put in new ac blower fan and new module and fan still does not work. on 2008 Buick Lucerne

fan will run if I bypass module

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Did you get the same style of module that originally was there. There is one for manual a/c and different one for Auto a/c. Double check.
Yes I did.Do you think that the new module that I bought may be bad?
It sure can be; let me check something, be right back. Check the B+ voltage at the red/blk wire on the module, should be 12v, check the black wire for a good ground. The B+ comes from the fuse box under the rear seat, fuse #48, mtr 10amp. Also look and see if the terminals in connector to the module are not burned or discolored. I Will be in and out, Honey do's, will respond as soon as I can. What did you find out?
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Sounds like module but check your control switch before you head back to the parts store though.
First things first!
OK I checked out the ground wire and is ok. Checked out fuse and also ok. Will try tomorrow for a new module before I try the switch on dash. Thanks
Does the connector to the module have discolored terminals at the red/blk or black wire ends. Sometimes I have to replace the connectors as well, because of bad connection to module. I know is a lot to ask just trying to make sure module is bad.
the connectors to the module look OK. Thanks
OK let me know
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