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Car temperature gauge showed close to the H. I immediately stopped the car and had it towed to a repair shop. The radiator cooling fan had failed. The 2004 Honda Accord 4 cylinder has a cooling fan assembly with the shroud and two fans all in one. The repair shop wanted $400 to replace the assembly. I found the assembly on Amazon for $85 (TYC brand Denso replacement) and installed it myself. You must unfasten two electrical connections, ...

I been having a water leak in my honda accord it started on the floor in the back behind the passenger then behind the driver seat now it's all over

And a clicking noise when turning replace both lower sway bar links inter tie rod and wheel baring and still making the knocking and clicking noise

best way is replace them. it is costly but reliable. I had to spent almost $1100

idle keeps going up and down

The relay motor for the driver-side front door failed, making remote entry inoperable. Repair is costly: ~$40 part + $200 labor). Service writer at dealership says this is a common problem. Most opt to just live without remote entry (i.e., use a key).

ok when i bought mine it did not have a problem a lot of people out there with that Honda trans ,i got one but did my research,the unit only takes 3 bottles of fluid so the fluid is prone to heat up ,you have to use fully synthetic whether its hondas DW1 or other, this unit suffers from a bad design ,IE you cant get to the filters and it has a design fault on the valve that supplies fluid to the converter,regardless of people say flushing the ...

My radio went out mid-2009 about the same time that my co-worker's '03 Accord EX's radio went out. Honda's only solution is to buy a replacement unit which costs around $800. I took the car to a local car audio shop that told me it may be the internal amp inside the radio that went bad and would cost me about $250 to repair or I could install an aftermarket radio underneath the existing radio where the cubby is located for about $160 or I coul...

Transmission Control Unit/Module(TCU/TCM) for Honda models 1992-1994, were made with faulty components. I knew mine was bad, not only through my research efforts, but also because I took the TCU completely apart so that I could visually inspect the circuit board. That was when I discovered a burnt spot on one of the components. The Transmission Control Module is located under the carpeting of the floorboard on the passenger side. First disconn...

My radio pops then speakers go off butradio is still on and all power Windows out except drivers you can hear them clicking but they don't work and a/c is blowing hot air

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) can misinterpret data from the coolant temperature sensor and set a false Check Engine (MIL) light. The PCM will need a software update for this issue.

On certain models, a transmission solenoid can short-circuit and illuminate the Check Engine Light.

The computer can misinterpret a low battery voltage and can cause a false Check Engine (MIL) light to come on. Updating the PCM can correct this issue.

If the engine is knocking or pinging when accelerating, the PCM may need updated software.

The PCM can misinterpret data from the air fuel sensor and set a false Check Engine (MIL) light requiring a PCM update to repair.