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When the shift lever is in D3 and sport mode is selected the transmission may downshift unexpectedly when the throttle is depressed. Our technicians tell us there is a transmission control module (TCM) software update available to correct this concern.

The theft system alarm may sound for no apparent reason. The is commonly caused by a faulty hood closed switch. A new, slightly taller switch is available to correct this concern.

A whine type noise may be noted from the power steering pump. This can be caused by a clogged reservoir which can aerate the power steering fluid. Cleaning the reservoir screen will restore proper fluid flow, reducing the noise.

A creak or tick type may be noted from the sunroof when closed. This is commonly caused by drying of the sunroof weather strip. Our technicians recommend lubing the sunroof weatherstrip with a dry silicone lube to correct this issue.

When I shift into sport mode and get on the throttle and then down shift into any lower gear it does not want to idle down. It stays around 3,000 rpm's which means I have to do some harder braking. I'm still looking for a solution.
The dealer tells me everything on the computer reads fine with no problems detected.

After driving at highway speeds for about two hours, the check engine light comes on. The light will go off after driving at normal speeds -- city driving -- after a day. I've had the dealer assess and they say they can find no problems.