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the heat and air wont work unless I have it cranked up to 4. nothing on 1 , 2 , and 3.

My husband checked the code for the check engine light. It said cylinder 2 misfire. He replaced the plugs, wires and coil pack and still doing it. It doesn't fire up first time either. Sometimes when you turn the car off the gauges on the cluster kind of bounce.

First and fourth cylinder. Had Engine rebuilt. On the way home transmission failed. Had transmission rebuilt. After one year transmission started failing again. Then Engine failed again. Fourth cylinder. Junked car at this point.

My 20 02 Expedition has 190,000 miles. It has been a good vehicle other than 2 fuel pump replacements. Idle normally 600 rpm. Last couple of days Idle oscillated up to 1200 and down to 500. When put in gear it was surging to 2000, with associated lunging.

checked for Vac leaks none noted. Cleaned the IAC Seams to have resolved the problem

The transmission won't go into overdrive. Not sure what to do

Don't ever buy a Ford. Once a problem to fix remains a problem all the time. One problem after the next. Every year I spent 2000-3000 dollars fixing a stupid Ford. Advise: please don't ever buy a ford

When truck warms up be driving along and it just dies I can restart it but will die again

Warning!!! Do NOT purchase a FORD FUSION!! This car has been nothing but a problem!! The A/C has stopped working, replaced the sensor at the dealership. 6 months later same thing. The door handle on the inside broke thanks to it being made of PLASTIC. I have had it at the dealership due to the trunk slamming on my head numerous times.. And now this piece of crap sounds like a wagon when I am doing anything under 20 mph. The grinding noise when...

MY 500 slips gears a lot like especially when it has been going for a while and when it is hotter.

im hearing a whinning noise from somewhere in my engine bay towards the left if you are looking straight at the engine. I have no idea what it is and its not causing my car to act any differently but it worries me. I drive a 6 speed manual and the noise seems to be loudest when accelerating in 1st and 2nd gear. Once I get any higher then that the noise calms down a lot.

loss of power after engine warms up, bubbless in the oil when I check it and it's running, smoking from left side but might be from to much oil not sure

Sorry I don't have a solution, just some idea about what could be going on. The is a loud whining noise when you accelerate. I have been told it could be the alternator, but no problems with start or battery dimness. Or that it could be the power steering but turning has no effect on the noise. I'm stumped and worried it will be a high cost job.

Still not fixed. ..and individual mechanic doesn't know. ..

backfire. ford roadside towed it to Sames Bastrop Tx and it has been in shop for two weeks. The right side cam replaced and the car is still not running. I am told problem is rare and it is being repaired. I was provided with rental and Sames has been fantastic to me. Problem came on quickly and the emissions light came on. I checked the owner's manual and it suggest I may have water in gas. I contacted the gas station I deal with a...

My F350 finally stopped. dead. at 38,000 miles. This is a truck I bought new from the showroom, and service faithfully. It is also a work truck, which rarely sees pavement or a smooth highway. It does what the ads say a work truck should do: haul trailers, carry loads, pull Nissans out of floods, etc. The EGR valve failed, and the DPF was totally clogged by 38,000 miles. Despite what it says on this web site, Ford does NOT have any software, ...