what is the gap for hte spark plugs

oil has been changed and fuel filter has too. Can not reset the dash indicator lights off

transmission makes whinning noise when put in reverse, have to press and depress accelerator to get it to shift and downshift

I live in Oregon and own a 1995 Camry 2.2L w/automatic transmision,after 30 or 40 minutes of driving the motor idles down and stops when I slow down and come to a stop.It starts up right away but this Jan,it was just yesterday the motor did the same thing again during a cold morning start.I have no engine warning lights nor am I short any fluids.I take good care of my camry and I dont even know where to start.

Air conditioner blows cold air, but heater will not blow warm air. Works sometimes. Defrost and all other airflows are very strong. Is the airflow door for heat sticking or the airflow control out?

how to change brake pads front and back

about,a week ago i noticed i had milky-glue type substince while i was checking my oil because my volvo was driving different and rattling when i was stoped at a red light,other symptoms were a week ago were kind of loss of power as well.Idont know much about cars and i dont have alot of money and i need help.i was told it was probably my head gasket and i heard thats going to cost 2,000-2,500.well i dont have that kind of money and im trying to save my car,so i bought the BLUE DEVIL,and followed the directions and it has not worked,thats if it is my head gasket? The night i put the blue devil in when i drove home it over heated and leaked all my cooliant? So the i thought it was my water pump then,Then MAGICALLY the next morning it wasnt over heating any more or losing colliant? So i thought maybe blue devil was working..Well two days ago,i noticed my volvo started hesitating to the point i thought it was going to die.And i have very little power now and also its leaking OIL! PLEASE HELP me guys,i dont know what this is and also i dont want to get ripped off,and most importantly i want to know if my volvo 850 is even worth saving at this point.I just bought the car and I love it.. If anyone out there that has any information for me I would be grateful.. THANK YOU.

i can get all the gear but 5th gear?

low engine per fuel pr 38 fuelrail clean new plugs and filter 35moh on the floor mis fire no speed

my car wouldnt start one day while leaving the grocery store a fellow tapped the starter while we started the car then we had starter replaced same thing happened and now the starter is out again but tapping starter no longer gets the car to start...any ideas as to whay this is happening, could my starter be good and some other thing is making it not start?

What can cause this?

The consols' inside/outside temperature display & fan controls does not light up and push buttons do not seem to work. Fuses all seem fine, air blows out of the windshield defroster vent, and the steering wheel control for the fan speed works.

Thruck runs fine for a while and then starts to lose power, especially on inclining roads. Can't get it over 60mph, even if I floor the accelarator. Sometimes, I pull over and turn engine off and back on and starts to run ok for a while and then loses power again. It never stops or dies, just runs like it is struggling.

rebuilt the engine completely replaced the idle air contol valve,the tps sensor,the crankshaft sensor. still turns over but wont run

hey, just dropped my center drive shaft bearing. looks like the bracket that holds the shaft in line has fallen off the frame and is gone. can i easily get another bracket or is it going to be a pain in the #$%.