My car is leaking oil at a rate of one quart per driving week.Oil an filter was changed two months ago.

my car makes a tapping sound when it is in park when I put it in drive the sound goes away what could this be

monday morning after car was parked on friday on slight incline its normal parking spot key would not turn

Does the entire engine need to be removed?

150k miles. Is that too many to think of buying this van?
I plan on driving it at least another 100k. dealer says all scheduled maintaince was done. what do you think?

checking and adding trans fluid where are they located

car stalls only at a constant speed. idles fine, accelerates fine. just cuts out at a steady speed?

seat belt rolls forward but wont roll back to buckle up

I was moving and had put the Jeep on a dolly. I have had the jeep for 15 years and I am use to putting the emergency brake on and in 2nd gear when I turn it off. Well once I drove it up onto the dolly and turned it off that is what I did. I was off drove about 2 miles when I noticed smoke coming from the rear of the uhal. I pulled over and it was coming from the jeep. I immediately thought what the hell. A man stop to assist me and told me that I should have had it in nuetral. Well I put it in nuetral and released the emergency brake and proceeded with the move. A few days later after it stopped raining terribly I went to take a inspect the jeep. Looked under the hood and under and that is when I noticed that there was a few holes in the oil pan. I was busted from the inside out. What could have caused this and what am I looking at in repairs. It won't start and I was told not to try to start it as it has no oil in it. Can you please enlighten me? I have contacted someone from transmission experts in local to me and was told that he would be by within the hour to come get the jeep this was about 6 days ago no show no call. I really can't trust someone that is not reliable. Any advice on any locals also.

i wana no if there is any recalls for this vehicle

happened 4 or 5 times in last month....battery seems to be ok...

I had the engine oil lite come on in cold weather and the engine knocked before I could shut it down. The bottom oil pan had sludge in it but the top looked sludge free. Lexus dealership did a dianostic and said it sounded like a main bearing failure.

Both front windows and now the door locks dont work electrically. What is the most common problem with each?

where is the location of the battery on a 1991 mercedes 500sl convertible

2003 Town Car w/ 60,000 miles. Current set of tires have 12,000 mi on them. The issue is a vibration when the car reaches 35 mph. The harmonic is coming from the rear of the chassis.
With the car up on a lift we noticed that both rear tires have excessive wear/cupping on the INNER (differential) side which indicates too much negative camber on the rear wheels.

Q: Is the camber for the rear wheels adjustable?
Q: If not what is causing the alignment to be "out" all of a sudden? Up to 8 - 10,000 miles ago the tires wore evenly and we had no problems.

Any advice appreciated.