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Still not fixed. ..and individual mechanic doesn't know. ..

backfire. ford roadside towed it to Sames Bastrop Tx and it has been in shop for two weeks. The right side cam replaced and the car is still not running. I am told problem is rare and it is being repaired. I was provided with rental and Sames has been fantastic to me. Problem came on quickly and the emissions light came on. I checked the owner's manual and it suggest I may have water in gas. I contacted the gas station I deal with a...

My F350 finally stopped. dead. at 38,000 miles. This is a truck I bought new from the showroom, and service faithfully. It is also a work truck, which rarely sees pavement or a smooth highway. It does what the ads say a work truck should do: haul trailers, carry loads, pull Nissans out of floods, etc. The EGR valve failed, and the DPF was totally clogged by 38,000 miles. Despite what it says on this web site, Ford does NOT have any software, ...

rough idle that went on for 2 months then no start condition done compression test 3 and 4 zero psi gasket blown between cylinders replace head gasket cost 90 dollars for do it your selfers

2003 Ford F150 passenger power door lock not working at all


All 3 motor mounts are broken and repair is expected to be around $800.

If you are having an issue where the rear window wiper is not fully contacting the rear window, replacement of the rear wiper blade and wiper arm may be necessary. 

heater blows cold air even after letting warm up before driving after 6miles starts to get warm but not hot

My two back doors will not open. I already know that the latch needs to be replaced on the doors but what I really need to know is an average of what the cost will be. A lot of places will rip you a new a**hole and it would be nice to be able to point out which car repair shop would be that average.

Car ran hot on a whim. Water leaked out as it was being put in. Water got into the oil as well, which Ford says its because the water pump is inside the engine. Ford determined the water pump locked up. Ford service department is replacing the water pump and recommend flushing coolant system and injectors since it ran hot. The service department started out with a price of $2100 but I was able to negotiate down to $1600.

My turn signal switch stopped working when I would turn it on it would blink a few times then it would turn off even if the switch was on.

My check engine light has been on for a few months. Originally when the issue began, a local auto shop machine said that it was oxygen sensors. I recently replaced two and it ran fine for a day. It seems fine when its started but when its in gear, it shakes, and it barely picks up any speed. There is also a burning smell. the second auto report stated that it now need as cam sensor and ignition coil.

Engine starting knocking about 80,000 miles, died completely around 110,000 miles. Just another example of to H' with the car buyer. The Escape has the right name, because after you get suckered into buying one, the only alternative is to wish for an Escape. Oh and see my other post related to this lemon about the alternator and transmissions (that's 2 out of my pocket transmission before 75,000 miles). I have owned Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford...

The truck started emitting a very strong odor of coolant and had coolant present under the vehicle. This is the second time the truck has had the heater core replaced @ a $1000 a time.