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After starting and key is returned to run position engine for 30 sec,and quits. It seems like there is a circuit in the run position missing.
Yesterday a loose cat lower heat shield was ripped from my van while driving taking the downstream o2 sensor wiring with it. Immediately the Check Engine, Supplemental Restraint System, Traction Control and door ajar...
do the gages have anything to do with the alternator or do I have more issues
the lever still feels the same when i lift it but the gas tank cover won.t open. What can i do to get gas in my car?
When we fill up with gas our engine hesitates when pulling out of the parking lot(runs rough like it is missing or fuel is bad. Sometimes it has even turned off. After driving about a mile it does not give any more ...
I went to get in my car and the clutch went down but won't come up
Cleaned the battery post and replaced the connecters as well as checked the grounds on the batteries. Still just clicks. Also tested the starter it is good
After turning the key dash lights are on but no noise when I try to start the car. Both batteries have been replaced twice. It eventually starts after several attempts but, displays convenience functions are unavailab...