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how do you change a manifold
i have a 2006 hummer and i had clothe seat and they put aftermarket leather seats in i hit a deer a theynever deployed how can i find out if my has a recall
Just replaced the upper radiator hose assembly. There don't seem to be any leaks and radiator is full. But water temp. soared into red zone during short test drive. Do not have owners manual. Does system need to b...
My key is stuck in the ignition and I need to get into the back but cannot get the seats back! I HATE THIS CAR! SOMEONE HELP!!!
The panel "engine" light remains on. Engine analyzer codes P0170 and P0171 came up. Does this mean the ERG valve needs to be cleaned? This is a 1997 Odyssey with 205,000 miles.
air conditioner is coming out hot
I have had this problem for about 3 weeks now. It will start spitting and sputtering under hard acceleration. It is the 350 auto 2wd. Usually at easy take-offs it will be ok, but under any strain or hard take-off it d...
How would i change the air conditioner evaporator on my truck?
I heard a loud rumble from the rear end and had a diagnostic which stated there is a problem with the rear differential and its leaking oil. Does this mean it needs to be replaced and how costly is this type of repair?
its starts up fine but wen i turn it of the car is still running
My rear air works in my dodge caravan and my front air works get it to start working i have to roll down my passenger window as im driving on the interstate causing a sucktion of somesort and then it will...
put in new temperature control switch but still air only blows out of defroster need help
I am trying to replace the front passenger axle assembly in my 2001 CRV. Have performed this procedure before on another Honda- axle pulled right out. On this one, it will not come out. Is there anything besides the...
just recently my denali started blowing hot air out of the front vents,while the rear was still blowing cold air. Is there an easy fix for this?
My 2006 taurus quit today after the oil light came on.Screen on dash said oil pressure low.Whats up? Is oil pump out?