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On some models the fuel fill door does not open far enough to clear the body. A special designed fuel door spring boot from Honda will fix this issue.

CVT models (HX and GX) have a shudder, judder, and noise due to a worn start clutch in the transmission. Replacing the start clutch is needed to address this issue.

Some models have an issue were the windshield wipers won't shut off due to a bad internal switch. The wiper motor needs replacing for this issue.

The SF Honda Dealership noticed an oil leak in my engine. They traced it and concluded the cap on my engine wasn't secured properly when the car was built.

The car has difficulty starting when it has been sitting for a while. The fuel pump has been changed and it still seems like it isn't getting enough gas when trying to start it. I'll pump the gas pedal and eventually it'll fire but then it revs and sometime stalls so I'll have to try it again. Eventually it will rev from 1000rpms to 2000rpms and will eventually level off at the normal idle rate. Not sure what I can do to get this fixed. 2 ...

Windshield liquid leaks due to wrapped upper part that fills the winshield bottle. The wrapping is caused due to heating from the engine. The upper part is dispatched from the windshield bottle. In new civic models the bottle and the neck that fills it are made one piece. This is an unexpected design deficiency from Honda.

I have a problem in my honda es 01 car 2000 year , its door central looking system and the doom light not working , and the RPM do's down at a time , is it a problem with the main control box ? help me out