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The computer can misinterpret a low battery voltage and can cause a false Check Engine (MIL) light to come on. Updating the PCM can correct this issue.

The PCM can misinterpret data from the air fuel sensor and set a false Check Engine (MIL) light requiring a PCM update to repair.

The ABS modulator valve assembly (hydraulic unit) may develop a brake fluid leak.  This can result in illumination of the ABS warning light and in certain cases, loss of braking ability.


The fuel door may not open far enough to clear the body on some models. Installation of a special spring boot is needed for the repair.

A Check Engine Light can come on because some models may misinterpret the ratio of air and fuel being burned for combustion. The powertrain control module (PCM) can also misinterpret data from the coolant sensor and set a Check Engine Light. For either condition, the PCM will need to be replaced.

A long cranking time before the engine starts might require a PCM software update and replacement of the fuel pressure regulator.

While the engine is cold and in gear, the car may move faster than expected when the accelerator is not pressed. A software update from Honda will fix this concern.


Transmission Control Unit/Module(TCU/TCM) for Honda models 1992-1994, were made with faulty components. I knew mine was bad, not only through my research efforts, but also because I took the TCU completely apart so that I could visually inspect the circuit board. That was when I discovered a burnt spot on one of the components. The Transmission Control Module is located under the carpeting of the floorboard on the passenger side. First disconn...

Contamination can get in the distributor, cause a misfire and set a Check Engine light.

If the engine is knocking or pinging when accelerating, the PCM may need updated software.

Honda issued a recall on some 2005 Accord models due to a defective fuel pump relay. If the fuel pump relay fails, the car will stall or fail to start. For more information on this recall please click here»

There is considerable tread wear on the outer and inner areas of both front tires. The wear leaves jagged edges on the tire surface and does not happen to the rear tires. My local tire technician suggests that the wheel bearings may require replacement. I havent taken it to my honda dealer yet because i'm abroad. Please advise on the solution. vehicle mileage is 14340 miles

Engine hesitated while accelerating from a stop. The check engine light (CEL) came on immediately. Autozone pulled the code of P2647. I replaced the oil pressure switch (37250-PNE-G01) and the o-ring (91319-PAA-A01).

I had my wheel bearings replaced at Honda dealer right before it warranty deadline at 35870 miles.
It went noisy, and both were replaced at 36K by a dealer under warranty.
Just wanted to express disappointment with the car at such low mile marker.
Got it done for free just a hundred miles before the end of the warranty.
I have no solution other that to go to a shop to replace them ( both in this case )