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I am the original owner and still love this car. Solid ride, no squeaks, and still can tear ass. One night, the Check Engine light and BOTH VSC lights came on. I paniced. I looked in the owner's manual and it said I could continue to drive the car, but to be aware that the VSC was was not enabled. Furthermore, I should take the car to the dealer for (expensive?) diagnosis and repairs. The next day, for some unknown reason, I did a Google...

ok when i bought mine it did not have a problem a lot of people out there with that Honda trans ,i got one but did my research,the unit only takes 3 bottles of fluid so the fluid is prone to heat up ,you have to use fully synthetic whether its hondas DW1 or other, this unit suffers from a bad design ,IE you cant get to the filters and it has a design fault on the valve that supplies fluid to the converter,regardless of people say flushing the ...

first the airbag light keep coming on and going off starting at 25,000 miles was told it was due to having items in front seat. Then Drivers seat airbag sensor went out at 34,000 miles and had to be replaced thankfully under warranty. Then at 78,000 airbag control module went out and also needs to be replaced VW says it will cost nearly 1,000 to replace. This should be a recall but isn't.

i got trapped in the tranny replacement thinking i would never have to worry about it again, hah 2 months after the warranty its back. 3year 100,000 miles warranty and 40,000 miles later the 4000 dollars i had put in the car is all for nil. this motor drivetrain has so many service bulletins it is a another high end GM rip off,that was junk to begin with and Cadillac wont own up to it. Lets see a 70,000 dollar throw away my house was a bit mor...

Alarm siren module does not work and then the sun roof will not work.Need to replace the alarm module,in from of drivers side front wheel.

I happen to drive through a flooded street, spent around 2 hours in a traffic jam, then the car started displaying battery check signs on the screen. 22minutes later, the lamps went off, radio etc. when i managed to park, i let the engine cool then i restarted it and remove the positive battery terminal, the engine stopped!

air condition and windows won't work

3 no starts in 2 weeks. First 2 times said security and made me buy new key. 3rd ubec
, relay and wire harness melted. 3 months later no start not getting fuel. If they would recall ignition switch and security system everyone complain nhtsa site

Sometimes if I put my purse in the passenger seat, it triggers the seat belt alarm. Weight is about 2-3 lbs. The alarm will not turn off even if I move my purse to the floor. Must turn off the car, put purse in floor and then turn it back on. Dealer says that it is caused by my cell phone in my purse and that there is a bulletin out about this problem. The fix is to never put my purse in the passenger seat.

Last year I paid about $700 or $800 cause my car didn't want to start at first the light read security then I wait 10min then it would start and one day the car didn't want to start I took my car in to the dealer and they told me they have to redue the key code. They said after so many miles the code changes. I feel I should get a reburissment for spending so much money on just to reduce the code. Please help me I want my money back.

A/C condenser located at the BOTTOM of radiator 2 feet off the ground. Gee, wonder why it picked up a road stone and went thru condenser? Now my 11 month old Versa has to have $1000.00 of repair to fix an obvious manufacturers design flaw. Not happy.

We bought our 2004 Sienna new, drove it in town and on vacations. The transmission died at 250000 mms or about 155000 miles. It would have cost more to replace the transmission than the value of the car so it had no trade-in value. Toyota's usual reliability and resale value was sorely missing.

Belt tensioner went out. Diangosis from service center: A/C comp bolts broken, damaging both tensioners. Replaced A/C compressor, extracted broken bolts from block, repalced studs and nuts, replaced both tensioners.

Car ran hot. Hood latch failed. Towed in. Had to have hood latch replaced. Then diagnosis included "cylinder head warped, cylinder walls scored, cyl 2 and cyl 3 filled with water rusted/pitted." Replaced motor. After engine install, technician diagnosed "knocking noise coming from pulleys of engine" and cause was "serp belt tensioner/friction gear assy faulty due to mechanical malfunction - excessive bearing clearance causing pulley movement a...

Starter with solenoid replaced at 58312 miles.

My stepdaughter bought a Mini from a car jockey in Minneapolis after I advised her not to. Her mother thought he was a "nice guy" but her English isn't good enough to know that much from his manner of speech. First, the serpentine belt and tensioner failed the first week. That was fixed with bone yard parts and the wrong belt which broke a week later. The transmission failed the third week she owned it. My mechanic is going to have to fix it a...

Car ran hot on a whim. Water leaked out as it was being put in. Water got into the oil as well, which Ford says its because the water pump is inside the engine. Ford determined the water pump locked up. Ford service department is replacing the water pump and recommend flushing coolant system and injectors since it ran hot. The service department started out with a price of $2100 but I was able to negotiate down to $1600.


The Compressor was 2,400 to repair. You can't purchase the compressor and dryer separate. It is all one until and very expensive to replace.

I replaced the blower resistor it lasted only about a week then blowed again .what could be wrong that causes the problem other then the resistor.

Noticed low noise in front of vehicle. Had it looked at by a mechanic, as I was out of town, who said the tie rods needed to be replaced. Took it to Toyota for inspection when I got home. Turned out to be a bad drivers side front wheel bearing. Bearing was R&R'd and car is fine now. Cost was $500.00

My radio went out mid-2009 about the same time that my co-worker's '03 Accord EX's radio went out. Honda's only solution is to buy a replacement unit which costs around $800. I took the car to a local car audio shop that told me it may be the internal amp inside the radio that went bad and would cost me about $250 to repair or I could install an aftermarket radio underneath the existing radio where the cubby is located for about $160 or I coul...

My door jam switch (DS-860) has failed on my car. This past weekend was the fourth such time for the driver's side. It has failed three times on the passenger side. The Honda dealer wanted $350 per replacement. A mechanic has charged up to $200 per replacement. They have told me that the part is jammed (no pun intended) into the panel and is doomed to fail. I've owned my 2001 since 2003, have put just under 100K miles on it. I am tired of rep...

have to replace whole dead axle assembly just for one bushing not a happy camper

According to the service station, my oil cooler is cracked. I have read that there is a problem with the Altima Oil Cooler but not sure if the part is the same for the Rogue or if it's even the same issue. The mechanic said he can get the part and replace it thankfully, before it could damage my transmission.

As described in the title, my Pac (fwd) developed a low pitched noise seemingly related to minor road undulations, noticeable especially after driving the car for a few miles, and more noticeable when the air temp was above 80 degrees F. The driver side rear of the car was measured at the wheel well to be sitting about 3/4" lower than the passenger side. I suspected a shock, but giving it the static "bounce test" did not seem to be overly bad...

The Sunroof would not properly close and open. After the second try it would just open in vent position and would not close.
Depress the close button until slowly the sunroof closes and then it is a trip to the dealership to get it repaired. Beware that this problem took Nissan 2 months to repair and you are without a truck. The solution was a whole new liner from Japan to fix the issue. The fix does not repair it 100% as Nissan...

Hybrid traction battery has one or more weak cell that drop out prematurely. The hybrid system detects the large voltage change and forces a rapid pack recharge. The rapid recharge only helps the weak cell(s) for about a half day and then the cell collapse and rapid recharge process repeats. Again, again, and again. The use of rapid recharging (recal) greatly decreases fuel economy.

The fix, which Honda will NOT do until the battery cell ...

We had seen problems on these engines when the main timing chain tensioner begins to fail. The engine will make a terrible rattle noise and then gets quiet. If problem is not address promptly, timing chain will skip over the cam gears causing great damage to engine. GM had extended the warranty on these engines up to 100,000 miles, call dealer for more details. Also if engine is over 80,000 miles is a great idea to replace the water pump, it w...

my 2000 Buick century custom has the service engine soon light on low tire and low coolant light on constantly and my car stalls out and has a hard time switching gears. i have no clue what is going on and the window work when they want to and i just recently had to replace a fuel pump cause gas leaked out from the top. what are my problems and how do i fix them.