Puddle of antifreeze on floor on drivers side while car sitting not running on 1998 Suzuki Sidekick

Just noticed today

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Sure it's antifreeze?
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have cooling system pressure tested to determine source of leak
Same car 1998 Suzuki Sidekick right headlight only works on high beam even with brand new bulb. Left headlight works and parking lights work on both sides. What might be problem and what can we check?
Check the ground and power at the connector for the bulb.
In the front, by the tire, can you open the hood and see if it is wet.
The puddle is inside the car on the floor on the driver side
Sorry your reply went to spam. If it's inside the car, then it would probably be a heater core leak. That the only anti-freeze that goes to the inside of the car.
Is that a major repair or could it be something minor like a hose or a fitting, or some kind of a temporary fix ?
If it's getting inside it's more then likely the heater core itself is leaking and will probably need to be replaced. The hoses are at the fire wall and do not go inside the car. Will have to pull the dash, if no A/C it calls for 4.9 hrs, with A/C it's over 6 hrs.
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