PTU (power transfer unit) - Fusion Sport AWD on Ford Fusion

Problem Data
Average mileage: 73,681 (21,000–139,081)
Drive Train affected: Automatic Transmission
6 model years affected: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, more2011, 2012
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I was changing my engine oil in my driveway, while waiting for the oil to drain completely, I noticed milky dark gray oily gunk behind or very close to my transmission. My suspicion was correct about the transfer case, or the PTU. I did not smell anything burning but fluid was covering spots under my car. Upon driving it another day or so, I had not noticed any performance issues, noises, smells, but I dropped it off at the dealer, and they give the diagnosis, $2000 to replace the transfer case. This is not under any sort of warranty and I am very upset this would happen at all. Ford should fix this COMMON issue, and recall their defective design.
After a week of high pitched intermittent squealing on acceleration, started to hear a worse sound that I can't even describe. Repair shop said that unit would need to be replaced.
Vibrating noise during acceleration and reversing.
Noticing for a couple of months a burning smell coming into the car, at random times. Sometimes very strong, enough to have to drive with the windows down. Took into dealer and discovered the PTU (the thing off the transmission that powers the AWD) was leaking fluid, possibly dripping on exhaust causing the burning smell. Shop said parts inside were possibly worn or broken and the fluid was very burned. Covered under drive train warranty thank goodness. Surpised that something so major could be wrong with such a young vehicle that is well cared for.
PTU started making a "whispering" noise. Apparently not covered by warranty, so now at 72000 it is getting to where it is leaving oil on the floor and smelling like burning 90W oil....
Had odors of burning oil and a oil leak we could not find source, we were told by the people doing our service probably a minor thing as drivability was good. now at 135,000 miles they say transfer case was dry and unit is burned up. Also the transmission was banging real hard and bucking on attempts to pass and going uphill as well. My wife tells me about this after two weeks of driving like that. they tell me have to do transmission repair, over a valve body in transmission. they want $3500 to do these repairs. Then they hit me with it needs wheel bearings for a complete total of $4200 Transfer unit, transmission, and wheel bearings.
OK so then they call and want another $500 PLUS LABOR for new halfshafts, saying bearings are shot.
I said did you have to take that out to do estimated repairs already authorized, Yes, well then dont double dip me on LABOR, no way. extra for parts yes, no extra labor.
QUESTION; Is the estimated transmission and transfer case repair number of $3500 in the right range?
Ptu went in my 2007 Ford fusion awd with no warning
In July 2015, I experienced a problem with the throttle body on my car when I was enroute the train station to catch Amtrak to New York. The car failed a mile from the train station due the throttle body issue and I The car was serviced and repaired bya dealer.

In January 2016, I began to hear a whining noise when I drove the car in cold weather. I looked up online that there was a TSB issued regarding this problem. I took the car to the dealer d on January 14th. The dealer after checking the TSB, determined that it was not applicable to my car. TSB 11-2-14 build date was only up Aug. 13 2010 and my car was built Aug 31 2010. After diagnosis, the tech concluded that the noise was due to the transfer case. The cost of repair is estimated at $2235.19. I was further advised that repair would be covered under warranty but that my warranty expired January 5th 2016.

Ford denied my claim under its goodwill program although I have good service history with Ford dealers and the car has less than 42000 miles. I have purchased two fords over the four years. My plan with the fusion was to give it to daughter when she goes to college this fall and buy a new hybrid ford. This will not happen. I am going to sell my stock and never buy ford again.
Notice my ptu is leaking from the top of the unit the color is like dirty oil and i notice there is a bolt or plug im not sure what is that thing?
A new power take off unit was installed at a cost of $2000.00. I believe Ford should cover this problem and not the owner.
I also experienced the burning odor and saw oil drips on garage floor and brought into dealership. They replace the gasket or seal on the PTU and this cost nearly $1000 for the seal plus a day of shop labor. When I was leaving I over hear another customer being told they had this issue also, this was after I was assured that this is uncommon issue. Disappointed to have such a major cost when this car had relatively low miles. This was 2 years ago and has been ok since.
I have a 2012 Lincoln MKZ AWD. Same as the Fusion Sport. I brought it to the dealer today. They will replace it next week, under warranty of course.
2011 Ford Fusion Sport w/ AWD; Began to notice "humming" noise during acceleration as well as a "rotten egg" odor (natural gas smell) during stops, but no leakage under car. Noise /smell began to get worse over two (2) week timeframe, especially when cold. Dropped car off at local dealer for diagnosis; need to replace PTU @ $1,295 materials and $700 labor for 7 hours. The PTU should not require replacement on such a well cared-for car with only 99K highway miles.
Burnt metal smell while driving veh. My mechanic put my 2012 Ford Explorer on the lift and noted a leak from the rear seal of the transfer case. Brought it to Ford Dealership who removed and replaced transfer case as it was burnt out. Luckily the truck was covered by the power train warranty and service rep said it was a common occurrence and wouldn't be surprised if the power train warranty was extended. 6 months out and 33,000 miles and the smell is back again. I am beside myself with this problem. Readers take note ...... I am NOT going to purchase another Ford vehicle in the future. I am always doubting that the Explorer will get me back home at the end of the day and will break down on the road. A very disturbing situation to be in.
Ford dealership coudn't even tell us what the problem was! They told us to keep driving the car until it literally quit right? Took it to a local mechanic who said the transfer case was shot, and found chunks of metal in our transfer case. He also said the gears on our transmissions were starting to total it would be about $2500 for the tranfer case and another $5000 for the gears in the transmission. When I contacted Ford saying that it seems to be a common problem in the AWD fusions and asked for a replacement they basically told me it wasn't their problem! So frustrating that a vehicle that has been well maintained and only has 57,000 miles on it needs so much work done! Probably won't be buying a Ford again!
Thought I had an oil leak so I took the car in to the dealer for a look. Dealer told me that my PTU was bad and had to be replaced! Luckily it was under warranty and the repair cost me nothing.

This is not the first problem that I have had with the Fusion Sport. Several months ago my AC unit failed and had to be replaced. I had 36,000 miles on the car and owned it for 37 months. The unit was not covered under warranty and cost me over a $1,000 to replace.

This will probably be the last Ford that I own as I a deeply disappointed in the major repairs I have had to deal with in less than 4 years!
Smelled burning oil and saw a big stinky splotch of oil leaked, took it to mechanic, only one such part available at the cost of $840, could be more if the part sold before I okay end the repair, estimated $300 for labor, provided a total estimate of $1500. Mechanic said I could drive it around town until the part came in as it's already ruined. Mechanic did say no long trips and avoid the freeway. Mechanic also said part not available as a rebuild and has to be a new one. I'm grateful I got more miles than other posters and what looks like a good price at $1500. Ouch.