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I believe I had this problem reoccurring for the longest time. I had o2 sensors and catalytic converters change but this problem is reoccurring all the time. I had an MAF go bad and had it replaced and this will pop out again. Can someone help me?

The Check Engine Light may illuminate on vehicles with an automatic transmission, with code P0713 stored. This fault code is related to the transaxle fluid temperature sensor. Our technicians tell us a revised transaxle wire harness is available which should correct this concern.

I stopped in my driveway and shifted to reverse to park car but it barely moved and there was a loud grinding sound. Then the car would not move forward or in reverse. Small pieces of rusty steel were found in the path the left front wheel had followed and it was immobile. Dealer said no brake pad was present, after it was towed there, and also said that rotor would need to be replaced due to pitted surface. There were never any warning li...

check engine light came on. had the fault code P0170 fuel trim malfunction cylinder bank #1

I wanted to share something I just found out this weekend when I took my 2009 Toyota Corolla in to the dealership. Problem was that I was hearing a loud humming sound in the cab. I could tell it was coming from the rear of the car. In addition, my airbag light went on. The problem was that my driver side rear axle bearing was out. Cost for the job, approx. $700. The continuously lit airbag light was fixed by installing a clock spring? C...

The protective coating on the fuel tank may not have been properly applied during the manufacture process, resulting in a peeling condition. Toyota will inspect the fuel tank on affected vehicles and replace it as necessary. This limited service campaign expires on April 30, 2014.

I recently got my tires rotated at Costco and after driving about 5 miles the tire inflation light came on. After a several day saga and many trips to Costco I was informed by Toyota that this is a "known issue". The fix is relatively easy to do yourself. You have to hold the reset button under the steering wheel while driving straight forward (in a parking lot or safe location with no traffic) for approximately 30 seconds. If you call Toy...

the light sensor the back door fails and I do not know where this sensor is to change. i write you from Asunción - Paraguay. i hope can you help me with trouble.

I feel like my car is completely falling apart. I have had it in the shop 3 times in the last 2 months. Now they tell me one of the motor mounts is going out. This car only has 75k miles on it. Disappointed in Toyota.

valley cover on intake and pcv valve failure lead to oil in my intake. Replacing both seemed to cure them problem not sure yet.

Engine will not idle after a battery change especially when air conditioner is on. Read this is common problem. The computer that controls the engine idle loses it's memory and no longer remembers how to idle. Fix by driving the car between 5 and 10 miles. This puts the lost data back into the computer ECU and now it idles just like it did prior to the battery problem.

The Compressor was 2,400 to repair. You can't purchase the compressor and dryer separate. It is all one until and very expensive to replace.

I happen to drive through a flooded street, spent around 2 hours in a traffic jam, then the car started displaying battery check signs on the screen. 22minutes later, the lamps went off, radio etc. when i managed to park, i let the engine cool then i restarted it and remove the positive battery terminal, the engine stopped!

I can't take off my rear brake drum off from my 2002 Toyota celica gt

After much investigation of temp sender, fuel injectors, and ignition parts, the problem was traced to the ECU. On replacement, the problem was fixed.