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I have intermittent problems with my turn signal and hazard lights. They work sometimes, then don't even in the "blinker on" positions. What is happening is that the heater unit changes from defrost to general upper blower setting....when this happens, the turn signal stops working. It's getting worse.

The dome lights in the back and front stay on even when I'm driving. All the doors are closed so I don't understand.

My car runs good, I have had no transmission issues ever and suddenly one day as I braked to let the car in front of me turn and continued to accelerate, it reved up but went no where.. Now it seems as if it is in neutral all the time.. It came out of nowhere and I am hoping it is a censor? Usually when this car breaks it is a censor?? Any help here??

The sliding door on the drivers side has stopped working. It is shut and the lock is stuck. No motor noise either. There are 2 screws on the pannel to remove to take a look but they are on the inside of the door and the door is shut so I can't get at it.
Any suggestions as to what may cause this to not work?

My front driver side carpet is wet everyday. I do not know as of yet where the water is coming from. I clean the carpet and hours later it is soaked again. I thought it may be from the cooling system. I do not see a leak it seems that the water is coming from under the carpet. I do not have a solution but I am looking for one. It is annoying that my car smells like mildew every other day.

Climate Control will suddenly start blowing out super-hot air and adjusting temp has no effect. Sometimes turning the system on and off a few times will get it back to normal, sometimes not.
The dealer replaced the "sun sensor" in December, but it has been doing the same thing since then. Going in for second repair tonight.

When I trune on the car makes a loud noise after a couple minutes it goes away.I put on drive press gas pedal it jerks I don't let go of the gas pedal my speed is only 40 miles hour ,I stop and press gas pedal again and it jerks after a while the car turns off.please help thank you.

Today, 2/9/2015, my engine and ignition just shut down - completely stop while I was driving. This is dangerous and very scary. It is a computer and other problem which is Chrysler's fault and no fault of mine -- even though Chrysler does not make these PT Cruisers any more, it should be a recall. Chrysler owes me to fix this car for free or give me another one that is almost free since I should not be needing a car.

I was told that I needed back brakes so I had them fixed. Now there's that rubbing noise I hear and it is loud I didn't hear that at first, so now am being told that it's is hub bearing, so had that check,and that wasn't the problem, and problem still there an was told its going to get louder..Then he told me thst it's bearing in the transmission. I do know what that is and I never heard of that before..

My 300s wouldn't start, when I pushed the start it went to run mode, but a message was displayed stating transmission need service. The message also said you might be in d and you can't switch to any other gear service ASAP. the car remained in r mode and I couldn't get it out of run mode.

about 30 minutes later, I noticed that the run was off and I try to start and everything was fine, the car started.

I went to dealer who checker the...

started to get a clicking from underhood whenever it rains, originally started within one year of purchase but then didn't re-occur for 3-4 years. The car doesn't have to be running or in the "on" position. Took it to dealer several time and they could not duplicate issue. Turns out that the drain tubes from the sunroof get clogged and the excess water leaks into cabin and soaks a control module. Had to remove pillar covers on interior to remo...

As described in the title, my Pac (fwd) developed a low pitched noise seemingly related to minor road undulations, noticeable especially after driving the car for a few miles, and more noticeable when the air temp was above 80 degrees F. The driver side rear of the car was measured at the wheel well to be sitting about 3/4" lower than the passenger side. I suspected a shock, but giving it the static "bounce test" did not seem to be overly bad...

2014 Chrysler 300 only has 4,500 miles and the transmission went out. Was driving it fine the day before and the next morning the RPM gage started bouncing everywhere and I started to loose power, Engine light went on came to a stop off freeway. At full gas pedal was only getting out 2mph for speed.
Had it towed to the dealership, they thougt it was a software issue that was causing shifting problems. Turns out the Budding Valve in the tran...

Power Sliding Door will open, but stops shortly after. Will not close except manually. Found a broken wire in the chain-looking wiring harness under the door. Repaired the wire, and it works great again.

First: is the clock light is on but the clock wont run
second: when I turn on the air or heat the wording shows up sometimes and sometimes not
If it is not on I can't see what position I want the heat or air on, no wording, it comes on
sometimes and sometime it doesn't.