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Engine oil leaks may develop from the following areas: Valve cover gaskets, cam plugs at rear of the cylinder head, cam seals, front crankshaft seal, and the oil filter bracket. Leaking seals and gaskets should be replaced. Due to mis-machining of the mating surfaces, as special gasket is required to correct the oil filter bracket leak.

3.0L engines may develop an excessive oil consumption issue. Blue oil smoke may be noted from the exhaust during deceleration conditions (high engine vacuum). Our technicians tell us that this condition can be caused by valve guides dropping out of position. Updated valve guides with a revised snap ring grove are available to correct this issue.

These engines are not equipped with an engine knock sensor. As a result engine ping may be noted under certain conditions Our technicians tell us the the timing can be retarded slightly using the factory scan tool to help eliminate this condition.

A moan or howl may be noted from the rear when the brakes are applied. It is recommended to check an repair or replace all rear brake components as necessary. If the noise is still present after repairs are completed then our technicians tell us that revised rear disc brake adapters are available which may help eliminate the noise.

The Check Engine Light may illuminate along with erratic shifting of the automatic transmission. Our technicians tell us that oil contamination or wire terminal damage at the transmission output speed sensor could be the cause.

The engine may not start or start and run poorly due to the timing belt jumping out of time. If this is the case our technicians tell us that the timing belt should be replaced and a "snubber" installed over the timing belt tensioner plunger.

When attempting to view Sirus Traffic screen, words seem to be obscure by ghosting from prior screen view. Occurs when user has programmed in or viewed Points of Interest Screens. Dealer found same issue on multiple vans on their lot. Replaced radio to fix problem.

Programmed stations simply disappear and reappear. Dealer replaced radio due to other issue. Unsure if problem fixed at this point.

This car makes a HIGH PITCHED SQUEAL like a bad wheel bearing when driving about 50 MPH and decellerating..NOT THE WHEEL BEARING. Doesn't hurt the running of it none, but I don't want the wheel to go off while I'm wheeling down the road, either!!

U.S. resident purchased Canadian vehicle with speedometer cluster readout in kilometers. Desired display in miles. Replaced Canadian cluster with U.S. cluster from wrecked vehicle. Odometer and speedometer incorrect. Kilometers still displayed. Mechanic replaced transmission input and output speed sensors. No effect on problem. Chrysler dealer unable to suggest any corrective action. Found Tacoma Speedometer - Instrument (Tacoma, Washington)...

started to get a clicking from underhood whenever it rains, originally started within one year of purchase but then didn't re-occur for 3-4 years. The car doesn't have to be running or in the "on" position. Took it to dealer several time and they could not duplicate issue. Turns out that the drain tubes from the sunroof get clogged and the excess water leaks into cabin and soaks a control module. Had to remove pillar covers on interior to remo...

My 300s wouldn't start, when I pushed the start it went to run mode, but a message was displayed stating transmission need service. The message also said you might be in d and you can't switch to any other gear service ASAP. the car remained in r mode and I couldn't get it out of run mode.

about 30 minutes later, I noticed that the run was off and I try to start and everything was fine, the car started.

I went to dealer who checker the...

I was told that I needed back brakes so I had them fixed. Now there's that rubbing noise I hear and it is loud I didn't hear that at first, so now am being told that it's is hub bearing, so had that check,and that wasn't the problem, and problem still there an was told its going to get louder..Then he told me thst it's bearing in the transmission. I do know what that is and I never heard of that before..

My front driver side carpet is wet everyday. I do not know as of yet where the water is coming from. I clean the carpet and hours later it is soaked again. I thought it may be from the cooling system. I do not see a leak it seems that the water is coming from under the carpet. I do not have a solution but I am looking for one. It is annoying that my car smells like mildew every other day.

The sliding door on the drivers side has stopped working. It is shut and the lock is stuck. No motor noise either. There are 2 screws on the pannel to remove to take a look but they are on the inside of the door and the door is shut so I can't get at it.
Any suggestions as to what may cause this to not work?