I just had front and right engine mounts replaced. Was charged for 4 hours + $98.74, 301.65, +89.50 (dogbone?). Is this reasonable?

The front door locks will set off the car alarm when unlocking the door with the key. this tends to happen more often in the winter but has now become almost a constant irritation.

my dash lights and tail lights dont work. i have replaced fuses many times but they keep going out. What is the problem?

timing belt broke. Just repaired belt valves and head Gasket
a week ago. Getting on to the highway today The car lost power and stalled for a second. The engine light flashed suddenly stating Check engine. What do you think the problem is and how much would it take to repair?. Problem occured twice today.

the whole ac/heater contrl panel shut of and wont cut back on.what should i do, i chkd the fuses,i dont know where the relay located.
please help

car works fine in fast moving traffic..once stopped or moving slowly, the temp guage goes up..if I pull over, put the car in park, turn it off, wait 2 mins and then re-start..the car will run all day in dead stop traffic without the temp guage going up or car overheating

were is it lovcated

replaced water pump twice, replaced gasket, still have leak

Last year when I first posted the question, no code shown. Now the code showing is P0100. Suddenly having problem with getting engine started. difficult to start the engine, but once the engine is started runs well. Why is it happening?

im worry about fix costs and i want to fix it by my self, how dificult is and what kind of tool im gonna need ? thanks for the anwers and if i can not fix it i want to know how far i can drive it before the trans fail? or i need a tow truck to take my car to the shop. there's a shop like 7 min away of home thanks friends for answers

i have a knocking noise that sounds like it's coming from the front drivers side area. I ran it off the road into a pile of snow about a week ago. ive had three people look at it and they cant figure it out. any suggestions?

The dashboard clock resets to 12:00 intermittently.
ometimes it will hold the time for several days, other times
could be while driving or starting

Today 01/26/11 I came home and my 2000 Mercury Sable just shut off at the end of the driveway and would not start back up. The start clicks but won't turn over. Could this be the starter? Computer? Timing chain? What? I just replaced the motor and transmission, the rear coils, rotors, breaks, rear drums, bearing. I love the pick-up of this vehicle and the decent gas mileage and comfort for my family. Since I put all this money in the vehicle I really don't want to junk it. Where is the starter located and how do I check to see what the problem is. I am desperate, single mother with two kids and one income I would really appreciate any help I can get on this issue before taking it to a mechanic. Thank you in advance.

my audi is overheating.

truck started left for work,quarter mile check gage light came on, in the past turned on and off and re start stays off,tried on/off- started and not long on highway just quit running,just a little shake, lights went dim got off highway wouldn`t re-start. Have gas gage says quarter, changed battery,alternater& starter seem ok ,just wont try to roll over,just click.. possibly a solenoid? and if so is it located on the starter? If started why would it Just quit? Thanks ! any thing else to check before I take it too a garage? stranded in my driveway