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A poor electrical ground can cause the dome light not to work.

A long cranking time before the engine starts might require a PCM software update and replacement of the fuel pressure regulator.
The torque converter may not lock up because some models with the automatic transmission may have a faulty thermostat that will not allow the engine to reach normal operating temperature.
The upper windshield molding can vibrate at higher speeds causing a noise. Back filling the molding with a silicone sealer is involved in the repair.
The clutch assist spring on some models can cause a creaking noise from the clutch pedal. A new clutch assist spring will be needed for the repair.
The fuel door may not open far enough to clear the body on some models. Installation of a special spring boot is needed for the repair.

The engine block can crack behind the exhaust manifold and cause an oil leak. Depending upon the severity of the crack it can be sealed to stop the leak.

The evaporative emission control solenoid (in the EVAP system) can fail in areas of the country where salt is used on the roads during winter.
A foul smell from the AC system can indicate mold growth on the AC evaporator.
Our technicians note that this model must be fully warmed up in order to pass the smog/emissions test.
On vehicles with a squeaking moon roof, there is an anti squeak tape available from Honda.
An oil leak inside the distributor can cause misfires and loss of power.
Some models can leak engine oil from the camshaft seal.
Poor radio reception can be caused by corrosion in the antenna mast. Replacement of the antenna and other corroded parts will be needed.