put in new starter car starts let off the key motor dies why on 2002 Toyota Camry

do not know what the problem is why the car won't stay running

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Could a vacuum line inadvertently got knocked off, or an electrical connection got knocked off? Does the motor only happen when the engine is cold (idle air control motors give problems but makes engine stall from cold, idles fine generally when the engine warms up).
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It's very likely that you have some dry-rotted vaccum lines and/or a bad EGR valve. You can take care of the EGR to get you by if you unplug the vaccum line going to it and put a screw in that vaccum line. EGR is a waste of space and should have never been placed on automobiles. Check all of your vaccum lines for cracking and dry-rot. The fumes from unleaded gas dries them out after around 10 years. Good luck.