When I turn a corner it goes completely off everything.
First said I needed tune up ($900.00) with belts, oil change. Then brakes, ($350.00)talked about a cross over now it is doing it again and the power steering isn't working right.
How much does power steering repairsw cost?

how do i change my alternator?

engine not firing 97 lincoln?

Automatic sliding door sensor is not working. How do I locate sensor to diagnose whether dirty or defective. Also, that door was damaged in an accident 5 months ago, could it be related?

The steering on my 2001 540iA is acting up. It is somwhat harder to turn to the right, gradually getting easier as the car warms up. There is also a suspicious "whirring" sound--sort of like it wants more fluid. I'd like to do the KISS process and first check the fluid to see if its low---but I can't find the filler cap or the reservoir. Would appreciate advice on: (a) location of filler cap/reservoir, and (b)if low fluid doesn't cure the problem, what is/are the likely cause(s) of the steering problem?

I have a 04 chevy silverado 2500 and i think the throttle body is dirty ? the truck will have a light come on that says reduced engine power and sometimes it will cut out it only happens once in awhile. is it hard to fix ? Chad

Just had the camshaft synchronizer and sensor replaced $600 parts & labor)due to loud chirping & engine running rough,(after having replaced the serpentine belt and pulley without results.) Chirping was gone & engine sounded great driving home from mechanic! But upon restarting car about an hour later, chirping was back! I've been told chirping can still exist even after replacement. Anyone else have this problem, and if so, what did you do about it?

where are the vacuumhoses located? must replace/leaking

engine is hard at starting it wont start after you had run it for a while you need to let it cool down for 30 minutes. The oil level on the pressure on the gauge doesn't go up but then after a while of cranking the engine the oil level pressure goes up and then the trucks starts. It has a new Oil pump,ICP sensor,IPR valve,and has new fuel and oil filter

my 350 oil light went on and by the time my wife got home there was almost no oil in the car. My mechanic found the problem, dont know what to call the part, but there are two tubing moving oil around, and he found a pin hole in one and when the car was on, oil was flowing out. He said it should not have been made out of rubber and it was. Is there a recall on this, I almost lost my engine.
jim croke

2005 superduty f350 4x4. cust complaint is that while driving vehicle lacks power and shakes access for codes, found po299 turbo underboost po470 ebp sensor malfunctio n po500 vss signal malf. b1352 airbag de-activat ion switch warning lamp circuit malf. u1900 can controller data link malf. and u2023 can network malf..........

How much it will cost to fix it.

At first I was having trouble with the Service Engine light coming on. I began having more an more trouble with filling up the tank. It would want to shut off after putting 1/2 gallon in. I had it checked and was told it showed a problem with the emmissions (EVAP purge control valve). The service light was cleared and then, yesterday the car just quit running while I was driving. The Engine Control Fuse had blown. I found out that the ;urge valve is one of the four things the fuse controls. Is it possible for that to have caused the fuse to blow. I don't want to spend $100+ without verifying that this is my problem. Any ideas?

How do I change the rear water seals of a 1989 Honda accord

For the past three days, I have been going to brake and I've been getting a pump back (as if my ABS were kicking on for a second) but there hasn't been any snow/ice that I've been driving on, so there isn't a reason for it to do so. I finally sucked it up and went to a repair shop who was supposed to check it for free, but I ended up getting charged $100. They basically told me that they ran the codes for the ABS and brakes, they physically removed my tires and checked the brake pads, etc. and couldn't find anything. No codes came up for anything whatsoever. So with that said, they told me that they couldn't do anything about it because nothing was coming up. So I got a lovely charge since the guy said he used a "ten thousand dollar diagnostic tool" on my car and I of course, nervous mode, paid him the money. And of course on my drive back, every time I stopped, the brakes did the SAME exact thing. I'm not sure what is going on and even though I am not a mechanic, I know when something is wrong with my car. If "nothing" was wrong with it, why is it doing this?? I don't want to waste another 100 dollars for someone to tell me the same thing and I even called a few places who either A)wants to check it out but for a fee or B)can't do anything about it. If I could get any advice on where to take this or what to do that would be great! I'm just angry and irritated.