Pull strap loose on drivers side front door on 2005 Lincoln Town Car

The pull strap on the drivers side front door is loose. How do I get at the screws to tighten them without destroying the plastic caps that cover them?

Asked by for the 2005 Lincoln Town Car
The plastic cover is made to snap off. If you are carefull put a small screw driver behind it to spring it out a bit. Now behind it is another clip that is riveted to the strap that secures the outside cover. Careful not to break it. When puting the screw back in, try some locktight on the threads. This may or may not work. I have had proplems with both side door pulls. Might want to leave the plastic cover off for a while till you think it is holding. Fords answer under warranty is replace the complete door panel. This is what they did for me after a couple of trips in for the same problem. Of course after the warranty ran out the passenger side had the same problem. My experience is don't let it go. I ended up breaking the clip on the back of the strap when it was too loose. Now I have to buy a new strap. If I can find one. Good luck. Mr Glenn