Replaced battery and since then noone of these items work

ok...i have a 03 dodge neon that had been working great. Recently brake light came on wouldnt go off so i put brake fluid. Light went off and they worked cool for about 110 minutes then they went back to the floor and fluid is empty again. Checked front lines and no leak. Noticed brake fluid under the plastic part of master cyl where u put in the fluid and yes i checked to make sure i didnt put it there. The thing is there isnt enough of it to be the cause for it runnin out so fast. Trying to find a diag of fluid flow or something. It will hold fluid while in idle and press the brakes but soon as its in reverse or drive the fluids gone. HEEELLLPPPP lol but seriously! please

how do you change a power steering pump

Had to jump it this morning. It belongs to my daughter and i am puzzled as to0 how to remove the battery from the casing.

Ever since we fixed the spark plug shooting out of the tranny, now when starting the truck it just blows out white smoke from the exhaust, now i read about some and is it due to the antifreeze or is it a possible gasket? Please advice me any information about the white smoke. Thank ytou

i am replacing rear brakes on 09jetta. the problem im having is with getting the piston to reset. iam turning as directed with a special key for this purpose and applying pressure to caliper at same time but the piston will not twist back in. please advise thank you.

Water is backing up on to the floor on the passenger side of the car, and I suspect that the drain in the cabin filter housing may be plugged. I need to locate it and am not sure exactly what to look for and where to find it.

the heater blower won't shut off even when the van is not running. I have to unplug it under the hood so the battery does not run down

my heater stop working what could be the problem

At times I turn key, truck cranks but does not start. I let truck sit for 15-30 minutes then try again and truck starts fines. Truck runs great for a week or so, then same issue occurs. Dealership replaced fuel pump(allegedly) in past stating pressure was low and gas not being pumped. Took truck again recently to same dealership and they told me no problems were found but problem still happening. What could be the problem?

whenever i stop at a light or stop sign the car keep shutting down the start up without any problem.


The check brake light indicator stays on, I have replace bulbs, but light stays on

I also have 4x4 low stuck on with flashing lt. in sw.
Also have traction lt. on
Backing up dosen't help release

tried to start this morning, won't turn over, no relay sounds, instument cluster lites up, fuses check ok, swapped relay no change suspect trans range sensor, can't see where it is located, please any ideas