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Leaking fuel at the fuel module return. Told I have to replace entire fuel pump. $920.00

idles rough and when driving has no power

the security light kept flashing on and now the car won't start

Transmission pulling after just having the fluid and filter changed need help why is it pulling

While driving down the freeway between 60 - 70mph, car just quits, completely dead. No sputtering, no coughing..NO WARNING!
1st time, after less than a minute, it started back up, with no further problems.
2nd time was the following day. Same thing, on the freeway, doing approx 65, but this time I hadn't traveled as far, but the car died and this time it didn't start, right up. The starter is strong and is turning over, yet it doesnt engag...

When i first got my 08 G6 back in 2010 it started messing up the first couple months. I took it in and they took out the automatic start and the unlock/lock key fob. The problems its been having are as follows; Gauges error out while driving down the road, Steering will lock up and the car feels like its shifting gears. Also it does this randomly but it happens most right after i pump gas and it takes 2 times to start the car after pumping. Ev...

Was driving and car died, no engine light or codes to detect. Changed fuel pump and crank shaft positioning sensor

When I drive the ac blows hot air but when I stop it blows cold air