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A problem with the intake manifold gasket causes the engine to misfire or have a rough idle.

The variable camshaft gears fail, which may require replacement.

A coolant leak can develop from the front of the cylinder head that can appear to be a head gasket leak. There is a threaded plug just below the camshaft that may leak if there is corrosion present on the threads. Cleaning any residue, re-installing the plug with pipe thread (Teflon) tape, and torquing the plug to the specification typically repairs the leak.

The variable camshaft gears fail, which may require replacement.
A navigation unit that is failing can intermittently display a disc error on the screen.
The brakes may develop a pulsation or judder felt during light and moderate braking. This may be felt as a pedal pulsation, steering wheel shake, and/or a body vibration. The repair involves resurfacing all four brake rotors using an "On-car" brake lathe (replacing if necessary) and using updated brake pads and components.

The headlight switch needed replacement. Replaced and high beams work normally now.

About 3 months ago the right front control arm broke while I was pulling out of a parking lot and the right front wheel buckled under the truck. Yesterday the left front control arm broke while I was going at 45 mph. The left wheel blew out and the whole left front of the truck buckled. This truck has never carried heavy loads or been off road.

Various navigation system faults may be corrected by updating the navigation software. Proper diagnoses of the navigation system should be performed before the software upgrade is performed.

The rear hatch may not open completely or stay in the open position. Our technicians tell us that revised rear hatch lift springs are available to correct this concern.

Air bag light is flashing on and off constantly.

code 325 piggy backs just about any other code when a failure occurs.
Nissan calls this a ghost code. It is a software glitch that has never been solved. In most cases, repair the primary code and the 325 does not return.
the only way this code is valid is if it is a stand alone code with no other issues.


I own a Nissan Versa 2008 hatchback. After I pull away from the gas pump, the car was losing its acceleration and stall. I was trying to start again but it wouldn't turn over. The car was towed.

I was told that the fuel pump went bad. My basic warranty expired two months ago (December 5, 2010). The fuel pump was recplaced at my expense.

The Owners Manual for the 4x4 Model Nissan Pathfinders eludes to the likeliness that the transmission will fail when using mismatched/mixed tire types, brands or sizes..... This is due to the type of hubs used for this vehicles "on the fly 4x4" option.... which keeps the hubs engaged, but not full-lock position, even when not in 4x4 mode!
Just had a 95 Pathfinder SE 4x4 with 102,967 miles and a freshly busted up planetary gear due to the pre...

Customer came in with an issue of stalling after 15 minutes of driving. Customer brought car into shop. We hooked up a 4 channel scope measuring signal for crankshaft and camshaft sensor. after 15 minutes of idling crankshaft lost signal but cam sensor still has signal. Stalled shortly after. We checked wiring from Crankshaft sensor to computer and found it to be okay. Replaced Crank sensor and problem is fixed. We recommend replacing camshaft...