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This car is a civic Ex Coupe 2dr. Thank you, John
I am hearing an air noise under the dash booster. (brake booster )..... Moving the silencer (foam seal) may reduce noise level. Might fix in this way?
need to know type pig tail required for connector?
When it points to Park, its actually in reverse. When pointing to Reverse, its in Neutral. And When it points to Neutral, its in Drive. Basically off by 1 position. Where do I start to trouble shoot it?
Recently replaced the fuel pump and filter. Check engine light has been on for a while. Bought a code reader but it says "no codes"......replaced fuse for the reader port. Still no codes..... Does this mean the...
I was told they needed to be 'fixed' before winter. However, if I can fix the problem sooner and on my own, I'd love too. When I'm driving, I'll be going fifty, and the light will change to yellow, and I'll know insti...
It has the 2.7l engine, when first driving the car no oil light, no noises or anything, but after the car warms up and I come to a stop the oil light flickers then comes on.
Sparkplug wirers
Neither the front driver side or passenger side door handles will work on this 4 door car. It looks like the door handle rod may also be broken. Is it possible to fix the door handle rod? If so - how do I know what pa...
Also have checked wires,all in good condition. Relays replaced. Headlights and brake lights on same switch still operating correctly.
After installing new arm the window will not go up. Do I have to adjust the arm and if so how?