Verified for the Ford Edge
19 reports
Reported by bureaujj and 59 others for the Mazda CX-5
60 reports
Reported by Konny for the Kia Sedona
1 report
Reported by bmdouble and 3 others for the Ford Mustang GT
4 reports
Reported by blz14me and 11 others for the Chevrolet Trailblazer
12 reports
Reported by Glacier for the Mazda MPV
1 report
Reported by kgrant49 for the Scion xD
1 report
Reported by Louisecuevas for the Buick LaCrosse
1 report
Verified for the Isuzu Rodeo
3 reports
Reported by Grockle for the Mercedes-Benz C300
1 report
Verified for the Mercedes-Benz C230
14 reports
Reported by Lab5869 and 30 others for the Ford Edge
31 reports
Reported by Udulige for the Volvo XC70
1 report
Reported by zenthing for the Honda CR-V
1 report
Verified for the Honda Civic Hybrid
10 reports
Reported by PIV for the BMW 335xi
1 report
Verified for the Volkswagen Cabrio
21 reports
Reported by bbputz for the Jaguar S-Type
1 report
Reported by Murlette for the Honda Insight
1 report
Reported by Viv92 for the Nissan Quest
1 report
Reported by KevinShearing and 1 other for the Volvo S80
2 reports
Verified for the Mitsubishi Eclipse
32 reports
Reported by Rimartell for the Honda Civic
1 report
Reported by Eaglepathfinder for the GMC Envoy
1 report
Reported by tracib and 68 others for the Chrysler PT Cruiser
69 reports
Reported by hollanb for the Hyundai Elantra
1 report
Verified for the Cadillac Eldorado
6 reports
Reported by ruelbaby for the Dodge Caliber
1 report
Reported by von Misiek for the Hyundai Elantra
1 report

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