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Various fuel trim and oxygen sensor limit fault codes can be traced to an internal vacuum leak at the oil separator.


Accumulated water in electronic control units can lead to various alarm and remote entry problems.

The power windows not lowering when the Cabriolet top latch and/or door handle is operated or lowering unexpectedly while driving can be caused by a failing Cabriolet top or door handle micro switch. Diagnoses will be required to determine which switch is at fault and will require replacement.

Abnormal noise may be noted when shifting or reverse gear is selected in vehicles with a manual transmission. If this problem is encountered, proper operation of shift cables and clutch should be verified before any other repairs are attempted.

Abnormal noises from the intermediate shaft area may be signs of impending engine failure, don't wait to get this issue checked out!

Symptoms such as dragging or a stiff pedal can be caused by accumulated water entering the brake booster. The root cause is a plenum drainage issue. Updated parts are available for early-production vehicles.

the rear wing is supposed to come out at 75 mph to give more stability at high speeds its not working tried manually operating it and it sticks on something