Battery drains over several days, Replaced battery and alternator. Even disconnected battery for 2 weeks and it was fine. Any suggestions?

lost power, then temp went up. pulled over. temp peg out. eng shutdown before I could stop. now wont start

I haven't changed my spark plugs many miles is normal for replacing the plugs? Currently, I have around 84,000 miles. difficult is it to replace these? My car still gets around the same mileage as when it was new. 17-18 city...27-30 highway @ 60-65 mph.

how much would it cost to have the transmission torque converter replaced

I was driving and the ball joint broke. My vehicles 136,000 miles. It seems this is a very strange that other years are having the same problem.

were is the temperature sensor located at on a 2004 chevy aveo

wondering how much would it be to replace it ..wondering if anybody had to replacement a radiator on there sc400...157,000miles on it

On my 2008 f-350 diesel, is there a cabin fresh air filter and if so where is it located?

buying a 2001 sephia by kia, heard engine wire harness has occation repair issues.

Bought the car brand new, been very strict on the oil changes and upkeep with the volvo manual. Just had the oil pressure light come on, oil level indicates level is ok, any ideas on what could cause it? Has 120K miles on it.

I cannot reach the bolt to take off the transmission do I need a certain tool?

How do you set the timing on a 2000 GMC Safari

i need to know the steps on changing and priming the oil pump

My brake light is always on whether or not the brake is set. Does the switch on the brake go out?

light on poor gas miles