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My left front tire makes a clicking noise while driving, could it be the wheel bearings or cv joint boot?

when i put the defrost on should the air condition button with the green indicatol light on it stay on even when i push it to go off?

how to change water pump

Hi, when driving this car we are progressing from 3rd to 4th gear the transmission jumps into 2nd and won't come out of it until we turn the car off and back on. Then its fine for a bit and does the same thing. Replaced the output transmission sensor no change. Help!

trying to find power window track guides I don't need new regulators The guides are made of plastic and broke

when doing a tune up .what are you do to it .I know you change the plugs and the wires. will that make your truck run smooth .at a light and not blow black smoke out the rear end

I failed my inspection because my air bag need repair. How much do you think this will cost

How do i replace the thermostat on a 1994 Lexus e300

i'm looking for an exploded view of the tandem power steering pump

car hasnt started for over 2 weeks sounds like bad starter but had it checked and its good. can anyone tell me how to check for spark and fuel pressure on 2000 olds alero 2.4L.

did i damage motor when it ran hot?

how do you turn off check engine light

I knw I need a muffler and the pipe that goes afte the muffle but I do not nee a catalitic converter have I checed off the correct repair info?

Hit a metal object in road - damaged oil pan and catalytic converter - - had them replaced - now, using 2 qts oil every 300 miles with no leaking. Has 130,000 oil changed every 2000 and never used any oil prior to accident.

I have done a tune-up on my 2001 Chevrolet S-10, 4.3 liter. This was done in the last six months. I've changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires, cap, rotor, fuel filter, fuel pump, mass air flow sensor, O2 sensor, cleaned my K&N air filter, oil change, etc., but still she's giving me trouble.
This is exactly what she's doing;
While taking off at normal speed, she'll shake immediately after changing gears, (she's a five speed). If I take my foot off of the gas, then compress it again gently, she'll stop the shaking, and drive normally. This also happens up a hill. I have to keep down shifting, as she loses power bad. She'll try to pull up a hill, but shake bad, as the 'check engine' light comes on and flashes. The light will go off after the blinking stops.
She maintains the code PO452, which is the emissions system, though I am not finding anything wrong in that area. I've cleared the code many times, but it is still maintained. I've even considered the catalytic converter, but it is in perfect working order.
I have took very good care of her, as there is there nothing cheap on her. I have much work for other people, and rarely have time for my own stuff, but I could use another mind on this one, as I am trouble shooting here. I am at a loss of patience, time and money.. Please give me all the help you can.
Thanks and God bless.
Al Yell