How much to replace the whole drivers side headlight assembly?

after failing to start, the car started and now the engine idles over 3000 rpm. the idle comes back down after 15 seconds if you dont touch the accelerator pedal.
in park, and racing the engine, the engine misses (or sputters) at 6000 rpm.

Key broke and lost, so have no key to turn the cylinder. Wish to remove the lock cylinder to have new key made at dealer or locksmith. Do not wish to destroy the lock if possible. I am a mechanic and know that there must be some way to remove the cylinder from the sleeve. Any help is appreciated. Am willing to pay for information. New cylinder is over 100.00 dollars. This is a car being restored. Thanks

There is a TSB about this problem. My head gasket leak is on the passenger side only. Drips on the header and you smell it when the car's not moving. Looking for a shop that has experience with this job.

outside handle does not work went to replace the handle and the holes that mount the handle are worn out the replacement handle has compression nuts so they will not stay tight. I can pick up a door for $75 the door look like I will have to take the dash out to get it off. unless someone has another idea to keep the handle tight

how much fluid does the transmission hold

Ongoing problem. When i drive straight...hands are north and south....if i let go=pulls hard to right

engine runs cold even after a new thermostate is installed

front bumper on my 99 jetta new body style came lose on both sides when I accidentally went over misplaced parking bar. Can I repair this myself ? and if not how much should it cost me ?

My name is Justin Lanton, I have a 2001 Mercedes-Benz C320 and the gas gage is always wrong! Soemtimes I park uphill and the gage shows less fuel then downhill and it shows a little more fuel. Also It sometimes shows I use more gas when I go somewhere NOT far and it shows I used a lot of gas! Then I fill it up and it shows I'm still full but it'll show 3/4 of a tank.

almost like a power faliure all lights and gages batery,,fuel,,temp gages they all flash not all the times just occasionally about once a month it happens a few times then it clears up,thanks

ok i am a mechanic i sprayed the air bags in the rear no leaks tears or dry rot lines are not leaking i tried changing a solenoid to test no help where is the leveling sensor or ride height sensor located ? rear is the only one not up i replaced compressor and relay i am unfamiliar with this system i just need help thanks

average price to replace with labor,thanks

Need to have the water pump, timing belt, thermostat replaced

i beliive its the ignition fuse or fuel fuse but it blows and car wont start offten the radio fuse blows at the same time as soon as they are replaced it starts but then a day or two it happens again