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The Check Engine Light may illuminate with any or all of the following codes: P2302, P2305, P2308, P2311, P2314, P2317, P2610. Our technicians tell us that updated software for the powertrain control module (PCM) is available to correct this concern.

The engine may develop a rough idle after cold start with the Check Engine Light illuminated and code P050D. Additionally, code P2610 may be stored with no other symptoms. Our technicians tell us a powertrain control module (PCM) software upgrade is available to correct these concerns.

The fuel tank may become hard to fill and/or the fuel fill nozzle may shut off repeatedly while fueling. Our technicians tell us that various items including the fuel tank, vapor recirculation tube, fuel fill tube, or EVAP system canister control valve may be at fault. Proper diagnoses will be required to determine the exact cause of this concern.

A popping or groan type noise may occur when opening or closing one or more of the vehicle doors. This may be caused bu insufficient lube on the lower hinge roller axle. Applying a small amount of grease between the roller pin and the inside surface should correct this concern. Our technicians tell us if the grease is not applied in the correct location, the noise will remain.

A chirp type noise may be noted from the serpentine belt when the steering wheel is at full lock with the engine idling. Our technicians tell us a revised serpentine belt tensioner is available to correct this concern.

No heat, no defrost, windows fog up. Replace heater core and hoses, reccharge AC. $775

I have a '98 JGC Laredo (4.0 liter, inline-6, 4x4) and it will not shift into gear on it's own. Also it won't go into overdrive. I have repalced the PCM and the shifting silinoid. Any suggestions? Also, the AC compressor just stopped kicking on. what's wrong with it?

while driving the engine starts to hesitates and stalls? i had a tune up 3month ago replace spark plugs disturibitor cap and rotor, ignition coil, throttle valve, to figure out at stop light is stalls, i found out that the air intake valve was stuck open replaced

Internal leaks in the speed sensor or speed sensor gear adapter (speedometer adapter) are common. A revised speed sensor (white in color, old versions are black), used in production since November of 1993, solves the problem. If leaks develop between the sensor and the adapter or between the adapter and the transmission housing (transfer case if 4WD), a revised speedometer adapter is available.

One the 3.9L V6 and 5.9L V8 the carbon buildup on the top of the piston is common. As the buildup increases with mileage and over time, symptoms may vary from light ticking, to ticking/hammering, to hammering/knocking noises. Fuel injector cleaner often solves the problem.

On the 3.9L V6 and 5.2L V8 it is often misdiagnosed as a leaking oil filter gasket, the oil filter adapter can seep from between the adapter and engine block.

Mopar has a lubricant that can help with squeaking sway bar bushings.

If the alarm sounds without anybody disturbing the vehicle (usually in the middle of the night), a new hood striker plate is available. Made of thicker material, it will maintain contact with the hood switch as the vehicle's sheet metal cools.

Updated software will solve an intermittent problem where engine speed is limited to 3,900 RPM while driving.

A software problem could cause a loud burst of static or sound to come out of the radio (usually within thirty seconds of turning it on). A replacement radio with updated software is available.