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started to get a clicking from underhood whenever it rains, originally started within one year of purchase but then didn't re-occur for 3-4 years. The car doesn't have to be running or in the "on" position. Took it to dealer several time and they could not duplicate issue. Turns out that the drain tubes from the sunroof get clogged and the excess water leaks into cabin and soaks a control module. Had to remove pillar covers on interior to remo...

This is the best video, by far, that shows and explains how to fix all the wipers problems everyone is talking about. I posted a month ago about doing this and my wipers continue to work like new again. The only thing I would add is that when you put the new control panel in, it fits SNUGLY into a slot. It slides into the slot up near where the plug is and if it is not right, it will not go in. Once lined up, I had to tap it with a rubber ...

After replacing several parts and tracing wires to see if they give a -5 reading. Chevrolet has a known issue with a wire shorting out on the front drive shaft.
Check at the transfer case where the front drive shaft meets and you will see a wire loom very close to touching the front driveshaft. This wire is shorting out on the driveshaft.
To fix: Pull the wire loom back to expose the wires and wrap them individually with electrical tape. U...

I purchased my 1992 Nissan D21 truck in 1999 at 32,000 miles from the original owner. At that time the gas gauge was wandering. Also the anti-lock brake light was on. A few months later the gas gauge stopped working, but the low gas warning light still worked when gas got low in the tank. Then the temperature gauge stopped working. I took this car to several Nissan dealerships and they all said to replace the gas tank sending unit, which I tho...

My turn signal began to operate too fast this usually indicated a bulb being burned out, this began around 90,000 miles. I checked the bulbs and they were fine. Around 97,000 my dashboard trouble indicator lite up, showing I had a problem with my driver side back taillight. A mechanic told me that my bulb assembly was going bad and this was a common problems on BMWs. I eventually had to buy a new one for around $90 from BMW and replaced it mys...

My key is worn a little and had been working until today. Now without warning I can't turn my key in the ignition-not to 'on' or not even to 'accessory'. This happened the first time a year ago and I rectified the situation by getting a new key made. But now, again, my new key is so worn that I am being told a copy cannot be made from this worn out key. I will probably have to have a new ignition installed. : (
It makes me wonder wh...

The problem Im having with my 2007 Sonata is the paint is peeling off like nail polish. And rusting on the hood near the wiper blades. Squiking front end during cold weather.

When I turn on the ac it blows hot when i turn on the heat it blows cold

Pressing hard on the accelerator pedal and engaging the Kick Down Sensor puts the car into Limp Home Mode. Problem goes away once the car is restarted but quickly returns when punching the accelerator and engaging the Kick Down Mode. Replaced the 'Throttle Position Sensor' and the problem was fixed. I can now punch the car and it goes. Easy to replace, only tools needed is a 10mm socket for four bolts. Take a photo before disassembly to ensu...

I had this issue around 62000 miles. The transmission of the car fails to shift intermittently and the only way to get it shifting properly again is to park the car and restart the engine. The reason for this failure is because of certain transmission parts failing to get lubricated properly or are dirty. This also suggests that the transmission filter is getting clogged up. While Mercedes said these were "sealed for life" transmissions, they ...

I can't take off my rear brake drum off from my 2002 Toyota celica gt

The relay motor for the driver-side front door failed, making remote entry inoperable. Repair is costly: ~$40 part + $200 labor). Service writer at dealership says this is a common problem. Most opt to just live without remote entry (i.e., use a key).

Sudden catastrophic engine failure at 42,000 miles. Vehicle was towed in. Broken valve spring led to bent valve and $ 3,000.00 repair. Not covered under warranty, of course, due to age of vehicle. I expect more from GM's top-of-the-line. I won't buy another.

Noted condensation buildup within headlight housing, low beam lamp fails, damage to ballast evident;
Air/moisture leaks into headlight housing result in condensation falling to the bottom of the housing. Ballasts are for the low beam lamps only and are mounted on the exterior, bottom of the housing with the electrical conductors protruding up and into the housing. When enough moisture has accumulated it will short the ballast conductors toget...

One day after driving noticed green fluid leaking from the bottom of the truck. Talked with a few folks and found out it could be a very common problem with the transfer case. So I drove it around the block, and climbed underneath afterwards. Sure enough the fluid was comming from the side of the rear casing on the transfer case. Had to pull out the entire transfer case and take it in for a rebuild (I removed it myself, but the shop would've r...

When attempting to start the engine, it turns over normally but will not start. The engine does not even attempt to start.

Found the problem, a mouse had chewed through a wire located near the ECU. The ECU is located on the fender by the right side hood hinge. Spliced the wire and wallah it starts and runs normally!!!!

Truck was in for routine service and service told me I had coolant leaking into transmission. Over $1.000 to repair!

The rear universal joint failed when I was driving.

You have to reset the system manually by removing the back seat cover - there is a special allen key there to reset the system - a mechanic can do it for you in 10 minutes

the vehicle shuts off when driving ,sometimes starts right back up, sometimes you have to sit 5 to 15 minutes before it will start, it cranks but will not always start up in till it sits, I can not find any bad grounds or any bad wires.

but it will start but the motor is making some noise. will it be safe to put the oil back in it and a new filter and fire it up

Car would stall at a stop light or while driving. No engine lights/codes. Originally I took advice from a mechanic and replaced the distributor. This did not fix the problem. Problem got a little worse and eventually I got a MAF code. I wiggled the connector to the MAF sensor while the car was idling and I was able to get the engine to shut off, without engine light/codes. I replaced the MAF sensor and have not had a problem since.

The car seems to go out of alignment on all four wheels frequently. I've purchased an unlimited alignment plan from a local auto service provider and I get it done every month or so. It's always out, sometimes significantly.

I had the rear adjusters replaced since they had rusted to the point that they couldn't be turned anymore.

down shifts hard

Oil leak was found thought it was the timing chain housing but with further investigation mechanic thought the head gasket was the leak after the heads were pulled, a crack was found. Machine shop said it probably came the factory that way. I bought my Suskui brand new in 2003 know for a fact is has never over heated.

I have a 1996 Mercedes-Benz c220, and the oil light has came on ,but the oil level is correcet .I have checked for leaks and codes for that pay problem and there are none.

My car had a slow oil leak for about 6/mo, didnt pay it much attention cause it wasnt bad, but last week the flood gates open, oil leak went from a few drips to almost a steady stream from the lower driver side of the engine, thought that it was the intake manifold gaskets but turned out to be the rear main seal...this repair is very expensive if you take your car to a dealership or a shop, luckily im a engineer an i had a shop at my disposal ...

When I shift into sport mode and get on the throttle and then down shift into any lower gear it does not want to idle down. It stays around 3,000 rpm's which means I have to do some harder braking. I'm still looking for a solution.
The dealer tells me everything on the computer reads fine with no problems detected.

on u-tube a couple guys show a much cheaper 14 dollars fix for this not easy but can be done im tj and have blogged on this before,the car may run ok but gas mileage and will not pass emissions where applicable have had this problem multiple times it is listed under engine and drive train also

I am the original owner and still love this car. Solid ride, no squeaks, and still can tear ass. One night, the Check Engine light and BOTH VSC lights came on. I paniced. I looked in the owner's manual and it said I could continue to drive the car, but to be aware that the VSC was was not enabled. Furthermore, I should take the car to the dealer for (expensive?) diagnosis and repairs. The next day, for some unknown reason, I did a Google...