purchased a 2012 accord lx-p, salvage tittle fixed, but traction control is on on 2012 Honda Accord

veh has 4900 miles, traction control, check engine and air bag lights are on,,since is salvage I know there is no warranty, what should I do.

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this is very common for salvaged veh. seek a diag and est and have them ck the rest of the car while its there
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If you can get it to a dealer , have them do an 'all systems' scan. Make sure they give you a printout of all codes in each system. PGM-FI , A/T , ABS, SRS, and body electrical AT THE LEAST. Post codes here if you still want assistance. At the least, if airbags were deployed you will need the SRS control unit and of coarse any deployed components that weren't already replaced, and any affected impact sensors. Pass. side seat weight sensor will need calibrating. Do you know the reason for 'salvage? Flood damage or collision?