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2005 Toyota Highlander Question: purge valve

3 lights came on the dash board. check engine track on VSC I took it to Cental Toy. in Orlando They said I needed a purge valve, they didn't have the part in stock, therefore the cleanout the purge valve & reset the light to the tune of $ 56. Where can I get a purge valve, can I replace it myself & how urgent is it to get this part replaced ? Thanks -
Answer 1
Looks like a dealer only item, I checked everywhere. -
Answer 2
Dealer repairs usually have some kind of warranty attached. If the problem comes back, they will probably order/replace the valve -
Answer 3
The purge control valve is a dealer only item. Check your Emission Warranted some of these items are covered for a long period of time. I forget where the purge valve is on the Highlander I believe it is on the air filter housing. I have seen the hose that is attached to the Purge Solenoid get knocked of during air filter installation on many Toyota's setting a "Check Engine Light". I have also seen these solenoids test fine electrically but fail intermittently or mechanically failling to seal internally. -
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02 corolla-readout says, probable cause-leak in evap system,blocked evap purge line-faulty purge vsv. Something I can do myself ? -
Answer 4
Try parts.com They have both for my 2000 Avalon. -
Answer 5
Parts.com sells them for 40for a 2002 dodge intrepid -
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