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My car sound like a motor cycle when I am driving along at speed of about 40 miles. It don't want to change gear until I stop and trun off the car and start it again. This is just sometime. It only happen three times. Am I having transmission problems?

the left blinker on my mercedes E320 is out, what could possibly be the problem?

I have replaced my 2000 3.0L V6 Taurus engine with a 2001 3.0L V6Taurus engine and am having problems with low fuel pressure

I replaced the fuel pump, the relay fuse, and the fuel filter. Also it is not firing When checked at the distributor cap. Please HELP!

I just changed a bad motor in my 97 escort. got the motor from a reputable wrecking yard. It cranks over but will not start. please help what should I check first

I have replace the serpentine belt and both idle pulleys and it is still ticking and squeaking. I poured water in the belt before and after replacing it and the noise stopped each time. I am not a mechanic, but could this noise be a warning of something major about to happen,AGAIN. I just spent $2000.00 due to low/no oil pressure. Also, it was not making this noise pryor to the oil pressure issue. Does anyone have any more suggestions?

engine light started blinking and car started to shake and hesitate

problem just started fault code P0012 cam sensor actuator tell me where it's located please.

antitheft lights flashing

Just got this car off my mo washed car and under hood had half tank of gas ran real good got low on gas put 6 $ in it started raving up in park right when I start it put a thing of heat in it ran it for awhile runs good,then put 10. $ of premium engine light came on again raving up soon as I start it all the way up to 4000. Rpmsthen goesback and forth between 1&1.5 Rpms and when I put it to the floor it shuts down saying reducing engine power ? Took it to shop and they said like ten codes showed up? But the mechanic said I need a new throttle body ? He said he try to make sure connection were good and, now everything is the same but, when I put it to the floor the reduce engine power sign don't come on or shut down ? Matter of fact runs real good while in drive! Just not in park especially when I first start it ? P.s. I took a tooth brush and carb cleaner to the inside throttle body to remove all the dried up oil ? Don't know if that helped it to stop the engine from reducing power? What do you think it could be ? The engine light staying on and it raving to 4000. Rpms then going from 1 to1.5 Rpms only in park and neutral ?

where the fuel pump location and how to replace

There is a clicking noise that comes from the rear wheel area at slow speeds and it is itermittent. It always goes away shortly after starting up but will come back again if the car is turned off and sits for awhile. My husband bought new tires and rims and I heard the noise the first time I drove the car after he installed them. He switched the rim & tire with the front and the noise is still coming from the rear.

It is not working at all times. Was working fine and one day when I backed it out of the garage it wasn't working.The vehicle only has 79,000 miles on it.

Trouble Pulling Fuel Pump From 2000 Pathfinder

The abs light just went on. What could be the problem? Can I still drive the car?