it will randomly fire but not start. I have checked for fuel vapor and spark. Wires, plugs, dist. cap, rotor button, and fuel filter are all new. I did a visual check on the timing by rotating the engine to the no.1 position in the distributor and saw that the no.1 piston was up and valves were closed. What else can I do?

after starting cold engine, engine has a popping noise like a engine missfire. when engine is warm, it runs smooth

Car is choking down. Not getting fuel.

I'm trying to replace my fuel filter and now I'm tryinvg to locate it

While a normal driving condition 25 min , I stop for about 5 min then try to start my car and nothing happen , all those system works I have a message on the display brake fluid but I check and look normal , try to disconnect the battery to reset the fault no help ??? Is the chance that may be starter or the key fail battery was rapleced about a year a go.

cost of replacing brakelining

how to check the fluid level on a five speed standard transmission and what type fluid should be used?