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the lights are on all the time. unplug battery

My Toyota´s Land Cruiser (2012) air conditioning stopped working because of a bad installation of the winch rope (and I had never used the winch rope). I had the same problem with my Toyota Land Cruiser 2008 (Toyota fixed it no charge), and at that time I thought it was a random problem, but it wasn't because the same is happening again.
I wanted to know if someone has the same problem.
Visit my video (unfortunately is in spanish.. but I'm t...

The fuel gauge reads nearly empty, with low fuel warning filling the electronic readout when there is 25% of the tank still to go (ie. 15 litres). Also the fuel economy gauge reads high for fuel consumption. At least both readings are consistent, but both are wrong. I see on the Prius there is a fuel gauge recalibration procedure, perhaps the RAV would benefit from that. Its a pain having the readout covered by a premature warning.

the right caliper was stuck,after driving. unable to move car out of park. after changing caliper which was not the problem because it released when you open the bleed valve. I changed front brake pads and rotor because it ruin them on the right side. my sister's car which she also complain about a loud noise on the right side which lasted 3-5 min. I was unable to duplicate by driving 5 miles. I then change the brake hose on the right side. th...

looking for answers. I just purchasaed this car and found that when I try to accelerate quickly the engine seems to bog down. If i let up on the gas or push the pedal lightly it will slowly increase its speed. I notice the problem especially on hills when trying to accelerate up them.

I have a 2015 Toyota Corolla LE+. Recently, the lights on the Drive Monitor Display went off. The area used to be lit even if the headlights were not on so that the drive monitor display was visible when driving into a dark parking garage during the day or night.

What is the problem?

Ac light want come on so it's not getting cool but all other buttons are working

I cant get the bottom bolt off my fuel filter

my radio has been fading in and out since 19000 miles
defective or loose sensor near convertible motor located at rear passenger seat . buy replacement sensor from dealer for $20-$26
TELL YOUR MECHANIC if he can do what is needed get price first .. in miami florida I found my shop would do it for $100 .
which is cheap.
contact me for any info

Transmission cover busted open at top while I was driving down a busy road. Pieces started falling out. I made it to side of road and transmission fluid completed drained and gears seized. Transmission had to be replaced (with rebuilt transmission).

Sequoia 2001 up to 2007: design of the Sequoia rear door hatch is such that water and salt gets into the back door (lift gate), and will rust the metallic rear window rails (which are neither galvanized nor stainless steel). The result is that lift gate window will no longer operate. The solution is to lubricate the rails once a year. (Note that even the Krown Rust Proofing was not able to get to the rails) and it is required to remove the in...

One weak point of the Toyotas is the design of the front Stabilizer Arms. Good quality after market Stabilizer Arms are better than the Toyota OEM and will last longer if you can find one with grease fitting.

2001 up to 2007 modes: have experienced this problem with both of my rear O2 sensors where the nuts holding them in place had come loose and fallen off. Then while trying to accelerate, the extra pressure buildup in the exhaust system resulted in the O2 sensor popping out (about a year apart and not both at the same time) The solution is inexpensive as it will require a gasket and two 10mm nuts, but a hassle. Have the bolts holding the O2 sen...

If you have ever replaced the windshield of any vehicle beware that the job done at even the most reputable auto glass shops is subject to failure as the polyurethane caulking used to seal the replacement windshield to the frame can fail if sufficient amount of sealant is not used or if the glass is not set in time, and this can result in water leakage that will get into the fuse box under the dash. If you ever develop electrical problems in a...