put in a new starter but hesitates then it starts and runs fine on 2003 Honda Element

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my starter went bad, AutoZone had 2 models and they said it was either one would be okay. NOT I used the other model and the motor revved up and down real fast then I turned it off. I tried to start it again and the starter went dead so I took it back and got the right model. The starter was tested and it was good. I tested the stater wires and I got 12 volts out of the starter wire. I put the right model in attached everything correctly. When I went to start it it sounded like it was not getting gas (rough sart) and the starter sounded like a higher pitch then my old one. I tried again and it started up after a couple of ranks of the starter. Once it started it ran fine. PS., I checked before I started the Element I made sure the "Check Egine Light" was not on and it did not come on. Please HELP!!!!!!!!
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Perform this test on the starter, see if you measure any voltage drop on the cables:
Only one problem, the starter is below the intake manifold which I would have to take it off. Is there another way to get to the wires of course a honda repairman said to replace with orginal part, can I at least run it for a couple of days if I have to replace it AGAIN!!!! Thanx a bunch.