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It began when I had a new key and FOB programmed, my truck began having issues when starting all the power would work everything was fine except nothing would happen with the engine it wouldn't start. It began happening more and more frequent irregardless of temperature of engine or time of day during usage. I cleaned spark plugs and posts even changed out the fuse box. The dealership was stumped as well, I noticed a lock and car light symbol...

I bought you brand new from a dealership. I knew it was a doomed relationship when at 10k, your passenger side seat heater and blower motor went out. Okay, under warranty. In hindsight, I should've unloaded the garbage heap then and there. At 51k, the same thing happened on the driver's side. Juuuust out of warranty. The cost of fix it was a COMPLETE replacement of the driver's side seat at Lincoln parts pricing. That was the very beginn...

New distributor cap new plug wires new plugs fuel pump work Fine new alternator still would turn over but not start turns out it was the fsu fuel supply unit $50 and easy to fix

The car horn keeps going off. Took it Honda Repair Shop. They thought they fixed the issue, but didn't. Took it back... They said couldn't find anything. Tonight at 11:15 pm it went off. Then again at 12:30am. It's waking up the neighborhood. We'd all appreciate the solution. I'm taking the car back in the morning. If anyone has knowledge of the solution, please let me know.

Transmission cover busted open at top while I was driving down a busy road. Pieces started falling out. I made it to side of road and transmission fluid completed drained and gears seized. Transmission had to be replaced (with rebuilt transmission).

installed fuel pump and fuel filter vette had been idle for 10 years in garage

Liftgate would not operate with FOB or manually lifting the rear door handle. I could tell it wasn't electrical because I could hear the motor turning. I noticed that the lift arm was loose, and assumed it became disconnected from the motor actuator. When I removed the jack, I felt around in the bottom of the cavity and found the small bolt that came loose...lucky. Getting access to it where the 2 pieces connect was a little tricky, I didn'...

Sequoia 2001 up to 2007: design of the Sequoia rear door hatch is such that water and salt gets into the back door (lift gate), and will rust the metallic rear window rails (which are neither galvanized nor stainless steel). The result is that lift gate window will no longer operate. The solution is to lubricate the rails once a year. (Note that even the Krown Rust Proofing was not able to get to the rails) and it is required to remove the in...

One weak point of the Toyotas is the design of the front Stabilizer Arms. Good quality after market Stabilizer Arms are better than the Toyota OEM and will last longer if you can find one with grease fitting.

All 3 motor mounts are broken and repair is expected to be around $800.

2001 up to 2007 modes: have experienced this problem with both of my rear O2 sensors where the nuts holding them in place had come loose and fallen off. Then while trying to accelerate, the extra pressure buildup in the exhaust system resulted in the O2 sensor popping out (about a year apart and not both at the same time) The solution is inexpensive as it will require a gasket and two 10mm nuts, but a hassle. Have the bolts holding the O2 sen...

If you have ever replaced the windshield of any vehicle beware that the job done at even the most reputable auto glass shops is subject to failure as the polyurethane caulking used to seal the replacement windshield to the frame can fail if sufficient amount of sealant is not used or if the glass is not set in time, and this can result in water leakage that will get into the fuse box under the dash. If you ever develop electrical problems in a...

The 2001 (up to 2004, and may be even up to 2007?) Sequoia charcoal canister solenoid that is located above the spare tire will seize resulting in check engine light pointing to the EVAP. Solution is to replace the charcoal canister. Part is about $250 and labout is about 45 minutes.

2005 dodge ram 1500 when i move lever turn signal for left side the right side will come on and sometimes wipers too,replaced turn signal switch asembly and fix the problem

automatic transmission made noise like a clutch slipping and a whining noise started in tranny took to dealer had tranny checked out and was told a seal inside of tranny failed it had oil bypassing a set of clutchs which had burned up dealer had tranny rebuild shifting fine so far but still has whining noise have 32000 miles now planning to take it back again concern about whining sound I believe it to be planetary gears making sound this new ...

I run into this problem 1 day prior to delivery on a 2006-08 Tahoe 5.3 L, 6.0L I had no engine noise,that I can here after the low oil pressure went to zero and the warning alarm was going off. 10 min after operation. I noticed that cold start was only 25 PSI and got lower. to make a long story short. Techs. vehicles with active fuel management underneath the intake manifold.. hold the oil pressure switch. inside the port is a screen in the tu...

I have a 1995 Lexus Ls400 and the passenger side rear end air suspension is not working I was looking on ebay for the parts but I do not know if I should buy a conversion kit and replace all four and will that be all I need to fix it or will it be cheaper just to get a new air suspension and will I have to replace all four as well

Today, 2/9/2015, my engine and ignition just shut down - completely stop while I was driving. This is dangerous and very scary. It is a computer and other problem which is Chrysler's fault and no fault of mine -- even though Chrysler does not make these PT Cruisers any more, it should be a recall. Chrysler owes me to fix this car for free or give me another one that is almost free since I should not be needing a car.

Right after I purchased my truck "new" I started having difficulty shifting at times. My wife refused to drive it "which was ok".
I took it to two dealers in the area and both said it was an issue with that model and there was no fix.
I recently lost all shifting ability fifty miles from home. after I finally got home my brother said he knew what was wrong " he is NOT a mechanic" but he crawled under then said yep and called me under. The ...

I just purchased a 2004 Buick Le Sabre,it has 151,000 miles on it and it starts and cranks fine, but when put it in drive, it doesn't move, sometimes i can cut off and restart it and it'll take off but when i come to a complete stop it doesn't accelerate anymore. What should i do to fix this asap

Chance all 4 tyre. Its Cant find out if 2 tyre is more dovn then the otters this shud work. It works on my and otters i heer about

The ignition switch may fail causing a no start condition. This is not generally a theft system (passlock) issue because the security light does not illuminate or flash.

I was told that I needed back brakes so I had them fixed. Now there's that rubbing noise I hear and it is loud I didn't hear that at first, so now am being told that it's is hub bearing, so had that check,and that wasn't the problem, and problem still there an was told its going to get louder..Then he told me thst it's bearing in the transmission. I do know what that is and I never heard of that before..

My rear wiper only works in reverse! One of the back lights are completely out even though we changed bulbs radio works only when truck is open and back lock doesn't work at all. I had a mechanic run the codes and he couldn't even connect to see what codes were pulling!

Depending on driving habits, brake pad and rotor wear can be excessive. Our technicians recommend regular brake inspection to avoid having the pads wear out and damage the rotors. 

If you are having an issue where the rear window wiper is not fully contacting the rear window, replacement of the rear wiper blade and wiper arm may be necessary. 

The rear window wiper may not fully contact the rear window. To fix, replacement of both the wiper blade and wiper arm is necessary. 

Leaking fuel at the fuel module return. Told I have to replace entire fuel pump. $920.00

Our technicians recommend having the constant velocity (CV) boots and CV joints inspected at each service. Servicing torn CV boots early can prevent the need to replace the CV half shaft or CV joint.

The constant velocity (CV) boots and CV joints should be inspected at each service. Servicing the torn CV boots early can prevent the need to replace the CV half shaft or CV joint.