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I feel like my car is completely falling apart. I have had it in the shop 3 times in the last 2 months. Now they tell me one of the motor mounts is going out. This car only has 75k miles on it. Disappointed in Toyota.

water pump bearings were going was replace today under warranty ...scary that a new car had a problem so soon first time ever for me with a new car.

the car turn on and drive good,but when i am going to make stop, the engine want yo turn off tanks.

the right caliper was stuck,after driving. unable to move car out of park. after changing caliper which was not the problem because it released when you open the bleed valve. I changed front brake pads and rotor because it ruin them on the right side. my sister's car which she also complain about a loud noise on the right side which lasted 3-5 min. I was unable to duplicate by driving 5 miles. I then change the brake hose on the right side. th...

the lights are on all the time. unplug battery