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I am fueling the vehicle and my miles to empty reading fluctuates by many miles in only a few hundred yards of actual driving. Can I reset by disconnecting battery or do I actually need service?

My 2008 expedition will not shift out of park. got it to shift once by using parking brake. once out of park can drive it. shifts without problem once out of drive. brake lights not coming on every time.

My F250 Supercab 4 WD has developed a heavy vibration. It has really gotten bad and now starts at about 40 mph and continues until over 80 mph. It seems to be coming from the left side and the vehicle has started to pull to the left. I had the front wheel balanced with no change. Any thoughts?

If I change front or back seal of sunroof would it stop leak
If I remove the tranducer thats on transmission and put back
in will the the speedometer work?
I'm getting an fluttering nosie from my exhaust,does that mean converter is clogged?

whats the best way to get to the back three spark plugs? i've heard some people say i dont need to remove the air intake to get to them, but I don't see how.

Can I eliminate the ac and put in a new timeing belt

My daughter has a 97 stratus, which until recently has run well. However, right now it will not start, or turn over for that matter. when you put the key in and try to start it, the hazard and instrument panel lights all blink on and off....very puzzling. I got it to start the other day somehow, but it shut itself off within 3 minutes and then nothing again???? Any ideas? Short of maybe a power train control module problem, I have no ideas. Thank you

What should it cost to replace battery

96 mercedes C280.Seen alot of different plug and wire sets but its a mercedes and friend said getting parts for them not from them can be tricky.Do I have to get parts for tune up from them or will good parts from other companies be just as good?

Engine starts only if temperature is above 45 to 50 degrees

I bought a 97 c280.It need another motor.I felt since im getting another motor I should get new plugs/wires.All wire set i see has only 3 wires and its a 6 clc 2.8..Is 3 wires all I need??Its a Mercedes 96.

leak is from pivot point where manual parking brake link attaches to caliper. appears to be rubber boot under a large nut. unable to tighten nut. any solution other than to replace caliper?

What size is headlight bulbs come the sts v 2007. Fog light to?

My check engine light is coming on with a code P0750 Shift solenoidA Malfunction. I have had the light turned off about 4-5 times at a local Advance Auto store. This code has been appearing over a period of about 4 months now. I have been told all kinds of stuff about it and a little leary about who is telling the truth. I have been told that the part cost $85 from one mechanic and $500 from another mechanic. I am on disability and live on a very limited income and can't afford to overpay or pay for dishonest work. The Jeep is shifting fine except when the light comes on and then a couple times when you give it the gas it does not go with full power. The RPM's go up but with little power to the drivetrain. Each time that has happened I used some Lucas transmission fix addative. That has happened twice and once I used a quart of regular fluid. I have not noticed any leaks on the ground since the problem has started. But the fluid was low 3 times and I added a quart each time. So that has been 3 quarts added. The transmission was serviced about 9 months ago with a fluid and filter change. The Jeep presently has 160,000 miles. It has not been driven rough or harshly with most miles being highway. Most recently, when the check engine light came on and the fluid was checked it was full. And the drivetrain was responding with little or no power. It was immediately parked and later checked and the light turned off at another Advance Auto and it was shifting and doing fine. This issue is just about enough to drive you crazy and you do not feel comfortable driving anywhere. I am alway afraid of breaking down and an expensive bill. I really can't afford to just go and buy another auto. I need my transportation for groceries and doctors. Thankyou in advance for any honest advice.

I need a transmission for my 1994 Mazda Protege' LX and i was wondering if there is any difference between a 1994 and a 1995 transmission in the mazda protege LX.