is there any other way to change the oil pan gasket without having to remove front axle or pulling engine?

if your car has not been started for several days in the cold weather

If I am replacing the alternator on my truck what is the likely hood that my battery will have to be replaced as well?

The TPM will not reset and tire pressure is right. How can I silence the audio alarm?

my husban has 2006 c70 volvo. he gave his extra keys and now the will not remove from ignition

how do i change my own oil sensor? is it fairly easy

how much would it cost to change the front control arm bushings?

po171 whats wrong

someone told me it might be the fuel line that is frozen? it sound like it's not getting any gas what can i do? it sounds like it is trying to start...

I have connected a trickle charger to the battery on the driver's side of a RAM 2500 Dodge Cummins turbo diesel pickup. It has two twelve volt batteries. Does it matter which battery I hook up to?

theirs a sgqeeking soung in the engine? i changed out the two belts and the tension pulley? but the sqeeking is still their? any solutions

Engine Service light,Brake light and airbag light. How do I replace the sensors or turn them off? Someone please help!!!

climate control system location

my aveo is realy hard to start wheen it is cold. it cranks over good and fast but it dont kick right off. it seems like i have to cycle the key three or four times before it starts firing. thair is no cheak engin lighi and i have installed new spark plugs and air filter any sugestons

my 2000 323i gets hot replaced thermostate,water pump, radiator,hose on top of thermostate gets hot but bottom hose does not nor the radiator.is this an air pocket? blown gasket? i took loose bottom radiator hose when hot and the radiator and bottom hose then did hot. what up?