PVC Valve replacement for oil leak on 2000 Toyota Echo

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Have an oil leak and mechanic reported dye test indicated rear main seal leak. However, I read it could be the PCV valve that needs replacement. Interestingly, after the leak started, my check engine light came on. (I also read that sometimes the PCV valve and the check engine light go hand in hand.) I had the mass air flow sensor cleaned and the light went off. Immediately after that, the car started leaking more oil. Coincidence? Also, is the valve cover gasket the same as the PVC value?
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If your mechanic did a dye test then more than likely that is where your oil leak is. The PCV valve could need replacement but not because of the oil leak. The increase in the leak is coincidence. It is increasing because the rear main seal is just getting worse. The valve cover gasket is not the same as the PCV valve.