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My car starts shaking when i get between 60-68 mph and smooths out at 70. I have not gotten the same diagnose twise out of three shops. Any ideas so that i can approach the mechanic with?

I'm just looking for the the most it could possible cost to fix my AC. I can add freon and it cools for about a day. I use the kind of freon with a dye in it but am unable to locate the leak. Is it possible that the leak is in the compressor and if so, could it be fixed? If shop has to replace the compressor, how much $$$ am I looking at? Thanks in advance!

code p0743; Torque clutch soleniod circuit open or sort; car some times stalls when first start up & cold. Trans seems to be ok, shifts smooth, no slips.


I am in DESPERATE need of some help here. I have been given the run around by at least 10 mechanics (I do not exaggerate.)

I have had nearly every component (Including the engine) replaced in my 99 A6, with exception to the transmission. I took my car to get repaired at a local Audi specialist where they replaced my engine and many other components, adapted the throttle etc. I then took my car to my local Audi dealership where they diagnosed my car for the surging/jolting. Audi first told me it was due to my fuel pressure regulator and would cost $280 to fix, I agreed, they did the repair. I test drove the car right off the lot of Audi and bam! I did a complete stop on an uphill slope, gave the car some gas, the RPMs revved to 3, while the car is still (mind you I still have my foot on the gas) then BOOM the car jolted harshly forward. It is even worse now! It only happens in 1st gear, then as I get going to higher speeds, it is fine, drives perfectly fine. It is 10x worse when I am on an uphill slope at a dead stop then get going. It's almost as if I am throwing the car in neutral, gas real hard then throwing it back in drive. This is not only unsafe as it happens to me when people who like to ride my tail try to speed up and I cannot go anywhere for a few moments then suddenly fly forward, but it's also very aggravating.

Both catalytic converters have been replaced, reason I state this is because one of the 10 mechanics stated this was a probable cause. Audi is now telling me it is the transmission, but that was only glance of their eye, they apparently are not allowed to look inside of a transmission due to liability issues?

There is no check engine light/codes, car was recently fully serviced before a road trip. I recently took the car for a road trip to Las Vegas from Colorado. The funny part is, the car BARELY surged, and when it did, it was not as harsh while in Vegas. Now Colorado is alot higher in elevation than Vegas. Could this be due to lower altitude? 02 sensor issue? I am at a completely dead end here and I am tired of throwing money to mechanics to try and figure this out.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!

The old unprogrammed key works and personal door codes stayed working. Am I correct that the pcm's memory holds those codes ? If the old works with out reprograming then does that mean the pcm was not replaced ?

Engine light went on, rough idle.I was told that my ignition coil pack shorted out the PCM. The car has 57K miles on it. Dealer charged for new PCM but when I asked to see the replaced part it wasn't available. I did not give out my personal door code but the door still opened using the prior code and the same factory code. And an 3rd extra key not present to reset, worked with out having any other programmed key nearby.

I can't find on the website how to type in a service that is not automatically listed. I am looking for an estimate on the timing belt replacement plus all 3 pullies.

I recently have an oil change and the mechanic stated that I had oil leaking from the valve cover gasket. He said that the filter needing replacing soon. How much should this cost me?

looking for estimate on having catalyic converter replaced with new bolts and such fom manifold to the muffler

How much to change out a timing belt? This should include all the pulleys etc.

What is a fair price to pay to replace the water pump on a V8 with A/C

I need to replace front right wheel bearing.

lower ball joints are in need of replacment

Problem occurs every time we drive the car. Did not use to be like this. Has about 74,000 miles.


Water pump, what is a fair price to pay for replacement. V8