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the car is cranking ,the spark is available bt its not starting

I have had this throttle position fixed 3 or 4 times, those times I had warranty. Now same thing with a price this time of 2800 dollars. This has been very danderous. Last week I almost got killed. My car idled down to 3 mph, cars were coming and a bus nearly slammed into me. I screamed, it just missed me. I have complained to Nissan,but it was just, I am sorry. This is not the first time, this has happened to me. I can't afford a new car...

i had to replace engine w/a rebuilt one and a starter last may. Now less than a month a ago car would not start again, so the mechanic told me i needed another starter. Now the car will not start once again. I also just changed the battery, radiator and belt.

I took my truck into a shop and dealership to have a full maintanence and I told them it was starting to have a hard time shifting between 40-60 mph and sometimes acts like it won't shift then when it will its a hard jerk. They didn't seem worried

las bosnia suena con la alarma de carro
pero con el pito no suenan el relay funciona y el fusible de las bosina esta bueno

My car makes a noise when I press on the gas to accelerate. I wanna say the best way to discribe this noise is a whining noise. It gets louder as I press on the gas more and does it both why driving and when the car is in park.

If You experience a check engine light with Misfire codes, and possibly Catalyst efficiency below threshold and most of all Cam position sensor code on bank 1 or 2 .... Your engine has jumped a tooth on the timing chain more than likely on the crankshaft chain P.S. there is 3 chains in total. Dont chase the codes and spend the money to have it inspected for these codes. Very weird symptoms as far as going into Limp home Mode as well where it s...

New distributor cap new plug wires new plugs fuel pump work Fine new alternator still would turn over but not start turns out it was the fsu fuel supply unit $50 and easy to fix

Liftgate would not operate with FOB or manually lifting the rear door handle. I could tell it wasn't electrical because I could hear the motor turning. I noticed that the lift arm was loose, and assumed it became disconnected from the motor actuator. When I removed the jack, I felt around in the bottom of the cavity and found the small bolt that came loose...lucky. Getting access to it where the 2 pieces connect was a little tricky, I didn'...

when I turn the head lights on the dash lights go out???

During a routine oil change and maintenance, Midway Nissan told me the head gasket was leaking and told me the price would be over $3000. I was aghast to have a major engine repair just outside of warranty. Looking on line, I seemed to be a fairly common problem due to poor quality/faulty gaskets used by Nissan during manufacture. I called Nissan expecting they would surely due something for me to protect their reputation (e.g. major engine r...

I purchased my 1992 Nissan D21 truck in 1999 at 32,000 miles from the original owner. At that time the gas gauge was wandering. Also the anti-lock brake light was on. A few months later the gas gauge stopped working, but the low gas warning light still worked when gas got low in the tank. Then the temperature gauge stopped working. I took this car to several Nissan dealerships and they all said to replace the gas tank sending unit, which I tho...

Truck was in for routine service and service told me I had coolant leaking into transmission. Over $1.000 to repair!

The rear universal joint failed when I was driving.

Car would stall at a stop light or while driving. No engine lights/codes. Originally I took advice from a mechanic and replaced the distributor. This did not fix the problem. Problem got a little worse and eventually I got a MAF code. I wiggled the connector to the MAF sensor while the car was idling and I was able to get the engine to shut off, without engine light/codes. I replaced the MAF sensor and have not had a problem since.