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I'm having some clonking noise coming from underneath my truck when I turn and a whining noise coming from my engine when starting it up and a good long while after car has been warmed up

my old cat gave out and I didn't have any power going up hill and nothing. So we rimmed out the cat which is the honey combs inside and I sounded better but there no oxygen being sensed so my check engine light is on. Some and my friend decided to put on a new cat and new exhaust manifolds. It was successful but the next day I woke up to go to school I didn't drive not even a 1/4 mile on my way and my truck had no power. I pulled over and look...

The bolt for the backrest on my driver side seat broke. Unable to repair. Didn't find any recalls on this matter. No info on how to fix the issue.

we replaced both fuel pumps and it starts with a shot of etherbut when its in park it runs fine when you put it into gear it stalls we have an automatic and cumminsthe mechanic has had it for5 months and he cant find out what is wrong after he replaced the high pump and tank pump

Chocolate milk in my radiator looks like engine oil car came back from body shop 1 week ago now this.

They told me it has something to do with my new number and sub frame wtf does that have to do with oil in my radiator

my 2007 5.7 hemi dodge charger cut off on me at a red light .I press on the gas pedal and nothing happens no gas no RPM.nothing just goes all the way to the floor and no gas at all changed the crank sensor .can sensor trattle body n sensor also still nothing.can someone help please

Have to close the trunk 2 or 3 times,randomly rpm's will race,windows don't open and close,every knob to adjust seat is broken,clock times speed up,gas cap light flashes,always says oil change,radio replaced within a month,tire pressure senses broken (all 4) wipers and signals often stop working,solution unknown :(

I replaced the starter onmy truck 99 dodge ram 1500 , 8 cylinders, it starts but wont stay started when i take my foot off the pedal it dies, charged battery, new gas as it sat 2 months. please help . i was told it could be fuel pump filter? Idol control valve, or fuel pump itself i need help oh and ck fuses in which i havent done yet

When I truck normally my truck makes loud clunking noises but silent when driving straight any ideas?

There is a vacuum between the transmission and the engine, if i do accelerate and change gear, when i clutch down, i get a shocking sound, that vibrates the engine , meaning the transmission is not smooth. Second problem is the steering is so unstable at speed of 100KM/PH, the steering is super light that can put the car off course. I'm a European consumer, and i live in Belgium. Please let me know if there is any possible solutions to these ...

My vehicle door locks keep on opening and closing at random when driving on the road and at times when parked with ignition off. I have tried all means to fix it, but It still not solved . Need an advise to solve this problem on my vehicle. Thanks

I was driving my car yesterday when all of a sudden car came to a halt drive some more and halt

My dodge caliber SXT 2008 just woke up one morning, out of the blue my car didn't start. I tried to jump it, twice. I had no crank or not even turning over, but I could here a noise like it was trying but would fail to start like something was not electrically wired right. I can put the key in and the radio will work/lightup, etc in acc mode. But shut off like it is not communicating with the starter.

So then I got the battery tested, tha...