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8101 Lomas Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87110

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Quality Mazda
December 03, 2010

A new car is one of the most expensive things (besides a house) most of us will ever purchase. Buying one is almost never easy or pleasant; sometimes the whole experience is a nightmare that will sour your driving experience for years to come. My wife and I recently purchased an $18,000 SUV from Quality Mazda (a DiLorenzo company), and every time I unlock the door I am reminded of the poor treatment I received at the hands of Vince DiLorenzo and his cohorts. Why every time I unlock the door? Because the advertisement I responded to listed “remote keyless entry” as one of the features of my vehicle. While my wife and I signed the paperwork in the finance office, our salesman, Phil, left for the day, failing to hand over the key with the keyless entry device. When we went back in to ask the sales director, Chris, for the key, he replied that that was our salesperson’s responsibility and we’d have to ask him. We had that chance the next day, because on the drive back home to Santa Fe we noticed a loud whining noise coming from the transmission and decided to return the car for an inspection first thing in the morning. Phil said there wasn’t any keyless entry device (then why was it advertised?), and the sales manager, Ben, promised to “make it right” for us. Did he? Nope. Not ever. Thanks, Ben! Replacement cost for the device was $380.00; Quality wouldn’t even entertain the notion of providing us with the advertised device, or reimbursing us for its replacement. Oh, and the transmission noise? Quality technicians told us it was just normal engine noise. Not even close.... 2 days later, Beaver Toyota in Santa Fe determined it to be a problem with the differential, and said the transmission would probably need to be replaced. They also pointed out that Quality had sold me the vehicle with new rear tires, and worn down front tires by another manufacturer with a different tread pattern, a combination which on a 4WD vehicle like ours, according to the Toyota manual, can lead to severe transmission damage, and loss of vehicle control resulting in operator injury or death. Thanks, Quality!!! Rather than risk death or further damage to the transmission by driving the vehicle back to Albuquerque for Quality to deal with, I found a tire dealer in Santa Fe that could order me new front tires to match the rear tires. Do you think Quality reimbursed us for the 2 new tires (another $350.00)??? Nope. When you sign the paperwork and they have your money, they are DONE with you, my friend. Period. There are so many car dealerships there on Lomas; I dearly wish we had not pulled into Quality Mazda when we needed a car. No company that has so little regard for their customer’s satisfaction or safety should get your money; you worked hard for it, you should get a car you love from a dealership that wants your business and wants you to feel good about your purchase. In my experience, Quality Mazda is NOT that company. All of my friends and relatives in New Mexico and beyond know that; now you do too! Thanks for reading!

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