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won't shift out of first gear. trans. code 1765 what is a trans. controlled spark
inside the car it says low refridgerant and a/c compressor off but the compressor works and when i try to but refridgent the cage says its full is there something in the line
I am adding oil 1 quart every time I get gas. It isn't showing anything out the exhaust and there are no leaks to be seen. I was told these engines are notorious for burning oil - any suggestions?
My doors won't lock on my truck. It only works with the unlock lock button in the back of the hatch
heavy water leak
I have a 1991 vw jetta gl and it won't shift into 2nd gear. it doesn't make any crazy noise or anything it just won't lock into 2nd.
hi all. i left my lights on and jumped my car fine, but brake lights now remain on. a. is replacing the stop; light switch the correct thing to do? b. can you explain how to do it? c. my car has 230,000 miles and the ...
Where is the neutral safety switch on this pacifica???
The heater blower runs when the ignition is shut off, also the power windows and sunroof open and close as well. Battery runs down and car won't start. Replaced the Heater Resistor and that didn't correct the proble...
i have a 2009 charger with just over 9000 miles. I had to take it into the shop because the #5 cylinder is misfireing. how common of a problem is that for the chargers, especially for a new one?
The Handle to open the sliding door from out side (on the driver side) Had broken. How can I replace it? Thanks, Gregory
The car will not start when cranking. I checked the fuel pump and when it receives power it runs, changed the distributor, checked relays and fuses and they are OK. Why wont the fuel pump activate when cranking and is...
occasionaly could this be transaxle problem
on my 2005 chevy cobalt 2.2-on the dash the battery light comes on and it says check the chargin system! what is the problem??