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When I pull up the latch to tilt the seat forward it doesn't engage/release. I haven't fixed it.

My car makes a noise when I press on the gas to accelerate. I wanna say the best way to discribe this noise is a whining noise. It gets louder as I press on the gas more and does it both why driving and when the car is in park.

2009 chevy Malibu suddenly disabled unable to shift into reverse towed to dealer broken wave plate transmission had to be rebuilt....

My F350 finally stopped. dead. at 38,000 miles. This is a truck I bought new from the showroom, and service faithfully. It is also a work truck, which rarely sees pavement or a smooth highway. It does what the ads say a work truck should do: haul trailers, carry loads, pull Nissans out of floods, etc. The EGR valve failed, and the DPF was totally clogged by 38,000 miles. Despite what it says on this web site, Ford does NOT have any software, ...

My Jeep Liberty starting last year June needed new parts. I have a new battery, radiator, brake line, starter, and valve cover gaskets/hose. Now when I start my truck it sometimes do not want to turn over as if the battery is dead, but it's not. All the lights work and you have to Idle the gas between 1-2 sometimes for it to that boost to start. Then other days it will start like a charm as if their are no problems.
I took it to my mechanic a...

Went to a local shop and paid $700 for the repair

I have a 2013 Jeep Patriot that I have had for only 6 months. It started off skipping really bad, now it is stalling with taking off or pulling out into on going traffic. I have contacted the dealer that I purchased the vehicle from and they say to wait to a engine light comes on. What happens in the mean time when I pull out in front of someone and it stalls? Please help

My '08 Jeep Patriot eats lower ball joints. The right front was replaced at 36k miles. Left one went out at 43k miles. We called Chrysler to file a complaint and they paid to have it replaced at the dealership . We are now replacing the one the left front once again for third time! I heard the '07s were recalled for these and auto parts store said they can't keep them on the shelves.

I have an ml320 2003 with 163000 on it. I turn on the car and 10 min down the road it stall. I have change the 02 sensors already, I got and p0154 error code, that was fix. Now the car still stalls on me and I have brought it to this machainc that only works on mercedes and he told me he never seen this problem. After week that the car was with him I call and ask did he figure it out. He told me that he thinks it's part of the DAS system which...

rough idle that went on for 2 months then no start condition done compression test 3 and 4 zero psi gasket blown between cylinders replace head gasket cost 90 dollars for do it your selfers

Car has a defective part which Lexus will not admit too, a defective axle assembly.

Power steering went out. Replaced pump,and pressure hose,still leaked, and wouldn't steer properly. There is a small filter in it that clogs and needs to be cleaned. It was the problem all along after $1200 in repairs. Will never own another Kia. Service sucks and more expensive than you can imagine to "try" and repair.

I have 3 windows that will not go up or down although the drivers side works fine

2003 Ford F150 passenger power door lock not working at all


When I trune on the car makes a loud noise after a couple minutes it goes away.I put on drive press gas pedal it jerks I don't let go of the gas pedal my speed is only 40 miles hour ,I stop and press gas pedal again and it jerks after a while the car turns off.please help thank you.

my radio has been fading in and out since 19000 miles
defective or loose sensor near convertible motor located at rear passenger seat . buy replacement sensor from dealer for $20-$26
TELL YOUR MECHANIC if he can do what is needed get price first .. in miami florida I found my shop would do it for $100 .
which is cheap.
contact me for any info

I have had two ingition coils fail within the tenth year of owning this car. They are giving a cylinder misfire error when connected to a computer. They can easily be preplaced by anybody with moderate mechanical skills.

power steering went out while driving down the highway with no warning. It turns out the power steering module disintegrated and messed up the rack. The Hyundai dealership charges over $4,000 to fix this.

I don't have a leak and antifreeze goes low fast

My dodge caliber SXT 2008 just woke up one morning, out of the blue my car didn't start. I tried to jump it, twice. I had no crank or not even turning over, but I could here a noise like it was trying but would fail to start like something was not electrically wired right. I can put the key in and the radio will work/lightup, etc in acc mode. But shut off like it is not communicating with the starter.

So then I got the battery tested, tha...

If You experience a check engine light with Misfire codes, and possibly Catalyst efficiency below threshold and most of all Cam position sensor code on bank 1 or 2 .... Your engine has jumped a tooth on the timing chain more than likely on the crankshaft chain P.S. there is 3 chains in total. Dont chase the codes and spend the money to have it inspected for these codes. Very weird symptoms as far as going into Limp home Mode as well where it s...

How much for a new taillight

After six months of having it towed and then loaning it to my local repair shop to drive as a parts car they gave it back to me and said to scrap it. I started pulling things off just to look at them and found the MAP sensor was full of sludge. It looked like a Ford engine back in the day running Quaker State oil (foamy). I replaced the MAP sensor and it ran another 25,000 miles without a problem. The local Buick dealer was a bucket of no ...

It began when I had a new key and FOB programmed, my truck began having issues when starting all the power would work everything was fine except nothing would happen with the engine it wouldn't start. It began happening more and more frequent irregardless of temperature of engine or time of day during usage. I cleaned spark plugs and posts even changed out the fuse box. The dealership was stumped as well, I noticed a lock and car light symbol...

I bought you brand new from a dealership. I knew it was a doomed relationship when at 10k, your passenger side seat heater and blower motor went out. Okay, under warranty. In hindsight, I should've unloaded the garbage heap then and there. At 51k, the same thing happened on the driver's side. Juuuust out of warranty. The cost of fix it was a COMPLETE replacement of the driver's side seat at Lincoln parts pricing. That was the very beginn...

New distributor cap new plug wires new plugs fuel pump work Fine new alternator still would turn over but not start turns out it was the fsu fuel supply unit $50 and easy to fix

The car horn keeps going off. Took it Honda Repair Shop. They thought they fixed the issue, but didn't. Took it back... They said couldn't find anything. Tonight at 11:15 pm it went off. Then again at 12:30am. It's waking up the neighborhood. We'd all appreciate the solution. I'm taking the car back in the morning. If anyone has knowledge of the solution, please let me know.

Transmission cover busted open at top while I was driving down a busy road. Pieces started falling out. I made it to side of road and transmission fluid completed drained and gears seized. Transmission had to be replaced (with rebuilt transmission).