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occasionally and not as often stalls while stopped i can turn it to off position and turn on and drives fine but is happening more frequently

just bought a use 2007 jeep Cherokee srt8 and after 4 days and returning home from work in the morning I notice the gage cluster lid up like a Christmas tree it flicks on and off my understanding this is a recall?? any info on this will be highly appreciated

My '08 Jeep Patriot eats lower ball joints. The right front was replaced at 36k miles. Left one went out at 43k miles. We called Chrysler to file a complaint and they paid to have it replaced at the dealership . We are now replacing the one the left front once again for third time! I heard the '07s were recalled for these and auto parts store said they can't keep them on the shelves.

My right ex manifold is leaking need to replace due to the broken bolts they are to short that's what chrysler put on my 06 jeep costing me $900.00 for a part only cost $30.00. I am so upset because they have to take the engine out just to get to the broken bolts that's is short chrysler should have put longer bolts...

I own a 2006 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 6 speed manual transmission 6 cyl. 4.0L. The clutch pedal safety switch has broken loose from the firewall. This is a very common design flaw that Daimler Chrysler/Jeep has known about for decades but refuses to compensate owners for or do a recall on. Getto fixes include workarounds like placing a fuse into an empty fuse slot or bypassing the switch altogether. Along with that, the clutch pedal rod also...

When attempting to start the engine, it turns over normally but will not start. The engine does not even attempt to start.

Found the problem, a mouse had chewed through a wire located near the ECU. The ECU is located on the fender by the right side hood hinge. Spliced the wire and wallah it starts and runs normally!!!!

Bought a 2007 Jeep Patriot Sport 4x4 from in coopersburg, pa...
Bought it with 54,544 miles 01/2013, no extended warranty was offered, and now at 70,053 transmission is shot.
Giving people a fair warning on this dealership...

Top it off, I financed it $14,351.25. Still owe $13,833.00
Thrifty Auto Sales
241 South 3rd Street (Route 309)
Coopersburg, PA


Ignition wire failures can cause a rough idle or intermittent engine misfire and there might not be a Check Engine light.

Ignition wire failures can cause a rough idle or intermittent engine misfire and there might not be a Check Engine light.

A small leak from loose charcoal in the charcoal canister (part of the Evaporative Emissions System) may cause Check Engine Light illumination.

A Check Engine Light may illuminate indicating a "Cylinder #3 Misfire." This normally occurs in hot weather after the vehicle has been driven, parked for ten to twenty minutes, and then restarted. Heat from the exhaust vaporizes fuel inside the #3 fuel injector and causes the misfire. Installing an insulator sleeve normally lowers the temperature enough so the fuel will not vaporize.

If the downstream (rear) oxygen sensor wiring harness contacts the propeller (drive) shaft, it can damage the oxygen sensor and the wiring harness for the sensor, and/or cause Check Engine Light illumination. The wiring harness should be repaired and secured away from propeller shaft.

Ignition wire failures can cause a rough idle or intermittent engine misfire and there might not be a Check Engine light.

As a Jeep Liberty owner with a sky slider, I have also having ongoing issues with the slider breaking, not closing, or opening, and being given the run around by Jeep Corp. Now, like many who have posted here, and other forums, I am now the owner of a Jeep Liberty that has a giant hole in the roof because the top does not close. I am informed by Jeep the cost is upwards of $2800. I am the first, and only owner and have kept it in pristine cond...

As like many others, both rear exhaust manifold studs sheared off. Ticking and popping sound when you start it, slowly subsides when warmed up. My neighbors enjoy the sound of my old Farmall tractor each morning before work reminding them not to buy a Jeep. So, you need to be half monkey, one quarter snake and one quarter contortionist to reach these bolts. Expensive fix that our friends at Chrysler continue not to acknowledge that there is a ...