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I cant get the bottom bolt off my fuel filter

I was driving my car yesterday when all of a sudden car came to a halt drive some more and halt

Still not fixed. ..and individual mechanic doesn't know. ..

Hi, I'm seeing abs, traction control, parking brake lights with ER 55 above the mileage shown on my dashboard. I would like to know what the issue is and how to fix it. Is it common issue on the Subaru? I've diagnosed in the agent they told me it's the abs motor but they don't the part. Where can I buy this part? Appreciate your help and feedback.

just bought a use 2007 jeep Cherokee srt8 and after 4 days and returning home from work in the morning I notice the gage cluster lid up like a Christmas tree it flicks on and off my understanding this is a recall?? any info on this will be highly appreciated

las bosnia suena con la alarma de carro
pero con el pito no suenan el relay funciona y el fusible de las bosina esta bueno

I turned my car off and when I came back to leave the car has lost total power. Nothing works. No horn, interior lights, head lights, door signals and will not crank. Please help

idles rough and when driving has no power

I'll get to the point- in the winter especially is when your struts of the air suspension will go out. You will notice your car sitting lower on a corner, the front or back, or all around. This means your struts are going bad and need replaced, NOT that your pump needs to be replaced (dealer convinced me the first time it was the fix). This is one of the only things I do not take my car to have a dealer replace. I was a skeptic at first, but I...

idle keeps going up and down

I bought this car used with a factory warranty on it about 5 years ago. The GPS DVD player kept asking for the disk to be inserted when it was. BMW did a software check, download then finally replaced it all under the warranty!! Guess what, it's doing it AGAIN!!! I have a GREAT BMW mechanic but he doesn't do electronics and I just know the dealership is going to charge an arm, leg and first born grandchild. I'm in the Sacramento, CA area,...

backfire. ford roadside towed it to Sames Bastrop Tx and it has been in shop for two weeks. The right side cam replaced and the car is still not running. I am told problem is rare and it is being repaired. I was provided with rental and Sames has been fantastic to me. Problem came on quickly and the emissions light came on. I checked the owner's manual and it suggest I may have water in gas. I contacted the gas station I deal with a...

customer found oil in the cooling system i suspect the radiator as the transcooler is inside the radiator but not sure.

My starter has went about the 3 times in the past year i replace it and it does ok for a couple months then goes back to the spurting a few times before starting and it's happening there something else causing this? I've got a new battery and alternator had been teSted and is fine.

the van will not spark replaced the igniton coil plus the rotor and cap it has new plugs and wires

When I pull up the latch to tilt the seat forward it doesn't engage/release. I haven't fixed it.

My car makes a noise when I press on the gas to accelerate. I wanna say the best way to discribe this noise is a whining noise. It gets louder as I press on the gas more and does it both why driving and when the car is in park.

2009 chevy Malibu suddenly disabled unable to shift into reverse towed to dealer broken wave plate transmission had to be rebuilt....

My F350 finally stopped. dead. at 38,000 miles. This is a truck I bought new from the showroom, and service faithfully. It is also a work truck, which rarely sees pavement or a smooth highway. It does what the ads say a work truck should do: haul trailers, carry loads, pull Nissans out of floods, etc. The EGR valve failed, and the DPF was totally clogged by 38,000 miles. Despite what it says on this web site, Ford does NOT have any software, ...

Went to a local shop and paid $700 for the repair

My '08 Jeep Patriot eats lower ball joints. The right front was replaced at 36k miles. Left one went out at 43k miles. We called Chrysler to file a complaint and they paid to have it replaced at the dealership . We are now replacing the one the left front once again for third time! I heard the '07s were recalled for these and auto parts store said they can't keep them on the shelves.

I have an ml320 2003 with 163000 on it. I turn on the car and 10 min down the road it stall. I have change the 02 sensors already, I got and p0154 error code, that was fix. Now the car still stalls on me and I have brought it to this machainc that only works on mercedes and he told me he never seen this problem. After week that the car was with him I call and ask did he figure it out. He told me that he thinks it's part of the DAS system which...

rough idle that went on for 2 months then no start condition done compression test 3 and 4 zero psi gasket blown between cylinders replace head gasket cost 90 dollars for do it your selfers

Car has a defective part which Lexus will not admit too, a defective axle assembly.

Power steering went out. Replaced pump,and pressure hose,still leaked, and wouldn't steer properly. There is a small filter in it that clogs and needs to be cleaned. It was the problem all along after $1200 in repairs. Will never own another Kia. Service sucks and more expensive than you can imagine to "try" and repair.

I have 3 windows that will not go up or down although the drivers side works fine