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My 2007 MB CLS 550 Fan start running once car is started also continue to run when car is turned off

i had to replace engine w/a rebuilt one and a starter last may. Now less than a month a ago car would not start again, so the mechanic told me i needed another starter. Now the car will not start once again. I also just changed the battery, radiator and belt.

While the car in park my mph jumps up and down while I'm in park and car stalls at 35mph

Have to close the trunk 2 or 3 times,randomly rpm's will race,windows don't open and close,every knob to adjust seat is broken,clock times speed up,gas cap light flashes,always says oil change,radio replaced within a month,tire pressure senses broken (all 4) wipers and signals often stop working,solution unknown :(

all of a sudden I smelled something burning and now I have no rear tail lights. the brake ,reverse and signals are fine but no driving lights. Help Please

i was driving and came to a light and it just shut off and now all it does is act like its going t start but slowly dies down ive replaced the spark plugs and its getting fuel the battery is good im at a loss plz help me

the right caliper was stuck,after driving. unable to move car out of park. after changing caliper which was not the problem because it released when you open the bleed valve. I changed front brake pads and rotor because it ruin them on the right side. my sister's car which she also complain about a loud noise on the right side which lasted 3-5 min. I was unable to duplicate by driving 5 miles. I then change the brake hose on the right side. th...

Passenger seatbelt light comes on & dings when no passenger is in the seat

The transmission won't go into overdrive. Not sure what to do

occasionally and not as often stalls while stopped i can turn it to off position and turn on and drives fine but is happening more frequently

My check engine light is on and it's reading a code of p0229. On top of that I have an oil leak but I have no visual signs of the oil leaking. So I have no ideal where it's leaking. I know for sure it's leaking because I changed my oil in April it's now may and there was no oil in car. Any one have any advice. Thanks.

my dash Crack my gages mess up n the steering bad

I replaced the starter onmy truck 99 dodge ram 1500 , 8 cylinders, it starts but wont stay started when i take my foot off the pedal it dies, charged battery, new gas as it sat 2 months. please help . i was told it could be fuel pump filter? Idol control valve, or fuel pump itself i need help oh and ck fuses in which i havent done yet

I have a problem in my honda es 01 car 2000 year , its door central looking system and the doom light not working , and the RPM do's down at a time , is it a problem with the main control box ? help me out

abs light and cruise control not working. Brakes will fringe when having to stop hard. don't want to buy brand new part and replacement cost. Is there any way around this?

after start my car when I am putting on gear it is giving me push and in drive I am getting too much sound from car, it looks car is taking too much power to drive

Don't ever buy a Ford. Once a problem to fix remains a problem all the time. One problem after the next. Every year I spent 2000-3000 dollars fixing a stupid Ford. Advise: please don't ever buy a ford

Solution: Ford Motor company has a recall on this part. Had mine repaired yesterday, May 8, 2015.
Matthews Currie Ford, Venice, Fl. No charge to me. Check with your dealership for the recall information...
Good Luck..

looking for answers. I just purchasaed this car and found that when I try to accelerate quickly the engine seems to bog down. If i let up on the gas or push the pedal lightly it will slowly increase its speed. I notice the problem especially on hills when trying to accelerate up them.

My truck is dying from the inside first the air will only work on 5, the radio will come on but no sound, the temp thing on mirror is out, and now the front blinkers are not working. I have no fix, need help please!

I got an engine from a suburban I was told it's the same engine may have to change oil pan an trams I need to know if I take the old one from my Tahoe will it work need advise

the engine won't start and shows on the dust board computer Trans Fail Safe

When truck warms up be driving along and it just dies I can restart it but will die again

the security light kept flashing on and now the car won't start

Mercedes-Benz S500 Problem Reports Movement/Vibration while car is running in park at 3000 rpm

the headlight on the drivers side continues to go out. I have had 6/7 sets of headlights, wiring replaced, and some more stuff. I have gotten stopped by police on several occasions due to this problem. I don't know what else to do. somebody please help!!!!

I have a 2015 Toyota Corolla LE+. Recently, the lights on the Drive Monitor Display went off. The area used to be lit even if the headlights were not on so that the drive monitor display was visible when driving into a dark parking garage during the day or night.

What is the problem?

When I truck normally my truck makes loud clunking noises but silent when driving straight any ideas?

I took my truck into a shop and dealership to have a full maintanence and I told them it was starting to have a hard time shifting between 40-60 mph and sometimes acts like it won't shift then when it will its a hard jerk. They didn't seem worried

This problem have not fix yet. I need help!!