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1490 New Circle Rd, NE, Lexington, KY 40509

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Quantrell Cadillac, Inc
June 06, 2012

Quantrell is known as a high-end dealership. Because of this I put a little too much trust in them when I purchased my car from them last year. I found out after the purchase that the car needed $3000 in repairs. And regrettably, I decided to get these repairs at Quantrell. I was promised my car would be ready in one week. The response the owner leaves to my review has inaccuracies. I was only given a rental after they missed their promised repair deadline. Also, when I was discussing the repair beforehand, I was told, "We'll get right on it" Not that I had to wait for other repairs to be done first. When that week was up with no call from them I called the service department and was told that the mechanic working on my car had been pulled off that onto another project. Basically, I felt like they were saying I wasn't a priority to them. The next day when the car wasn't ready, I was given some story about the mechanic having personal problems. All they did was take the engine out of my car, leaving me stuck with them until they decided to repair it. After two weeks when it was repaired, I had a little difficulty being waited on when I arrived to pick my car up. I had to stand there and wait while employees looked at me but didn't offer help. Do not trust this dealership under any circumstance. I regret the day I ever stepped foot in their business.

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