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The bolt for the backrest on my driver side seat broke. Unable to repair. Didn't find any recalls on this matter. No info on how to fix the issue.

We just bought my truck about a month and a half ago. Three weeks after we bought it, it wouldn't accelerate past 55, so we limped it as far as we could and had to call for a trailer. We hooked the computer to it and it showed it needed coils. We replaced them AND replaced the following: spark plug, plugs and wires, coils, cam positioning sensor, both knock sensors, crankshaft positioning sensor, cut the cats off and ran new exhaust without th...

The drivers power seat has broken twice in less than 7 months. the yellow wire under the seat breaks off. It cost us money the 1st time and supposedly the whole assemble was changed. It is broke again. seat will not go up or down. Taking it in tomorrow again.

we replaced both fuel pumps and it starts with a shot of etherbut when its in park it runs fine when you put it into gear it stalls we have an automatic and cumminsthe mechanic has had it for5 months and he cant find out what is wrong after he replaced the high pump and tank pump

I do not have a solution. I just purchased a 1997 SL320 and when the Head Lights are on the External Light Warning signal light on the dash. I checked all the bulbs and the problem still persists. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for the reply. However, what did you do if anything?

havent found what problem is yet

Valve lifter wore through after 83K miles. Destroyed the engine. $40K to replace.

The fuel gauge reads nearly empty, with low fuel warning filling the electronic readout when there is 25% of the tank still to go (ie. 15 litres). Also the fuel economy gauge reads high for fuel consumption. At least both readings are consistent, but both are wrong. I see on the Prius there is a fuel gauge recalibration procedure, perhaps the RAV would benefit from that. Its a pain having the readout covered by a premature warning.

Transmission pulling after just having the fluid and filter changed need help why is it pulling

the heat and air wont work unless I have it cranked up to 4. nothing on 1 , 2 , and 3.

My husband checked the code for the check engine light. It said cylinder 2 misfire. He replaced the plugs, wires and coil pack and still doing it. It doesn't fire up first time either. Sometimes when you turn the car off the gauges on the cluster kind of bounce.

lights go off by them selves as I am driving dealer had it 3 times cant find problem

First and fourth cylinder. Had Engine rebuilt. On the way home transmission failed. Had transmission rebuilt. After one year transmission started failing again. Then Engine failed again. Fourth cylinder. Junked car at this point.

Chocolate milk in my radiator looks like engine oil car came back from body shop 1 week ago now this.

They told me it has something to do with my new number and sub frame wtf does that have to do with oil in my radiator

my 2007 5.7 hemi dodge charger cut off on me at a red light .I press on the gas pedal and nothing happens no gas no RPM.nothing just goes all the way to the floor and no gas at all changed the crank sensor .can sensor trattle body n sensor also still nothing.can someone help please

I have had this throttle position fixed 3 or 4 times, those times I had warranty. Now same thing with a price this time of 2800 dollars. This has been very danderous. Last week I almost got killed. My car idled down to 3 mph, cars were coming and a bus nearly slammed into me. I screamed, it just missed me. I have complained to Nissan,but it was just, I am sorry. This is not the first time, this has happened to me. I can't afford a new car...

best way is replace them. it is costly but reliable. I had to spent almost $1100

I am not able to run my music and pod casts through the radio after I upgraded to iOS 8.3 on my iPhone 6. The previous operating system worked fine. It is not the cable and I think it has something to do with the firmware on the radio. The radio is OEM Part # 961402L1004X. This has been very frustrating for me because the combination of the radio, iPhone 6 and previous operating system worked fine. Can you help me? Others are having this...

Ford/Lincoln have a safety recall in effect to cure the problem of corrosion on the upper and lower steering shafts on 2005 Lincoln Town cars. Just had mine replaced by Smith Cairns in Bedford Hills NY at no cost. Fast and courteous service. Ask for Brian Galaz.

My 20 02 Expedition has 190,000 miles. It has been a good vehicle other than 2 fuel pump replacements. Idle normally 600 rpm. Last couple of days Idle oscillated up to 1200 and down to 500. When put in gear it was surging to 2000, with associated lunging.

checked for Vac leaks none noted. Cleaned the IAC Seams to have resolved the problem

My front driver side carpet is wet everyday. I do not know as of yet where the water is coming from. I clean the carpet and hours later it is soaked again. I thought it may be from the cooling system. I do not see a leak it seems that the water is coming from under the carpet. I do not have a solution but I am looking for one. It is annoying that my car smells like mildew every other day.

Tell me how i fix is no engine light on

ac blows out hot air tried to charge the system the gauge say its overcharged what to do

Climate Control will suddenly start blowing out super-hot air and adjusting temp has no effect. Sometimes turning the system on and off a few times will get it back to normal, sometimes not.
The dealer replaced the "sun sensor" in December, but it has been doing the same thing since then. Going in for second repair tonight.

My 2007 MB CLS 550 Fan start running once car is started also continue to run when car is turned off

i had to replace engine w/a rebuilt one and a starter last may. Now less than a month a ago car would not start again, so the mechanic told me i needed another starter. Now the car will not start once again. I also just changed the battery, radiator and belt.

While the car in park my mph jumps up and down while I'm in park and car stalls at 35mph

Have to close the trunk 2 or 3 times,randomly rpm's will race,windows don't open and close,every knob to adjust seat is broken,clock times speed up,gas cap light flashes,always says oil change,radio replaced within a month,tire pressure senses broken (all 4) wipers and signals often stop working,solution unknown :(

all of a sudden I smelled something burning and now I have no rear tail lights. the brake ,reverse and signals are fine but no driving lights. Help Please

i was driving and came to a light and it just shut off and now all it does is act like its going t start but slowly dies down ive replaced the spark plugs and its getting fuel the battery is good im at a loss plz help me