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The rust was discovered before the frame was beyound repair. The weld shop repaired and reinforced the damaged area. Keep the area painted and washed, free of road salt, and in a dry garage.

idle keeps going up and down

Our technicians note that this model must be fully warmed up in order to pass the smog/emissions test.
The torque converter may not lock up because some models with the automatic transmission may have a faulty thermostat that will not allow the engine to reach normal operating temperature.
On vehicles with a squeaking moon roof, there is an anti squeak tape available from Honda.
In colder climates, coolant can leak from the connecting pipe.

A faulty gasket can cause coolant seepage from the water passage near the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve. Replacing the gasket should correct this coolant leak.

the dome lights had good bulbs. the lights were dim and sometimes would not come on when doors opened. i paid 50.21 for an entire base (light system part @ honda dealor) + $7.90 for 2 bulbs. then i was charged by installer 126$'s. so new bulbs want work. u need the entire base system/ excluding the sunglass port. (two systems)


Own a 1997 Honda Accord LX, automatic transmission with 80,150 miles. Shortly after having had to have the Honda Accord automatic transmission totally rebuilt at approximately 69,000 miles, due to premature failure (See Report #46 under Transmissions - 1997 Honda Accord), started hearing a squealing noise in the area of the engine starter where...

Routine maintenance performed as recommended by manufacturer. Input shaft to oil pump failed. Replaced engine at the dealership for $4,500.00. Replacement short block engine = $750.00 ...the rest was installation.

ok when i bought mine it did not have a problem a lot of people out there with that Honda trans ,i got one but did my research,the unit only takes 3 bottles of fluid so the fluid is prone to heat up ,you have to use fully synthetic whether its hondas DW1 or other, this unit suffers from a bad design ,IE you cant get to the filters and it has a design fault on the valve that supplies fluid to the converter,regardless of people say flushing the ...

best way is replace them. it is costly but reliable. I had to spent almost $1100

And a clicking noise when turning replace both lower sway bar links inter tie rod and wheel baring and still making the knocking and clicking noise

I been having a water leak in my honda accord it started on the floor in the back behind the passenger then behind the driver seat now it's all over