prop shaft leak...etc... on 2004 Audi Allroad Quattro

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I was told by dealer my '04 with 75k miles has: prop shaft leak ($695); left outer CV boot(??) ($485); right outer and inner CV boot (??) ($695); valve cover and gaskets seal($1395); propshaft seal ($695) Total: $3150...and front airlift replacement at $750 EACH...and front brakes are almost due @ $750. TOTAL $5400.00 HELP!!! What can I have done somewhere besides Audi????
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You can check those prices here and get another opinion from a independent repair shop and you can find one here and ask them what is the most important items to take care of first
Audi dealeships are a rip off, go to a reputable foreign car service shop to have the work done. You can replace the complete drive shaft with CV joint assembly for less the $100 plus 2 hours of labor each side. I just had mine done. Rear Prop shaft seal is about $35 part and 2-3 hours labor, I'm having mine done as we speak. You will find that the dealership is about 1.5 times the cost higher than other shops. Just pick a reputable shop and ask to use only OEM parts, exception would be the drive shafts. Good luck.