I was leaving and while backing up started to bog down like out of gas. put gas in it right before got home. Got in the road and it died. pushed to curb and haven't been able to get started since. will turn over but won't start. Replaced the fuel relay and checked filter and looks fine. would there be any kind of button i would need to reset or would it be my fuel pump.

Complete system shut down by vehicle while driving at hyway speeds. 3000 dollars later (timing belt, cylinder carbon clean out) experieced second complete shutdown. Lost control, overturned, hit embankment. Air bags did not deploy. Does this not indicate a computer issue? Are airbags controled by the main computer?

air flow stays in panel in all selector positions and in heat or ac mode. no defrost or floor air, heat and ac are ok

What is the cost of replacing a windshield?

is there a issue with the dana80 rear end used in this truck i got the truck and had to replace the rear end then i bought a used one it seemed to be good for about 1 month then i started noticing the rear end hopping when in a tighe turn or in a parking lot it makes NO NOISE just some times hopps in a tight turn is this common??

I have a 1978 Chevy Caprice Classic(WOULDN'T DATE BACK TO THE SEVETIES), 305 5.0 engine, 350 Transmission. It wouldn't go into reverse out of the blue one day, so I replace the strainer and fluid. It went into reverse and shifted perfectly fine untill the next day. My reverse acts like neutral, and neautral acts like drive. I have to turn the engine off and push my car in reverse myself to park it

Can you put a 1996 Ford Ranger engine into a 1995 Ford Ranger or not?

What ports on the com. plug under the hood need to be shorted to set the timing correctly.

Every now and then my pickup won't start. It doesn't even make a noise. I was told by one guy I need a new starter. Another guy said it sounds like a heating problem. It will start in second gear by popping the clutch. And sometimes wating 15 minutes and it will start.

what does it mean when it says on the infomation panel low range? I could not find info on that in the owner manual.

How do I replace the water pump on my car. What do I have to take off

how do i check timing marks? if timing belt jumps a tooth will valves colide with pistons?

How do you remove the rear door panel on a 1998 bmw528i

How to set the timing

where are the fuel filter and fuel pump and how do I get to them to change them? The car will start for a second or two but then dies, it acts like it is not getting fuel. The car sat for a while and when we tried to start it we had to give it a jump but that didnt work so we baught a battery and like I sad it tries to start but wont.