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Warning!!! Do NOT purchase a FORD FUSION!! This car has been nothing but a problem!! The A/C has stopped working, replaced the sensor at the dealership. 6 months later same thing. The door handle on the inside broke thanks to it being made of PLASTIC. I have had it at the dealership due to the trunk slamming on my head numerous times.. And now this piece of crap sounds like a wagon when I am doing anything under 20 mph. The grinding noise when...

MY 500 slips gears a lot like especially when it has been going for a while and when it is hotter.

im hearing a whinning noise from somewhere in my engine bay towards the left if you are looking straight at the engine. I have no idea what it is and its not causing my car to act any differently but it worries me. I drive a 6 speed manual and the noise seems to be loudest when accelerating in 1st and 2nd gear. Once I get any higher then that the noise calms down a lot.

Standard transmission
Clutch Locked after switching gears.
Depressed the clutch and gear shift will not move

brake pedal is hard, vehicle won't stop. Has not been repaired. need info on how to remove and re install brake booster.

CD player will not load, play or eject disks. I'm here looking for a solution.

The car will start fine but then out of nowhere it will die. It mostly happened durning the winter since it's so cold outside but lately its been doing it again. Today I was going on a trip and it died repeatedly throughout the trip. I do not know the solution yet.

have changed the timing belt. new sparkplugs and PCM still will not fore on the left side

The car runs great and feels smooth but every few days went I started it releases a white smoke for a few seconds ! It did it today while I was driving it on a stop light, what could be the problem? I don't see any leaks

Can't seem to fix them. All kind of excuses.

loss of power after engine warms up, bubbless in the oil when I check it and it's running, smoking from left side but might be from to much oil not sure

oil like fluid in back driver side floorboard

Began with ntermittent stalling at lights and restarted then stalled an no starts till hours later. Will start and check engine light on states camshaft position sensor but with all the Mclass issues may be same part /different model. Not sure, Want to know if other owners hav same problem and attys are willing to start new class action to get this taken care them with info. Don't want to wait till its a major issue. Car only has 50K m...

There is a vacuum between the transmission and the engine, if i do accelerate and change gear, when i clutch down, i get a shocking sound, that vibrates the engine , meaning the transmission is not smooth. Second problem is the steering is so unstable at speed of 100KM/PH, the steering is super light that can put the car off course. I'm a European consumer, and i live in Belgium. Please let me know if there is any possible solutions to these ...

Ac light want come on so it's not getting cool but all other buttons are working

I have a GMC Suburban 1500 i changed the starter,o2 sensor's, flu filter, and a new battery when i changed the starter and i start it trun over but not start and then it fire back from the carbuetor and then when i try to start it again the whole dashboard light turn off and it will not trun over no more.

My vehicle door locks keep on opening and closing at random when driving on the road and at times when parked with ignition off. I have tried all means to fix it, but It still not solved . Need an advise to solve this problem on my vehicle. Thanks

The two codes for the vanos system inlet and outlet.. They was replaced and it is still cutting off..

They jus put an alarm system on my 2008 infiniti g35x and when i tried to take off the shitfer wont move its stuck on park and wont move at all. Only way to move it is if i take out the pannel and press the button but once i put it back on park it get stuck all over again. Never had this problem before how can i fix it

I think there's a problem with the wiring because the fan to the a/c only tiendas on when I remove certain fuses and the air compressor never kicks in.

I keep having to replace my front wheel bearings, both sides. I'm luck if I get 6-8 mos, new or used do not matter.

Well because I can't get out from under the warranty, meaning I can't get the part to last as long as its supposed to, I'm basically guaranteed lifetime of the vehicle, replacement bearings and the dealership hates me cuz of it...

I have 2 other friends same make n model...same problem. Why isn't this recalled yet?


Sorry I don't have a solution, just some idea about what could be going on. The is a loud whining noise when you accelerate. I have been told it could be the alternator, but no problems with start or battery dimness. Or that it could be the power steering but turning has no effect on the noise. I'm stumped and worried it will be a high cost job.

tow/haul light stays on when i put bit in drive and when i go through the gears it will go out

I cant get the bottom bolt off my fuel filter

I was driving my car yesterday when all of a sudden car came to a halt drive some more and halt

Still not fixed. ..and individual mechanic doesn't know. ..

Hi, I'm seeing abs, traction control, parking brake lights with ER 55 above the mileage shown on my dashboard. I would like to know what the issue is and how to fix it. Is it common issue on the Subaru? I've diagnosed in the agent they told me it's the abs motor but they don't the part. Where can I buy this part? Appreciate your help and feedback.