ok once and for all does the 06 tundra have a cabin air filter I am getting two different answers. The part store sold me one for an 06 tundra. I am guessing it doesnt but can u confirm. Thanks

how many oxygen senors does this car have? and how do you replace air filters? does the air filter housing have to be removed from the engine?

ok ty for being here, we desided to replace the front struts ourselves and the sway bar link, k. the tow-in is now fairly bad. The car is driven 120 miles each day (Mon,-Fri.) is there a adjustment we can make that will help the car make it through the next two weeks till a wheel alignment can be done by a shop? We have spent all the money on the parts and have to wait till next check. Thank you for answering ASAP, as new tires are a long ways out in this economy.

It happen at night when i went to the store as i was headed home i turn on my headlights and the car shut down

Ran out of gas,put gas out of a gas container.After that van starts but very slow & weak.I drove it like that,kept having the same problem but it still started.At the end of the day,I tried using the van but this time it quit starting completely.Everything work(radio,lights,battery,has plenty of gas now)so what could be the problem?Plz help me.I'd be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

How to replace a Headlight Switch on a 1998 Jaq XK8!

Is any simple test to know if PCV failure? How long is the
labor hours for PCV fix?

Where are the fuel/air sensors located? The check engine light comes on intermittantly and often stays on.

This was working two months ago when I had my inspection. All Fuses are juiced so not that. There is no power in the connectors to the pump. Thinking it is wiring or relays. wondering how to address and fix. Was told by the dealer it is the pump and that the cold weather can effect it, but not buying that yet. No leaks or anything like that

dont have a code for problem but its some kind of pump for brakes that when the trucks off it keeps running how do i fix or resolve problem thanks mike

I bought this car from my parents in October. The car runs great but has had one consistent problem. The check engine light will not go off. At first it would go off for a few days and then come back on. Now it stays on continually. It does idle rough sometimes. It kinds of bucks. It doesn't happen all the time and not only when the car is cold. I had the codes read and it was giving off a code beginning with P13. It is also not getting that good of gas mileage. I am taking it to the mechanic on Friday for a full diagnostic but I was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem.

where is teh timing belt located

I need to change my rear valve cover gasket. How difficult of job is this? Estimated time? Any special tools required?

My car makes a loud chattering noise after start up, at low speeds, when turning. This occurs on both sides. It occurs more frequesntly when it is cold out.

Whenever the vehicle is running, the theater dimming stays on. Is there anyway to get it to dim (turn off) once the vehicle is in drive? Is this a wiring issue or a user error? Please help.