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Oil pump bracket broke away from oil pan. Had to replace oil pan because bracket is part of the oil pan. Very strange.

Loose connections at the head lamp assemblies are common causes for inoperative turn signals.
The tire pressure monitoring control module is known to indicate a defective wheel pressure sensor, when it is really the control module itself that has failed. Careful diagnostic should be performed for this repair.
The crankshaft main bearing carriers can be the source of an engine oil leak.
Our technicians report that the brake light bulbs tend to burn out quickly.
Worn control cables for the heater vents can cause inaccurate vent operation.
If the window motor for the rear cargo door fails, the rear door may not unlatch.
Vehicles that are left parked for extended periods of time (weeks) can see a low battery voltage. A weak battery can cause a "no start" condition or multiple systems may act erratically.

If a brake light is not working, and the bulb is good, the brake light socket should be inspected because they can burn out.

Internal failure of the front differential can cause a condition where the vehicle may be in gear but does not move ("no drive condition").

Premature activation of the dynamic stability control (DSC) can be caused by uneven tire pressures.

A clogged or restricted radiator can cause the engine to run hotter than normal or overheat. A temperature change away from normal would be seen on the temperature gauge.
Broken doors inside the intake manifold, that vary the length of the manifold, can cause an abnormal engine noise.
A rattling noise from the right side of the vehicle can be caused by worn timing belt rollers. These tend to fail and should be maintained to avoid serious engine damage.