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If the engine will not crank when the key is turned to "Start," check for a loose connection on the starter solenoid before replacing the starter or battery cable.

A software issue with the sunroof module may lead to a battery drain while the ignition is off. This may cause a dead battery if the vehicle is left parked for a couple days, however reprogramming the sunroof module with new software may fix this problem.

Had the truck for 6 months, barely 2 years old, but right before 36K the power steering goes out, happy that it was before the warranty was up though. Second problem with this truck in 6 months of ownership.... Not looking good Dodge....

For the 4x4 models, a high pitched whistle heard between 30 and 60 miles per hour can be caused if the tie rod adjusting sleeve is oriented in a way that the sleeve slot is facing toward the front of the vehicle. Wrapping tape completely the sleeve will allow you to verify the the sleeve is creating the whistle. Rotating the adjusting sleeve so the slot does not face forward will fix the problem.

The sunroof cable conduit may need to be replaced if the sunroof makes a ratcheting noise as it approaches its open position.

got codes 340 and 344 on start up next morning after driving in wet conditions. replaced cam sensor and problem disappeared until next wet conditions. whats up?

The abs module connector Is full of water for a little holes in the top of the Connector. I'm need replace module and connector because if fully corroded (pins and connector)

2005 dodge ram 1500 when i move lever turn signal for left side the right side will come on and sometimes wipers too,replaced turn signal switch asembly and fix the problem

When I truck normally my truck makes loud clunking noises but silent when driving straight any ideas?

I replaced the starter onmy truck 99 dodge ram 1500 , 8 cylinders, it starts but wont stay started when i take my foot off the pedal it dies, charged battery, new gas as it sat 2 months. please help . i was told it could be fuel pump filter? Idol control valve, or fuel pump itself i need help oh and ck fuses in which i havent done yet

my old cat gave out and I didn't have any power going up hill and nothing. So we rimmed out the cat which is the honey combs inside and I sounded better but there no oxygen being sensed so my check engine light is on. Some and my friend decided to put on a new cat and new exhaust manifolds. It was successful but the next day I woke up to go to school I didn't drive not even a 1/4 mile on my way and my truck had no power. I pulled over and look...