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car has power @ take=off but engine seems like its miss firing..replaced plugs and wires..whats next ?
if when placing the Refill canister it shows that the air pressure is all the way to the Red...Do I need to let some air out then Try and Refill????
I broke a timing chain at the back part of the engine. Is the any step by step instructions to repair
Hi, Can anyone tell me how to get the dash cluster off so I can change the radio? Thanks
Transmission is slipping. Is this a sealed unit? Where do I add fluid or change the transmission filter? Is this something I can do myself? Thanks, Ron Butler, Ky
ac not blowing cold air. Fan is working and fuses are fine why wont it blow cold air?
the handle for the hood release snapped off. How much to replace?
how due you change the oil
My rigth front windscreen wiper off my 1994 voyager wont move. The motor is working but it seems the bolt is broken. I tried to remove the complete wiper but cant get it off the the motor.
Trying to find the filters location and procedure to replace it on my 2001 VW jetta deisel
My daughter was driving my 1996 Taurus to her work when it did a complete shutdown while she was making a right turn. The whole electrical system and engine shut down. Nothing in the electricl system would work when...
when i should replace the timing bilt?
When i should replace PVC valve & timing belt?
During routine maintenace, I was told the dealership mechanic that my power steering boots were torn or ripped, as well as my cv boots. I am thinking to replace a the whole drive axles, not the boots alone. This shoul...
Where can I locate the blower motor resistor?