Q45 Starting Problems on 1994 Infiniti Q45

My 1994 Q45 wont start when I turn the key! The only sound I hear is the fuel pump... I replaced the starter about 4 months ago and it started fine until the next day and went back to doing the same thing again, nothing but the sound of the fuel pump when turning the key... Every once in a while it starts fine then goes back to not starting... Today I replace the relay switch but that did not solve the problem... Can some one please help?

by in Conyers, GA on April 21, 2011
3 answers
ANSWER by on April 21, 2011
Have a very good automotive electrical diagnostician inspect your ignition switch and the accompanying circuits. here are some shops: https://repairpal.com/directory?address=30013&car_brand_names=Infiniti
ANSWER by on April 21, 2011
Assuming the battery has a good charge, connections are good and the transmission neutral safety switch is good I would take a close look at the electrical portion of the ignition switch.
ANSWER by on April 27, 2011
Check your neutral safety switch first--try starting the engine in neutral and if it starts you may have a bad or miadjusted switch or shifter bushing (causes sloppy postion of the neutral safety switch). second--if you are careful place your foot firmly on the brake and try starting it in gear or between gears and if it starts check the same listed above.
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