Put 5 gal of diesel in by mistake on 2010 Toyota Camry

Just occured 3/19/2011. Tank was on near empty. Added 5 gal diesel by mistake. Very little diesel would drain out using suction pump. Was told to fill remainder up with regular(higher Octane) gas. Drove car a short distance & smoked a bit, but runs smooth & well now. Should tank be drained and other precautions such as cleaning, spark plugs,& filters, replaced by Repair shop or Dealership, anyway? If so, what should be the expected cost?

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You will get smoke from the exhaust because of the oil in the diesel fuel. However the high octane gas and no more mistakes like that you should be fine. You may have the check engine light come on before all the fuel is gone from the tank. Have a local Auto Parts store reset the codes for you it's free. Run the car close to empty again and run 1 more full tank of high octane through it.